Joe Biden As A Presidential Candidate

I was for Joe Biden in 2008 and I still believe he would have been a FAR better President than the wimp we have today. I call Barrack Obama a “wimp” not because I back the loonies on the right but because Barrack Obama never stood up to them. But I don’t want to side […]

Vice President Biden May Be Right

Well before we all start laughing at Joe Biden and his comments about swine flue, does anyone remember the TB scare we had two years ago! Remember the scare about being in the same plane with someone who had TB? In the current crises concerning the swine flu virus we have been told that airplanes […]

News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats Well you might
be surprised to learn that
Senator Joe Biden is alive
and well! The way the
mainstream news media
has been tamed into a
wimpy puppy dog at Sarah
Palin’s feet and if
they so much as dare bring
up her false statements
about the about the
“Bridge To No Where” this
party of whiners then say
the news media is being
unfair to them! The time
has come for Democrats
not to simply forcefully
respond to Republican BS
but to go on the offensive
and list instances of Pro-
Republican news media
biases! Yes Virginia there is
a Joe Biden and he is alive
and well. But the way