Adding Quick Points

Wow sometimes I write long! I will continue to write longer posts on the same frequency but will be adding a new category called “quick posts”. Yes i realized I said this almost two years ago but sometimes I just cannot help being long winded. But that is ended. So long for some fast points […]

Ukraine: Barrack Obama Or John McCain As Top Idiot

It used to be said by Republicans that the debate on foreign policy ends at our shoreline and we should “support our President” no matter which party. Just look at the video below by John McCain criticizing President Barrack Obama. Yes this was a few weeks back but Senator McCain is continuing his attacks on […]

House Votes 50th Time To Repeal ObamaCare

Yes they did it yet again. The Republican controlled House of Representatives has voted for the 5oth time to repeal ObamaCare knowing that it will not pass the Senate and certainly not be signed by President Obama! But why you ask? Because as much as I hate to admit it the Republicans have TESTOSTERONE while […]