Democrats Letting Republicans Define Health Care Issue

I wish President Obama could be as determined on the issue of Health Care “change that we can believe in” as he is in fighting the war in Afghanistan! But then again look at his limp responses to: Creating jobs. Stimulating the economy especially in Green Technology and Infrastructure. Regulating the Credit Card industry so the […]

Time For Liberals To Be Aggressive

Big deal we got 60 votes to “talk” about Health Care Reform. When you listen to Republican Senator Judd Gregg you can hear the Republican strategy being exposed which the Democrats are not countering! Oh dear we don’t want to be “partisan” now do we? Well I do! If you listen closely you can hear […]

Democratic Base Was SNOWED IN – Time For Liberal Tea Party

The Progressive base of the Democratic Party stayed home since we have been “Snowed” in. President Obama, in his quest for bipartisanship, has climbed MT Olympus to find that the “Snow(e)” is slippery and has driven the Democratic base to stay home. Then again President Obama stood by while the Maine Gay Marriage Act was […]

Without A Strong Public Option Progressives Should Filibuster

The Health Care Bill with a weak or no Public Option is an exercise in Democratic Party masochism! With the number of restrictions being placed on the Public Option it is being set up to bring both Universal Health Care and the liberal movement down! Since only a few will be allowed to take the […]

Party Of No Vs Party Of Meow

To hell with Joe Lieberman, we need a single payer Universal Health Care system financed by the repeal of both the Bush and Reagan tax cuts to the super rich. My God you would think that these people actually earn their money the way they whine. While the Republican Party has turned into the “party […]

Just Say “NO” To Snowe And The Party Of No

The Democrats In Congress And Obama do not need Swine Flu shots. They need TESTOSTERONE shots! Sure they can learn from the Republicans on how to be the minority party of no! To bad the Democrats did not function as the “party of NO” while the Iraq War was waging and we had control of […]

The Public Option And Corporate Power: One Dollar – One Vote

The Public Option does not stand a chance! Not because the American people don’t want it but because of the power of Corporate Lobbyists! Where are the “Tea Baggers” with their pompous slogans of “No Taxation Without Representation”? We Middle Class Americans are being taxed by these corporations to support their self interest against our […]

The Public Option Is A National Security Requisite

After the stab in the back by the heatlh insurance companies that criticized the weak Health Care Bill that is floating in the Senate you would think our President would show some testosterone! Failure to do so could decrease the “Deterrence Creditability” Obama has as military Comander in Chief. That’s right President Obama must push […]

Obama vs Joe Wilson

Well after his attempt to turn the hallowed halls of Congress into a Town Hall Meeting, Congressman Joe Wilson will not apologize! In fact many in the media are blaming his reaction on racism! I believe it goes much further. Joe Wilson was attempting to emasculate the liberal message in the halls of Congress as […]

Corporate Contributions Underlying Health Care Issue

President Obama better learn this is not simply the “silly season” in politics but the “corporate funded season” to undermine him as President! Furthermore this is an act of class warfare against the Silent Majority who came out to vote for Obama and have real change! Why are the idiots who get bused to Anti-Health […]

Obama's Health Care Speech

I wish the President came out more forcefully for a public option in his speech but none the less I am heartened that he dropped the “professor” style and came on more of a “pit bull”. In the excerpt below we see him attack the Republicans for their smear tactics. I believe he should have […]

IDIOT ALERT: This Wednesday A Black Man Wants To Talk To Your Kids

Oh my God pull the kids from school! It’s worse than the swine flu! It’s the “PINK FLU” and it’s coming to your child’s school this Wednesday when President Barrack Hussein Obama will give a pep talk to our nation’s school children! The Obama school speech will turn little Johny into a raving tofu eating, […]

Health Care: To Hell With Bi-partisanship

I have God damned had it with these effete snobs of the Republican Party and their fellow travelers the “blue dog Democrats”. We are the richest nation in the world yet we lack Universal Health Care! Who cares where the funding is going to come from! That’s right did George “No Show National Guardsmen” Bush […]

Hypocrite Senator Grassley Mocks Doctors

Last week we heard the Republicans and their fellow travelers claim our President insulted doctors when he mentioned that doctors might choose options based on reimbursement rather than what is best for the patient. Senator Grassley today said the very same thing as an excuse for his double talk about President Obama wanting “death panels” […]

Why Should We Be Subsidizing Corporate Lobbyists Against Health Care

Remember the Republicans and their “Tea Parties”? Well what about taxation without representation? The 21st Century Corporate Collectivists are undermining the “Individual Freedom” that they so loudly proclaim to protect. What am I talking about? Well watch the video below from the Rachel Maddow Show! These corporations are using corporation funds to advance their political […]

To Hell With Bipartisanship – Universal Health Care Now

The time has come for President Obama to take the gloves off and start attacking the Republicans and their class interests that are opposed to Universal Health Care. Americans like “action figures” and Obama is loosing his image as one. When the issue facing our nation was terrorism the American people supported and re-elected George […]

Top 12 Talking Points For Health Care

While the Republican scare tactics on Health Care are somewhat working on the Middle Class poll numbers, I believe Progressive Democrats need to be more forceful and to fight the battle on a new battle field. The video below by illustrates how to deal with the conservative lies. Some Conservatives are quoting with glee […]

Death Panels: Sarah Palin Commits False Witness Against Obama

The self righteous Sarah Palin and her fellow travelers in the Republican Party are at it again! Maybe Sarah Palin should learn to practice the teachings of Christianity that she claims to champion! I believe now that it is time for Obama to start to take control of this Health Care issue else the Republicans […]

Health Care: Time For Democrats And Progressives To Stand Up

While many Democrats where blowing kisses to Republicans believing this would be a new era of cooperation, the Corporate Collectivists and their minions in the Republican Party are arming for battle. Their plan is to subvert the freedom of the Individual to The new 21st Century Collectivists. No not the Soviet Collective but the Corporation! […]