Both Hillary Clinton And GOP Blow Dog Whistles To Cut And Run Capitalists

We have seen our jobs, technology, wealth and future offshored to America’s rival China! All while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue the practice of their never ending sense of entitlement of placing their interests above the interests of the nation that gave them birth, profits, and protection. Then they want us to allow them […]

Let’s All Get Worked Up For Hillary Clinton The Princess From Goldman Sachs

We Progressives must now take stock ourselves. Are we going to vote from our fears and live forever in a nation that values our social betters over our values? I am fed up with American jobs being off shored while the wimp we have for president talks about fighting it with TPP. Hillary Clinton says […]

Hillary Clinton’s Final Primary Speech – Dog Whistles To The 1 Percent

Hillary Clinton gave a strong speech but I heard some dog whistles to the 1 percent. Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have both opposed the TPP. Hillary Clinton just discovered it despite the fact she was part of it as Secretary of State. Make no mistake about it I don’t like the way Trump insults […]

Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Speech: Dog Whistle To Goldman Sachs

I am a die hard Bernie Sanders supporter and will most likely vote Green in November if Bernie loses. I listened to Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy speech, and while it sounded strong, it had several dog whistles to Goldman Sachs and corporate America that alarmed me that the news media did not pick up. Hillary […]

The Proper Care And Breeding Of Corporate Democrats

George Clooney recently defended his mega-buck fundraiser for Hillary H1-b Clinton. He stated that the level of money in politics is disgusting, but he was trying to counteract the damage done by the Koch brothers. I do not doubt Mr. Clooney’s sincerity, integrity nor honesty. But we are not dealing with the general election right now. […]

Hillary H1-b Clinton Blocks Speech To Rich Donors With White Sound

Many of my fellow Democrats just don’t want to face the reality that our beloved icons are nothing more than corporate shills. Bill Clinton: NAFTA and that sucking sound of jobs leaving America while Bill Clinton got sucked by Monica. But we liberals got all aroused defending Clinton so he could enjoy his blow job […]

Hillary Clinton Refuses To Stand Up To Her Patrician Sponsors

As a Progressive, I am fed up with both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama not standing up to corporations and the patrician class. Stop making excuses for Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton whined that Bernie Sanders has a restrictive definition of “Progressive”. She claims that few could meet Bernie Sanders’ definition of a “Progressive”. That is […]

Petition Hillary Clinton To Refuse Soros 8 Million To Stop Bernie Sanders

I just gave $50.00 to Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign. I am not a rich person. I am ENRAGED that Hillary Clinton is going to get a 8 Million dollar donation from George Soros to fight Bernie Sanders. SO HILLARY IS THIS “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN”? Dear Reader if you believe as I do that: […]

Former President Bill Clinton Joins Ross Perot In Claiming GOP Threats

I just saw a video clip (see below) where former President Bill Clinton says that in 1991 he got a threatening call from the White House telling him not to run for the presidency. Former President Clinton then says the whole affair of his dealings in Arkansas then became public when he did not back […]

Hillary Clinton Opposes Pipeline As Pope Speaks Against Global Warming

Hillary Clinton has just now decided that the XL Pipeline is not her cup of tea. Oh Hillary how …..convenient! So thoughtful. Well her change of heart was thoughtful if you define “thoughtful” as listening to focus groups and doing a “balance sheet” on the pros and cons of supporting it politically. Now can you […]

TPP Is A Dream Act For Cut And Run Capitalists: Obama Is For It

Progressives need to stop making excuses for this wimp Barrack Obama. TPP is a “Dream Act” for corporate persons.  We are witnessing the destruction of America in the service of the 1%! America is becoming a wasteland in terms of hope! Yet Barrack Obama with Hillary Clinton are the fellow travellers of the Republicans in […]

Chris Matthews Should Listen To Elizabeth Warren Instead Of Obama

It is beyond amazing how Chris Matthews criticized Elizabeth Warren concerning TPP in his recent show. Chris Matthews interviewed President Obama only a two weeks before and would not confront Obama’s idiotic support of TPP.  He then lined his tuesday night show with a corporatist “cheerleader squad” from both the GOP and corporate wing of […]

To Hillary Clinton And Obama: American Jobs Matter

Corporate America does not need the GOP when it has such friends as Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton. President Obama’s interview with Chris Mathews includes some disturbing aspects of Obama that have not been addressed.  The Huffington Post just ran an article stating that Republican billionaires love Obama’s TPP trade deal.  Yes we know TPP […]

Entrepreneur Ben Cohen Sets Ed Schultz Straight On Hillary Clinton’s Weak Amendment Idea

On The Ed Show corporate entrepreneur Ben Cohen gave a great evaluation of Hillary Clinton’s weak suggestion to separate corporation and state. The video below on MSNBC even calls Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the possible need for a constitutional amendment as “strong words”. Yeah right. But Entrepreneur and co-founder of the ice cream chain “Ben […]

Brian Williams Did A Hillary Clinton But Gets Punished

Yes Brian Williams did wrong by saying he was under fire. But then so did Hillary Clinton when she claimed she landed in Bosnia and she and her party where under enemy sniper fire!  But Brian Williams will get six months in limbo from his job while Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State and may […]

Poor Hillary Clinton: Can You Spare A 225K Speaker Fee?

Are we Democrats going to elect yet another corporate shrill like Hillary Clinton? Haven’t we learned enough by getting all rallied up by Barrack Obama only to learn he is merely playing “make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of his donors“?  Recently Hillary Clinton claimed she was poor when she and Bill Clinton left […]

GOP Against Free Market’s “Guiding Hand” If Issue Is Hillary Clinton Documentary

Recently the Republican Party big shots have announced they would bar CNN and NBC from the GOP primary debates if they aired a documentary on Hillary Clinton. Yet Republicans are the same people who preach the supremacy of so called  “free markets”! Let’s explore the hypocrisy of the so called free market by both Republicans […]

Benghazi: GOP Will Not Turn The Page Like Obama With Iraq

Do you remember when President Obama took office and many of us on the left were demanding a full accounting of how we got into Iraq? We lost thousands of troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians also died. We financed the war on the credit card and now Republicans seem to think the […]

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be Secretary Of State

Our Lady Of NAFTA Will Be
Secretary Of State I
don’t share the
enthusiasm of many that
President – Elect Barrack
Obama chose Hillary
Clinton to be his Secretary
of State. I say this
because she has betrayed
the working people of
America both white and
blue collar with both NAFTA
and the H1-b Visa program.
The latter is not well known
by most Americans. The
H1-b programs is
destroying those remaining
high tech jobs in America
that where not off shored.
See the video below! While
Bill Clinton was a major
force for NAFTA I could
forgive the Clintons for
NAFTA it is rather the
resultant philosophy of so –
called “Free Trade” that

Biden Should Move Aside For Hillary Clinton

Biden Should Move Aside
For Hillary Clinton Ok I was
for Joe Biden to be
President as my first
choice. Then John
Edwards! When John
Edwards dropped out I
went for Barrack Obama! I
think Obama will make a
good President. But for the
good of the party I believe
my favorite, Joe Biden,
should now step aside and
Obama should pick Hillary
Clinton! This Palin thing is
going to far out of hand!
The news media have not
questioned her connections
to the Alaskan
Independence Party as I
mentioned in a prior post.
Many American are for two
things: Change! That
includes symbolic change
that Sarah Palin provides!

H1-b Hillary Clinton Whines About Sexism

H1-b Hillary Clinton Whines
About Sexism Hillary
Clinton is whining about
sexism ruining her election.
Hillary Clinton, Our Beloved
Lady Of NAFTA, who even
now supports the H1-b Visa
program that has
destroyed the dreams of
college graduates aspiring
to high paying computer
jobs claims she is running
for the “forgotten”! Give
me a break Hillary I used to
be one of your supporters
until I learned how you sold
out the dreams of my
fellow tech workers so you
could get money from
Silicon Valley lobbyists!
Hillary Clinton was sobbing
in New Hampshire and
instead of treating her like
Ed Muskie, you know a
man, she gets different
treatment because she is a

Say Good Night Hillary H1-b Clinton

Say Good Night Hillary H1-b
Clinton Isn’t it
amazing that Hillary Clinton
has yet to apologize to
Barrack Obama concerning
her assassination
comments! What next is
she going to whine that the
media is against her and
start to cry? Well if she
cannot stand this how is
she going to compete with
the Republicans and John
McCain? But then taking
the heat was supposed to
be why the super
delegates should vote for
her! Perhaps we owe her
the Presidency because
she is a woman? But then
Obama could say the same
because he is Black! I
would like to believe a
kinder view of Hillary
Clinton’s RFK
remarks. When I

Bush Intervention Destroys Operation Chaos

Bush Intervention Destroys
Operation Chaos George
Bush who is so incompetent
that he cannot win a war in
the same time that we won
a World War, now has
undermined Rush
“Operation Chaos”! By
opening his big mouth he
as forced Democrats to join
hands around Senator
Barrack Obama. Even
Hillary Clinton, who was a
fellow traveler with George
Bush on the Road To
Bagdad has been forced to
come to Obama’s
aid! Hillary Clinton has now
to distinguish between a
trait that one union leader
praised her for
humorously, “Testicular
Fortitude”, to downright
“Bunker Naivette”. See the
hilarious video below!
Perhaps Hillary Clinton will
accept Rush

Hillary Clinton Says Nuke Iran And Contradicts Herself!

Hillary Clinton Says Nuke
Iran And Contradicts
Herself! Before I touch this
subject I would like to
present a “Middle Class
Populist” perspective on
the usage of American
Military power! Never look
at “both sides” of an issue!
Doing so implies there are
only two sides to an issue!
We are getting caught up
in the old Hawk vs. Dove
Debates! Allow me to
present a Maxim that most
Americans, like it or not will
agree with! When dealing
with rouge nations and
terrorists if you do not
KICK ASS then you are an
ASS KISSER! The American
people will approve the
first and never the second!
Both Hillary Clinton and

Obama Would Accept Super-delegates Overruling Popular Vote

Obama Would Accept
Super-delegates Overruling
Popular Vote Yesterday I
got involved in a heated
discussion with a friend
concerning the scenario of
Barrack Obama being
denied the nomination by
the super-delegates. As
you most likely know the
scenario runs this way.
Neither Barrack Obama nor
Hillary Clinton receives the
majority vote but Obama
has the majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses
that occurred in states
under the Democratic Party
rules. However Hillary
Clinton is a close second
and convinces the
unelected super-delegates
to vote for her thus
winning the nomination.
While I believe Obama
should win if he has the
majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses, he
has stated on