Senator Ted Cruz To Obama: Insult Me To My Face

One day a white supremacist, a Canadian and a Cuban come into the bar. What does the bartender say? “Why hello Senator Cruz!” Senator Cruz has challenged President Obama to a debate and has dared the President to insult him to his face instead of making speeches overseas attacking him. See the short video below. […]

The Middle Class Versus The Trickle Down Identity Meme

Our nation has been infected by a virus of the soul! I call it the “Trickle Down Identity Meme” This post has significance far beyond the GOP  debates and the 2016 election. The infection of the trickle down identity meme  damages our political landscape and is the modus operandi in maintaining income inequality. Just one […]

Barrack Obama’s 2015 State Of The Union Speech

Well it is that time of the year again for President Barrack Obama to give his state of the union speech. President Obama is slowly learning that his approach to the Republicans has been far to timid. I agree he was stronger this time. But Barrack Obama, to this Progressive will go down as one […]

Barack Obama: The Legacy Of A Wimp

We are hearing calls to rally the Democratic Party vote for this November because the Republicans might take the Senate.  Maybe if Barrack Obama had not turned his back on the Progressive  base of the Democratic Party  we would not be in this situation today! Due to President Obama’s fixation with keeping his face up […]

Progressive Talking Points #2: What Ever Happened To The Term “Liberal”?

The term “liberal” has become a causality of the psychological warfare that Republicans have waged on the left. Recently Bill Moyers did a show concerning the surrender of American liberals. We have to admit there is very little voice for the progressive Agenda in America. Part of the reason is that Democrats are playing make […]

Progressive Talking Points: Income Inequality pt1

Barrack Obama is finally starting to talk about income inequality. That is when he is not devoting his time to Machiavellian machinations in support of a fast track for TPP or his pathetic dream of a “grand compromise” that undermines the work of FDR. But Obama aside in this series of posts I want to […]

GOP Holding America Hostage: Can Dems Maintain The Message

The GOP is waging psychological warfare against both Democrats and Progressives. The issue is can Democrats rise to the challenge? As you know I have my doubts since Barrack Obama is not only our President but also the titular leader of the Democratic Party. Republican Tactic: Blame The Democrats For The Shutdown Joseph Goebbels, the […]

New Series: Using Psychological Warfare Against Republicans

Conservatives are waging psychological operations against progressives on a daily basis. We need to fight back. In college I wanted to become a psychologist but was also interested in politics. That was in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. Today I see Republicans waging psychological operations against the legacy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and […]

Romney Says: Submit To Your Employer Or Be A 47% Looser

Mitt Romney will make even the most devout Republican employee  “dependent” on the “Corporate Collectivists“. Your boss can make you one of the “moochers” at their slightest whim. Democrats need to draw attention to that fact so that more than 47% have a stake in this! In Mitt Romney’s dream for America competition is good when […]

Obama Fails In Psychological Warfare Against Republicans

Question dear reader: Why has the word “stimulus” wrongfully been made a bad word today? That is because the Republicans have won the war of creating definitions! The issue is not merely laws passed but the definitions of problems in the public’s mind. Laws passed are simply the results of the prior war being waged […]

Rachel Maddow Uncovers Republican Psychological Warfare

On a recent episode of the “Rachel Maddow Show” the issue was Republicans dodging answers in a peculiar way. Rachel Maddow used her classic good humor to make these techniques into a book for children. Actually since I am older than Rachel Maddow and a former psychology student I recognized the techniques immediately! Broken Record Fogging These techniques can […]

Reid On Romney Tax Returns: Possible GOP Psychological Warfare

Mitt Romney is an elitist. So why has this liberal blogger raised a caution warning especially since I am for going after Romney on his elitism and placing his money offshore? Let me explain some tactics of psychological warfare and how Harry Reid might be falling into a trap. We already saw this tactic perhaps deliberately used […]

Operation Ragnarok: Give Rush Limbaugh His Own Medicine

I would like to propose a DIRTY TRICK that we Progressives and Democrats can play on the Republicans! When Democrats where involved in our 2008 primary Rush Limbaugh told his disciples to launch “Operation Chaos” to damage the Democratic Party. I believe we Progressives now have a perfect opportunity to perform a  “Rush Limbaugh” maneuver  […]

Rush Limbaugh And Hannity Fail Rick Perry’s Patriotism Test

Rick Perry recently insulted his fellow travelers  Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill Pin Head O’Reilly and Michael Savage! Rick Perry stated that: Obama does not love his country because he had the chance to serve in the armed forces and did not do it! Ok this blogger served but I admit I had to. This […]

Unions And The Middle Class

The middle class is under attack in this country and it is not just blue collar workers but white collar employees as well! A DailyKos writer has lamented that her students label themselves as “middle class” as opposed to “working class”! I believe however it is time to break free of 19th Century lexicon! Not […]

Republicans Holding America Hostage

This Progressive has once again had his opinion of President Obama reinforced. President Obama is a God damned wimp who lacks the guts to stand up to the Republicans. Rachel Maddow recently outlined the Republican strategy which you can view in the video below. Basically Rachel Maddow believes the GOP has been cornered by their […]