Romney: We Are Entitled To Dividends Of Gain From Your Pain

Mitt Romney’s recent statement is not being addressed aggressively enough by Barrack Obama! The issue is not simply that the 47% pay other taxes. The issue is that they work full time and yet do not earn enough to pay taxes or are retired on low incomes. The issue is when we as a nation […]

Reid On Romney Tax Returns: Possible GOP Psychological Warfare

Mitt Romney is an elitist. So why has this liberal blogger raised a caution warning especially since I am for going after Romney on his elitism and placing his money offshore? Let me explain some tactics of psychological warfare and how Harry Reid might be falling into a trap. We already saw this tactic perhaps deliberately used […]

Obama To Go Full Force Against Romney

Politico did a report that Barrack Obama is going to run a testosterone driven campaign against Mitt Romney! Chris Matthews on his MSNBC show “Hardball”, examined this strategy in the video below. Apparently President Obama is going to label Mitt Romney as “weird” and go close to using Romney’s Mormon religion to undermine him with […]

Cut And Run Capitalist Mitt Romney

Cut And Run Mitt Romney I
am sure we are all touched
by the great patriotism of
Mitt Romney, first who
wants to send your sons
and daughters to fight in
Iraq while his sons stay
home to fight the wicked
forces of liberalism by
supporting their dad in his
political campaign. Well
that is till now when CUT
Romney dropped out of
the Presidential race
because he did not want to
loose countless millions
more of his own money!
The comedian in the film
clip below really is fantastic
in his treatment of Mitt
Romney God he made that
stupid speech to the
conservatives. You can
sense at how shallow even

Mitt Romney Gives Excellent Speech While Huckabee sounds like Pat Pat Robertson

Mitt Romney gave an excellent speech in Iowa concerning the relationship of Church and State. In prior posts I was critical of his political flip flops and still am. However in this post I want to focus on his speech concerning religion and freedom. Romney’s speech was beyond excellent in this 60’s hippie’s opinion! I […]

Mitt Romney – Can He Get In Bed With The Christian Right?

I do not believe there should be a “religious test” to be President of the United States. But then some in the Christian might say otherwise! I find the news media is treating Mitt Romney’s religion with kid gloves! If the Christian Right find religious doctrines to be important to their vote then let’s supply […]

Mitt Romney Beats Hillary Clinton With New Campaign Song

Mitt Romney is the Republican rival to Hillary Clinton. Romney is the King of Flip and Clinton the Queen of Flop! But that is not the only thing they have in common! They both have developed a “Theme Song” for their respective campaigns! I was going to examine all of his flip flops but this […]

Romney DOA For The Religious Right

I am not a member of the religious right nor am I a conservative. But I would love to see him get the Republican nomination just so the right wing will self-destruct in the November 2008 election. Aside from the fact that he dances the “flip-flop” on issues like abortion and Gay marriage, he has […]