If This Blogger Could Give Senator Obama Some Advice

If This Blogger Could Give
Senator Obama Some
Advice Remember back
before the New Hampshire
Primary when Barrack
Obama gave his talking
points to the “NY Times”
saying that he was going
to have to ask Hillary
Clinton some tough
questions! He was criticized
as to why he was even
telling his strategy up
front. Like to criticize poor
sweet Hillary Clinton was
vicious! If this humble
blogger could talk to
Senator Obama I would
urge him to go at some of
Hillary Clinton’s
weak points! My first
advice would be to quote
John Edwards who really
pointed out how Hillary
Clinton is to cozy with
lobbyists and the
Washington establishment.
(See Video Below) If

Hillary Clinton’s Sniper Points

Hillary Clinton’s
Sniper Points Even if Hillary
Clinton does win the
Pennsylvania Primary
tomorrow she cannot win
the nomination unless the
super delegates over rule
the will of the people! Here
are some “Sniper Points”
for Hillary Clinton, Our
Lady Of NAFTA aka
“Madame H1-b” to make for
her continued candidacy
for the Democratic
Nomination: · We should
continue till the last primary
as the people should
decide but then I will spare
them from making a
mistake by asking the
Super Delegates to over
rule the will of the people!
After all Super-Delegates
know best! · Blue collar
workers should not pay
attention to those nasty
news clips about my
husband pushing NAFTA!

Bill Clinton Does Double Talk On Hillary Quitting

Bill Clinton Does Double
Talk On Hillary Quitting
Tonight on NBC National
News I heard Bill Clinton
say “When people are
calling for Hillary Clinton to
quit they are afraid”. Well
gosh Bill didn’t you
say she was going to quit
last month if she did not
win Texas? (See the Video
Below). Can someone
PLEASE give Bill and Hillary
Clinton a “calculator”!
It’s over!

God – Guns – Beer and Democrats

God – Guns – Beer and
Democrats I am a college
graduate who works in a
blue collar job. I went to
college in a small town in
the great state of Missouri!
I love small town America!
Hillary Clinton, OUR LADY
OF NAFTA, is out of touch.
Well maybe not as much as
John McCain! In my prior
post I dealt with Hillary
Clinton concerning the
“Bitter Beer Drinkers Of
America Issue”! Now
let’s turn to Barrack
Obama! After John
Edwards dropped out I
found Barrack Obama to be
the best candidate and still
feel that way! But he also
has some problems. I love
these guys below

Gun Luvin Hillary Clinton Snipes Obama

Gun Luvin Hillary Clinton
Snipes Obama Hillary
Clinton claims her dad
taught her to shoot a gun
at a young age! I guess
that is what gave her such
a keen sense of SNIPER
FIRE while she was in
Bosnia! Perhaps she should
use that childhood
developed gun sniper skills
to aim for the TRUTH! So
you want to get ahead in
the world and study
computers? Hillary Clinton,
willing to sacrifice your
hopes and dreams to
further her elitist agenda.
Sure she will give you
universal heath care and I
do want that. But I also
want my career back! Will
she say and do anything

Brave Hillary Clinton Ala NAFTA Girl

Brave Hillary Clinton Ala
NAFTA Girl I am so
repentant concerning my
attacks on Hillary Clinton
for her destruction of the
Middle Class dream by her
support of the H1-b Visa
program that has
destroyed the job market
for college graduates in the
computer/technology field!
(This blogger is crying and
wailing in total repentance
at keyboard). Now we
have evidence that Hilary
Clinton is far more fit to be
Commander – In – Chief
than Barrack Obama. Her
death defying landing in
war torn Bosnia has now
come to the surface. Truly
Our Lady of NAFTA can be
trusted to restore not only
American blue collar jobs
but white collar computer
technology jobs! Witness
her unselfish

Our Lady Of NAFTA Wins Ohio and Texas

Our Lady Of NAFTA Wins
Ohio and Texas It’s
12:00 Noon your about to
go to lunch at work,
meanwhile in Washington
DC at the White House the
PHONE is ringing! The
delegation from Corporate
America is calling to invite
the new President to lunch.
Their discussion is about
keeping “so-called”
American Corporations
profitable. Who do you
want to answer that
phone: Our Lady Of NAFTA
or Senator Barack Obama!
As I have repeated
mentioned in this blog,
don’t think that this
is just about Blue Collar
jobs. Ask any member of
the “Programmer’s
Guild”. What’s that
you hope both blue collar
workers get knocked down
because you’re

Democrats Waffle On American Identity

Democrats Waffle On
American Identity I listened
tonight to the Democratic
Debate in Texas. The
debate was co-hosted by
CNN and a Spanish
language cable channel
“Univision”. What amazed
me is that neither
candidate put the
moderator from Univision in
his place! What place is
that you ask? Why the
AMERICA! The Univision
reporter asked both
candidates why America
should not become a bi-
lingual nation. Both Barrack
Obama and Hillary Clinton
seemed to want to
apologize for desiring to
keep English as the
“language that binds us
together” but not the
“Official Language”. They
then pitifully spoke about
how great it is to speak a
second language. If it was

Hillary Clinton, Our Lady Of NAFTA Has Solutions

Hillary Clinton, Our Lady Of
NAFTA Has Solutions I feel
rage when I see Hillary
Clinton talking to factory
workers telling them she is
going to save their jobs!
What a joke Hillary Clinton
acting as the friend of the
Middle Class. Sure she
supported Universal Health
Care and I give her credit
for that. But she will do
anything to get elected
even if it means sacrificing
your job. Don’t
believe the lie that at last
resort we can train
displaced blue collar
workers for technological
jobs! Hillary Clinton, Our
Lady of NAFTA, is pushing
for even MORE foreign
computer employees to be
imported from India and
Pakistan to lower the

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