Trump Fleet Move Is Friendly Act To China

Everyone is attacking President Trump for saying the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and it’s squadron were heading to North Korea when in fact they are heading south. Trump Does Not Want To Offend China Since They May Help Us? China is creating artificial islands in the South China Sea to create a claim to large […]

Don’t Let ISIS Behead Our Economy

I just love how all the right wingers are set to jump into Iraq again. When questioning many of them I find they are not even aware of the differences between the former Iraqi Government and Iran! In the science fiction movie and tv series “Star Trek” the United Federation of Planets is governed by […]

Scotland: The Referendum Is Important To Americans Pt 2

The referendum is over but the results are of lasting importance to us in America and particularly to Progressives. If Scotland voted for independence their citizens would be free of the somewhat more conservative south in their quest to achieve a “more just society“! As I stated in the prior post I believe that issue […]