Justice For Zemir Begic: Where Is The News Media?

Not far from Ferguson MO a White male was murdered by a predominantly Black teenage mob. There may have also been a Hispanic youth in the mob. Witnesses say the Black youths yelled racist statements as they killed Zemir Begic. Now for those of my fellow liberals who are self loathing Whites here is your […]

Michael Brown Vs Trevon Martin

I am a European style Social Democrat to the left of Obama but I have to disagree with the slanted views of AlterNet concerning Michael Brown. Are we Progressives all to be like children in a Sunday catechism class and bow to rote dogma? I love AlterNet and similar left leaning websites. But I disagree […]

Zimmerman Verdict

If you find this verdict hard to believe remember the burden of proof is on the prosecutor and isn’t that the way we want it to be? There are two avenues left however. A federal civil rights case. A civil action as was the case with O.J. Simson I believe the prosecution made a big […]

Time For Islam To Grow Past It’s Leviticus Stage

Forget the Obama – Romney conflict for one moment. Amazing isn’t that when we liberals talk about the bigots at the West Boro Baptist Church who are anti-Gay we condemn them, as well they should be. But I have never heard of any hangings at West Boro Baptist Church nor I have heard of any one being […]

Didn’t Travon Martin Have The Right To Stand His Ground?

For the past few weeks we have heard the chorus of endless right wing apologists saying that the murder of Travon Martin was a mere regrettable accident. His “stalker”, George Zimmerman was an individual who was defending himself at least in his own mind. In the midst of this debate is the Florida law that […]

Bradley Manning, Obama And The Constitution

Regardless if Bradley Manning is guilty of leaking information to WikiLeaks, his treatment is in violation of the Constitution. Keeping him in leg irons, locked up without human contact, being kept naked and sleep deprivation constitute “cruel and unusual punishment”! It is alleged that he performed these leaks due to crimes being covered up by […]

lslam: Religion Of Peace On A Killing Spree

Welcome to the “2011 Fundamentalist Olympics” featuring the Koran burning nut job fundamentalist pastor and the murdering Islamic extremists! Frankly I am amazed at the codding of Muslim extremists by our Government. Some crazy nut job Christian fundamentalist burns a Koran and human beings die at the hands of Muslim nut jobs! Yet we act […]

Obama Signs Don't Ask – Don't Tell Repeal

When confronted with racial discrimination in the military President Harry Truman took the poll data concerning views of American servicemen and then just laid it aside to do the right thing. The reason for that is that human rights are not subject of majority confirmation. They are rights – period! Amazing isn’t it that people want […]

Don't Ask – Don't Tell: Bush Not Completing His Military Duty

While Gays wait to see if they will be able to serve this nation in the open, how come Democrats “Don’t Ask” about the second President Bush’s Air National Guard service record completion?  Bush doesn’t tell about it! He speaks somewhat about it but cannot account for his absence. The length of time he did […]

Rick Warren – Ethical Relativist & Gay Cure

Rick Warren while advocating an inerrant Biblical worldview seems to be an “ethical relativist” when the issue is murdering Gays! That is assuming that a rational human being does not believe in killing gays! But then again we are discussing Biblical Fundamentalists! Let me make clear that I am NOT an atheist but an Episcopalian! […]

General Casey: Don't Ask – Don't Tell

Sunday on “Meet The Press” Army Chief Of Staff, General Casey said we don’t want to “stigmatize” the 3,000 Muslims in the Army due to the killings at Fort Hood. He said this because the Army’s strength comes from it’s “Diversity”. I guess that does not apply to Gay soldiers who are fighting to finish their […]

Don't Ask – Don't Tell: Gays Doing What Bush Shirked

Isn’t it amazing that Gays are trying to stay in the military, especially in war time! George Bush, Jr did not want to serve in the military and even missed his required meeting quota! But you never hear the Tea Baggers, the Birthers or their fellow travelers in the Republican Party ever ask questions about […]

Purpose Driven Hate

Purpose Driven Hate What
goes with Barrack Obama?
Americans are looking to
launch our new era this
January 20th but do we
need the blessings of a
bigot to launch this brave
new era? I have heard
some commentators say
they believe Barrack
Obama is pitching his public
tent in the center so he
can govern from the left!
According to this scenario
Obama is going to push the
military to drop the
“Don’t ask
don’t tell” policy
toward gays in the military.
Fine but there can be no
bridges to bigots! Perhaps
the ending prayer can be
lead by the Imperial Wizard
from the Ku Klux Klan! Not
many years ago it

Governor David Paterson Kneels To Pope

NY Governor Kneels To
Pope Today at the papal
visit to the World Trade
Center New York Governor
David Paterson knelt and
kissed the Pope’s
ring! While it is perfectly
fine for regular citizens
who preceded Governor
Paterson to do this, no
elected official and
certainly not the “Head of
the Sovereign State of
New York” should kneel to
kiss the Papal ring! I
believe he has violated the
principle of separation of
Church and State! Please
misunderstand me! I
believe Pope Benedict is a
very good and noble man.
I am a liberal Anglican and
would kneel and kiss the
Pope’s ring if I had
the honor of being

McCain Saved By His Puppy Dog Senator Lieberman

McCain Saved By His Puppy
Dog Senator Lieberman As
has been reported Senator
McCain does not seem to
understand the difference
between Shite and Sunni!
You know the two largest
groups in Iraq that are at
each other’s
throats with us in the
middle! He was saved by
his “puppy dog” Senator
Joe Lieberman who
corrected him in front of
the cameras! Remember
some years back when
many cars had small toy
dogs in the back window!
The head of the puppy
would rock with the
movement of the car in a
“YES” fashion! I dare you
to watch Senator McCain
as he always seems to
have a smiling Senator Joe
Lieberman with him!

Report Finds Homeland Security A Mess

Report Finds Homeland
Security A Mess Well it
appears that while George
Bush and his fellow
travelers continue to
involve our nation in their
“social engineering”
experiment in Iraq, our
national preparation level
has sunk to an all time low!
Well look at the bright side
at least our nation’s
ports are not being
managed by the United
Arab Emirates. Thank God
George Bush was not able
to advance the cause of
upper class “portfolio
security” ahead of “port
security”! Our Army
Reserve and National
Guard are being bled dry in
Iraq years after “Mission
Accomplished” while opium
production is reaching all
time high levels in
Afghanistan and that
nation falls further into Al
Qaeda control

Water Boarding And American Values

I believe that all valid POW’s should not be tortured and that water boarding is torture! But what about using this technique on terrorists? I believe this is a more involved issue! In regards to terrorists, Alan Dershowitz the famous liberal attorney, has stated that he believes under some conditions it is alright to employ […]

Never Again – The Holocaust (In Armenia)

The death of the innocents in Armenia will not go away! Why the vote just now? Well it has been proposed year in and year out. This time it has a prospect of succeeding and I hope it does! This is not an attempt to brand the current Turks as Nazis. But the fact is […]

Senator Kerry Stand Up For Free Speech

The University Of Florida apparently values tasering students rather than embarrassing guest speakers and the practice of free speech! On the Keith Oberman Show it was stated that the young man in question may have jumped the line to give his question! I cannot comment on that as I was not present. If he did […]

Senator Craig: Toilet Justice For GOP Hot Idaho Potato

Gosh yesterday it was Attorney General Gonzales and now the Republicans have a new hot potato – Idaho’s Senator Craig! Yes we can all laugh that a conservative family values Republican, who is against Gays, is accused of being one and soliciting sex in a bathroom. But wait there is an escape for the Republicans! […]

Cherokee Crackers

Today, to its great shame, the Cherokee Nation voted to disenfranchise the descendants of Black slaves who were owned by the Cherokee’s. Yet these people maintained a Cherokee identity and are now being expelled. The claim has been made that the vote is one of “self determination”! Well I am sure we can all be […]

Vice President Cheney, Family Values And His Pregnant Gay Daughter

I see no problem with the Vice President’s daughter being Gay and wanting to be a single mom. Recently Wolf Blizter, an anchor on CNN, asked the Vice President about his daughter being both Gay and a single mom. The VP got annoyed, refused to answer and told Blizter he was out of line. Isn’t […]


Bush seems to believe that by spreading democracy we can end Islamic Terrorism. Ask the Israeli’s that with Gaza next door to them. Hamas got elected to office not necessarily because the Palestinian’s wanted war with Israel but because the Palestinian electorate wanted to punish the P.L.O. for allowing corruption. Now Hamas runs Gaza. Next […]