Republican Social Engineering Experiment Moves Up To Four Thousand Dead and Counting

Republican Social
Engineering Experiment
Moves Up To 4000 Dead
While George Bush and his
fellow traveler John McCain
lecture us on the virtues of
the coming “One Hundred
Year War” our nation sadly
passed a grim milestone.
We have now lost over
4,000 dead. These are the
military regulars and
reservists who did not
emulate their Commander
in Chief by not attending
their required National
Guard Meetings but instead
took the call up to active
duty. Some even serving
four tours in Iraq. Mean
while lets look at the great
“fruits” of the Republican
would like to continue for
one hundred years! (See
the Video Below) Look who
is landing

Senator McCain Soft On Terrorists

McCain Soft On Terrorists
John McCain has been
critical of Barrack Obama
saying that Obama lacks
experience. He faulted
Barrack Obama for saying
that he would bomb
Pakistan and “that you
don’t telegraph
your intentions to the
enemy”. Well aside from
the fact that Senator
McCain wants to continue
the Republican wild eyed
social engineering
experiment in Iraq, he
seems to not understand
that Afghanistan is growing
bumper crops of opium that
finance the Taliban and
their fellow travelers Al
Qaeda. What’s
even more troubling is that
Pakistan’s President
has stated he does not
have the resources to fight
Al Qaeda Central which is
located in his country.
Senator Barrack Obama
has stated

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