The Super Committee vs Occupy Wall Street

President Obama had better take note of the changing political landscape created by the Occupy Wall Street patriots who are throwing their bodies literally into the defense of the Silent Majority! I predict that they will gain even more popularity when the automatic trigger goes into effect and results in cuts to the safety net. […]

Jon Stewart Attacks #Occupy Wall Street

The Occupy Wall Street Patriots are spilling their blood to save America from the banksters that destroyed our economy. It is bad enough that FoxNews distorts their message but does Jon Stewart have to add his voice just to make a buck and for a cheap laugh? While the Tea Party crowd shows up to […]

Occupy Wall Street – Tea Party Comparison

Despite their eviction from Zuccoti Park the Occupy Wall Street Movement has demonstrated they have guts and the Tea Party does not. The Tea Party was so self righteous for the past two years and hogged the news media! They exposed Obama as the wimp that he is, constantly caving into their pressures. Michelle Bachmann […]

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Vs. Corpocrats

The Democratic Party now has to make up it’s mind! Do they want to continue to “play”¬†progressive¬†inside the money lined confines of the corporate sandbox or are they willing to stand up for values! Recently while driving with my some of my family who are Republicans we went under a bridge where a makeshift banner […]

Occupy Wall Street Doing What Obama Is Afraid To Do

Thank God for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. These folks are the shock troops for “Change We Can Believe In“. Barrack Obama has turned his back on the Progressive Agenda! I fully concur with a recent post in “Alternet” by J.A. Myerson¬† that stated the #OWS movement is becoming fed up with Barrack Obama and […]