Does North Korea Believe Obama Is Weak?

President Obama has allowed two years of non-stop Republican bullying to go almost completely unanswered! Now we have to wonder has this wimpish behavior not only hurt the progressive agenda but may actually pose a security threat to the United States? North Korea is hell bent on developing nuclear weapons! They may have already! This […]

Iran: McCain Says Pull The Trigger

This post will examine a very serious issue facing our nation! As an American and a Liberal Social Democrat I believe both political parties have to do some serious talking to each other, preferably outside of camera view! Democrats and Republicans must do that in order to place the nation first when it comes to […]

Cyber Attacks Must Be Met

Our society depends on banks, air traffic control computers, electrical grids and computer controlled communications! Our military is heavily dependent on computers! If our banks and financial institutions lost their computer capabilities our economy could collapse! I believe this attack should be responded to by our military computer experts even if covertly! Yes I am […]

Helicopters For President Prevent War

The world is not a game of checkers but CHESS! Kill the king and the game is over! When nuclear missiles and “pulse bombs” can disable our nation’s ability to launch retaliation in fast order we need to protect our President. If reports are to believed we no longer maintain the secret nuclear safe haven in […]

Not Only Palin But McCain Don'T Understand The Bush Doctrine

Not Only Palin But McCain
Doesn’t Understand
Bush Doctrine John McCain
has demonstrated that he
also does not understand
the “Bush Doctrine”. As
with the “Monroe Doctrine”
a contingency is being
made public by the US
Government. If a foreign
power does X we will
respond with military
action! In the case of the
Monroe Doctrine if a nation
involves itself in the
western hemisphere we will
attack! This is public
knowledge and the fact
that it is public is what
gives the doctrine its
deterrent capability! With
the “Bush Doctrine” if a
nation is preparing to harm
us or allows others to use
their territory to harm us
then we will attack first.

Star Wars Scores Yet Another Success

Yes I am a Democrat and a progressive liberal. But I am glad to see that our military has successfully tested another instance of Star Wars technology. This time it was from the ocean against two incoming missiles and both incoming missiles from outer space were destroyed! Yes I am against the War in Iraq. […]

George Bush A Failure In The War On Terrorism

I am a Liberal Democrat of the NON-PC persuasion. I believe the continuation of the War in Iraq is wrong! I do believe in a vigorous proactive “strike first” strategy against nuclear proliferation and terrorism. This world is loaded with people who are not nice and don’t care what type of Karma they sow! Yes […]

Return On Idiocy: Bush’s Side Tracking Of The War On Terrorism

Yet again President Bush tries to make the case that the war in Iraq is the same as the war on terrorism! What drives me crazy is some of the guys I work with have a knee jerk reaction in support of this President! The same President Bush who bragged to his college professor that […]

Putin Starting A Cult?

This blog is against being politically correct. As you can tell by many of my posts I am a loyal Democrat who is against the War in Iraq. But in this post I wish to caution my fellow Democrats from viewing the world with “rosy” colored glasses. This is especially true when it comes to […]

It’s The 60’s And Barak Obama Is Nixon – Yes But Doing It Right!

Back in the 60’s when the Vietnam War was the big discussion in college dorms, the issue was how to end the Vietnam War fast. Bleed slowly or take dynamic action such as blasting the Viet Cong from their safe haven in Cambodia! Barack Obama, who said he wants to turn the page from those […]

Bush’s Glorious Crusade to Make The World Safe – For Afghan Opium

Ah yes it is summer time in Afghanistan. You remember Afghanistan, where under Bush, we allowed Osama Bin Ladin to escape into the mountains of our dear friend Pakistan! With friends like that who needs enemies! But then again where are we going to get the resources for our H1-B Visa program so corporate America […]

Nuclear Shield: Putin Disagrees With Star Wars Impossibility

Well some here at home think a Missile Shield is an impossibility, apparently Russian President Putin is concerned about facing one at his border! The Russian President has proposed that we relocate it to Azerbaijan and our government has stated this is an interesting idea! While I have been very critical of Bush in this […]

Iran: An Inconvenient Truth – A Populist Perspective

The time has come for a populist perspective concerning Iran and Iraq. Today Iran’s President announced his nuclear program is like a “train with no brake”. While Bush squanders our troops and finances on Iraq, Iran has been working on it’s own nuclear weapons program. Oh I can hear the chorus from the politically correct, […]

To Arms the British Are Coming – No Going!

Well actually while the British are pulling out from Iraq they are sending other troops to Afghanistan. Maybe that is a lesson President Bush should ponder. Al Qaeda is growing stronger in Afghanistan and now even in Iraq’s Al Anbar province. This was one of the first provinces our troops overran. To bad we got […]

Politics Of Impotence: Saga Of George Bush And CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

Today Iranian President Ahmadinejad gave a speech that sounds more and more like it was “Made In North Korea”. How can it be that just a few years after the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War our nation, the most powerful on earth, should be faced with the spread […]

China Tests Anti – Satellite Missile – The Product Of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

I would consider myself a liberal democrat but this blog will be NON-PC. While Bush and his fellow travelers continue to waste American lives and our economic resources China has successfully shot down one of its own satellites. We Americans had better take this very seriously. We are financing the rise of the Chinese military […]

Mr. President Don’t Katrina Our Troops And Our Global Military Deterrent

The army is now asking for more troops in Iraq. Meanwhile our military is being stretched to the limit. George Bush who commanded not only the executive branch but whose party controlled both Houses of Congress now points the finger at the democrats and says, “where is your plan?” Well excuse me Mr. President there […]

Iraq – Iran Lovefest 2006! Pass The Afghan Opium!

The time has come to stop Bush from his policy of “cut and run” from the war on terrorism. Recently the Iraqi Prime Minister has visited Iran. You know that nice country that imprisoned our diplomats years ago and never apologized! The same Iran that wants nuclear weapons. The Iraqi Prime Minister has stated to […]


I am a NON-PC Liberal Democrat. I like Lieberman and believe that we should have a strong national defense policy while protecting the economic security of America! Lieberman, has to his advantage, that the American Conservative Union gave him a rating of 0% according to the conservative newspaper “Human Events”. The problem with Lieberman is […]

TONY BLAIR VS. PRIME DIRECTIVE: Where is Captain Kirk When You Need Him?

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair said today that there is a world wide struggle between the “global values” of democracy vs. fundamentalism. Both PM Blair and President Bush want to drag the USA into a global crusade. Meanwhile due to the War in Iraq and Afghanistan our military is in dire straits with it’s […]

North Korea: An Inconvenient Truth

North Korea has tested several short and long range missiles. Their tests were as pathetic as their country’s leadership. None the less these tests have created a different “Fourth of July” fireworks in the international community. North Korea has proven its word cannot be trusted. Now the issue is the United Nations, following as the […]


General Mc Arthur said “In war there is no substitute for victory”. That assumes naturally that the war is for a just cause! Like many of you reading this, I really did believe Iraq had WMD. Now I realize that Iraqi WMD are like George Bush’s service record in the National Guard. Neither can be […]