Cyber Attacks Must Be Met

Our society depends on banks, air traffic control computers, electrical grids and computer controlled communications! Our military is heavily dependent on computers! If our banks and financial institutions lost their computer capabilities our economy could collapse! I believe this attack should be responded to by our military computer experts even if covertly! Yes I am […]

Republicans Whine About Obama's Iran Stance

I remember the Republicans used to say that foreign policy differences ended at our shore line! I guess that does not apply when they want to criticize President Obama and his handling of the Iranian Crises! Yet the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Halliburton had no problem doing business with the terrorist nation of […]

Restore The Pahlavi Monarchy In Iran

Yes I am a Social Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter. I believed the Shah had to go at the time. Now I feel the opposite. Partially because I believe both Liberals and Persian Monarchists have both matured. While our direct support could hurt the forces of “Change” in Iran, I do believe in the […]

Hillary Clinton Says Nuke Iran And Contradicts Herself!

Hillary Clinton Says Nuke
Iran And Contradicts
Herself! Before I touch this
subject I would like to
present a “Middle Class
Populist” perspective on
the usage of American
Military power! Never look
at “both sides” of an issue!
Doing so implies there are
only two sides to an issue!
We are getting caught up
in the old Hawk vs. Dove
Debates! Allow me to
present a Maxim that most
Americans, like it or not will
agree with! When dealing
with rouge nations and
terrorists if you do not
KICK ASS then you are an
ASS KISSER! The American
people will approve the
first and never the second!
Both Hillary Clinton and

May Day: Cut And Run Capitalists Sing Internationale

May Day: Cut And Run
Capitalists Sing
Internationale Ah yes it is
May Day but loyal
American Workers correctly
place loyalty to the Nation
above loyalty to the “Class
Internationale” that is
being sung world wide
today. Instead we have
“Labor Day” which is our
American day to honor
money gained from
employment rather than
secondarily from trust fund
inheritances! To bad the
elites of America, those
effete snobs of Corporate
America, don’t
share the same loyalty to
the nation that gave them
succor, incorporation,
protection and profits!
Instead like Halliburton
above these CUT AND RUN
their American Identity and
adapt the term “Multi-
National Corporation”.
Halliburton not only has an

Iran: An Inconvenient Truth – A Populist Perspective

The time has come for a populist perspective concerning Iran and Iraq. Today Iran’s President announced his nuclear program is like a “train with no brake”. While Bush squanders our troops and finances on Iraq, Iran has been working on it’s own nuclear weapons program. Oh I can hear the chorus from the politically correct, […]

Iraq – Iran Lovefest 2006! Pass The Afghan Opium!

The time has come to stop Bush from his policy of “cut and run” from the war on terrorism. Recently the Iraqi Prime Minister has visited Iran. You know that nice country that imprisoned our diplomats years ago and never apologized! The same Iran that wants nuclear weapons. The Iraqi Prime Minister has stated to […]