Birthers And Health Care: Birthers We Want Your Children

The Supreme Court says that Obama Care is legal birthers! The GOP seems to have timed the contempt vote to coincide with the Supreme Court Ruling but where they in for a surprise. While I still think Obama is a wimp for not standing up to the birthers and the tea party, at least  today […]

Water Board Rupert Murdoch: It’s Not Torture

Rupert Murdoch and his son have caused a controversy  in the United Kingdom after their testimony to the Select Committee of the British Parliament! Some believe that they may not have told everything! Since the regular means of information gathering seem to have yielded questionable results, perhaps the British should now use “enhanced interrogation techniques” […]

Support Our Social Betters

NOTE: Mr TeaBag is a guest Conservative Contributor  🙂 to this Progressive Website! Oh I hear all these worsey liberals wanting to repeal the Bush Tax Cuts! Just look at all the great job growth we had since these Tax Cuts where put in place! No it isn’t the end of the world if your job was […]

Joe Liebermann Saves Tiger Woods From Corporate Defections

Image via Wikipedia Tiger Woods who seems to have more woman than Bill Clinton had cigars was about to loose almost every corporate sponsor he had! Well that was the case until today when Senator Joe Liebermann became the man of the hour and decided to help Tiger Woods keep his corporate sponsors. It will […]

Vice President Biden May Be Right

Well before we all start laughing at Joe Biden and his comments about swine flue, does anyone remember the TB scare we had two years ago! Remember the scare about being in the same plane with someone who had TB? In the current crises concerning the swine flu virus we have been told that airplanes […]

CIA Stiffens Afghan Resistance To Taliban

CIA Stiffens Afghan
Resistance To Taliban Well
the Republicans are on
their way out and with the
rebirth of Camelot the CIA
has found a new way to
protect America without
the usage of torture. It
makes you God Damn
PROUD to be an American!
No water boarding was
used to convert Afghan
tribal leaders to support
our cause but good ole
“American Ingenuity”,
inspired back into our CIA
no doubt by the election of
Barrack Obama as our
President. These new
techniques by the CIA will
really “stiffen up”
Afghanistan resistance to
the Taliban! Hopefully the
program will be expanded
by the CIA in Afghanistan
under our new
leadership! Oh sure George


I was a John Edwards supporter then switched when Senator Edwards dropped out of the race. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a fag! Well at least we know that is not true! I would vote for John Edwards again say in eight years as he needs some time to rebuild his image. I feel we […]

SDI Test Successful

SDI Test Successful Well
here is one point where I
part with my PC Liberal
friends. I believe that the
Strategic Defense Initiative
is a worthy program and
goal for our national
defense! To believe
otherwise is literally “MAD”!
During the cold war our
national defense
deterrence was based on
the doctrine of “Mutually
Assured Destruction”, or
“MAD” for short. Our
planet and the human
race’s future
depended on both sides
not loosing their cool and
worst “misinterpreting” the
other side’s
motivation or intention.
MAD worked if our enemies
did not have their factual
judgment clouded by
ideology. For example if
the USSR was an Islamic
Fundamentalist state and
they believed that

Rush Limbaugh Passes On

Rush Limbaugh Passes On
This week we have lost a
second newscaster.
Conservative Republican
talk show host Rush
Limbaugh died tragically
today! Even this Liberal
Democratic blogger has
been so shaken that I am
converting to Republican!
Poor feisty Rush Limbaugh
who failed at “Operation
Chaos” < see the second video below> which was to
make the Democratic
Caucus into a remake of
the 1968 Democratic
Convention, none the less
presented on his show his
final contribution to
America! Surprisingly it was
his downfall! On Monday
June 16, 2008 Rush
Limbaugh told his audience
that Corporate America
had found a solution to the
energy crisis! Silicon Valley
Geeks successfully breed a
new species

Bush Intervention Destroys Operation Chaos

Bush Intervention Destroys
Operation Chaos George
Bush who is so incompetent
that he cannot win a war in
the same time that we won
a World War, now has
undermined Rush
“Operation Chaos”! By
opening his big mouth he
as forced Democrats to join
hands around Senator
Barrack Obama. Even
Hillary Clinton, who was a
fellow traveler with George
Bush on the Road To
Bagdad has been forced to
come to Obama’s
aid! Hillary Clinton has now
to distinguish between a
trait that one union leader
praised her for
humorously, “Testicular
Fortitude”, to downright
“Bunker Naivette”. See the
hilarious video below!
Perhaps Hillary Clinton will
accept Rush

NBC News Gets “Cross Eyed” In Coverage of Huckabee

Do you remember the laughs we had some years back when some Christian fundamentalists groups objected to bar codes on grocery items as this was a mark of Satan? The joke was, “They see Satan everywhere”! Well it seems NBC News saw the “Cross” in a recent Huckabee Commercial where he wishes all a “Merry […]

Mitt Romney Beats Hillary Clinton With New Campaign Song

Mitt Romney is the Republican rival to Hillary Clinton. Romney is the King of Flip and Clinton the Queen of Flop! But that is not the only thing they have in common! They both have developed a “Theme Song” for their respective campaigns! I was going to examine all of his flip flops but this […]

Hillary And Bill Clinton GUILTY Of Pre-Marital Goal Setting!

We live in an era where latter day hippies are infecting our young with a new book and DVD called “The Secret”. It teaches visualizing and goal setting! Can you imagine people actually setting goals? Especially those who are not of the upper class? Most of us know that Bill Clinton dared to picture himself […]

Stay In Iraq Else They Will Follow Us Home?

Could it be that Bush and McCain are right! Disturbing new reports are coming out of Barsa! As the British are leaving the Iraqi Terrorists are following them home, perhaps even coming to our shores! Muslims have been seen lining up at the start of the Persian Gulf port of Barsa. They are using Jihad […]

Kucinich Unveils New Strategic Weapon For War On Terror

Dennis Kucinich while speaking at the Democratic Debate, unveiled a new weapon system to be used against both Iran and the war on terrorists. The United States will deploy strategic long range catapults along the Iraqi – Iranian border. They will hold a pay load of tasty Hersheys Chocolate Kisses! These “Kisses” will carry a […]

Astronaut Scandal: President Bush Uncovers “SINISTER BAGDAD CONNECTION”!

We are all aware of the latest scandal involving the alleged NASA Astronaut love triangle affair. Aren’t there psychological profiles done of astronauts to prevent this? Thank God for President Bush who has discovered a sinister “BAGDAD CONNECTION”! President Bush, who has implicit faith in our NASA program and the methodologies used to recruit Astronauts, […]

Rush Limbaugh vs. Bird Flu And The Glorious Crusade For Trans-Fatty Acid In A World Dominated By Wicked Liberals

Well I listened to a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday. He attacked the news media for scaring the public about Bird Flu. He barely attacked Bush for his role in this. Actually I think Bush was right in not taking the chance of an epidemic. Oh my God I actually agree with […]


Well I am just in shock today so I will depart from my regular political blogging to mourn the death of something dear from my hippie past. Yes folks “Pluto” (and it is still in caps on this blog) is dead. This is an attack on our core American Values. In every grammar school in […]

Greening of Japan

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Japanese companies are allowing office workers to not wear ties and jackets. The Prime Minister is setting an example. Good idea! I remember how under President Carter we lowered our air conditioning and our life styles. I felt this was idiotic. Conservation is important but the time has […]