Robert Reich Needs To Confront The Meme Of Trickle Down Identity

Recently Robert Reich did an article on Alternet concerning the growing plight of the American worker. The former Labor Secretary believes the greatest threat is the growing sense of insecurity. Well maybe he should have told his old buddy Bill Clinton not to pursue NAFTA. But the problem started even before Clinton. As Secretary Reich states […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 2

In this article let’s examine how organized money is corrupting our democracy on the corporate level. A democracy is defined by the rule of “one person – one vote”. The market place is defined by the rule of “one dollar – one vote”! Both of these meme’s are in analogous positions to the Twin Spirits […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 1

I would like to present some talking points you can use with friends and family concerning the “separation of corporation and state”. We might actually think of this as two issues: The problem of individual big donors throwing corrupting the decision making processes of a democratic society and The problem of corporations corrupting the decision […]

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out CUT AND RUN Corporations

I am an unapologetic Social Democrat to the left of Barrack Obama. I applaud Senator Elizabeth Warren‘s recent attack (see video below) on these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who have no loyalty to the nation that gave them birth, protection, incorporation and profits! I urge Progressives to utilize the rhetorical devices of the right wing […]

Barack Obama: The Legacy Of A Wimp

We are hearing calls to rally the Democratic Party vote for this November because the Republicans might take the Senate.  Maybe if Barrack Obama had not turned his back on the Progressive  base of the Democratic Party  we would not be in this situation today! Due to President Obama’s fixation with keeping his face up […]

Moocher Welfare Cowboy Cliven Bundy Vs Law And Order

We Progressives need to use the self righteous rhetoric of the right wing to break their hypnotic hold on many Americans. That is why in this blog you will frequently see this author employing “Republican speak” to make fun of these self righteous right wing  advocates of “entitlement”!   In that spirit I would like […]

Progressive Talking Points #2: What Ever Happened To The Term “Liberal”?

The term “liberal” has become a causality of the psychological warfare that Republicans have waged on the left. Recently Bill Moyers did a show concerning the surrender of American liberals. We have to admit there is very little voice for the progressive Agenda in America. Part of the reason is that Democrats are playing make […]

Opportunity To Separate Corporation And State

In this article I will propose a constitutional amendment for the separation of corporation and state. Furthermore I believe we have a window of opportunity here to enlist mainstream Republicans. Below John McCain aruges that both political parties are disappearing in the face of Super-PACS As wacky as the recent Tea Party hissy fit government […]

Trickle Down Identity Meme: Subjugation Of The Middle Class

The issue we face today is not simply “trickle down economics” but rather a virus of the soul called “trickle down identity”. In this post I would like to introduce my readers to a psychological and sociological theory concerning  “memes”! This has enormous implications concerning politics. Sometimes memes are called schema or scripts. I will be […]