John McCain The Bleeding Heart For Lawlessness

Today I heard John McCain on CBS’s program “Face The Nation.” To use the bloated language of the right wing, John McCain needs to “learn the lessons of history!” According to John McCain the big shots who draw large salaries for their legal expertise did not commit a crime. Instead they merely gave “bad advice!” […]

Not Only Palin But McCain Don'T Understand The Bush Doctrine

Not Only Palin But McCain
Doesn’t Understand
Bush Doctrine John McCain
has demonstrated that he
also does not understand
the “Bush Doctrine”. As
with the “Monroe Doctrine”
a contingency is being
made public by the US
Government. If a foreign
power does X we will
respond with military
action! In the case of the
Monroe Doctrine if a nation
involves itself in the
western hemisphere we will
attack! This is public
knowledge and the fact
that it is public is what
gives the doctrine its
deterrent capability! With
the “Bush Doctrine” if a
nation is preparing to harm
us or allows others to use
their territory to harm us
then we will attack first.

Sarah Palin: The Weak Underbelly Of The GOP

Sarah Palin: The Weak
Underbelly Of The GOP As
I have mentioned in this
blog before I cannot
understand how Sarah
Palin’s association
with the Alaskan
Independence Party is not
being blasted all over the
news media! Damn if this
had been Obama the
whining Republicans would
be screaming about news
media biases! Now in the
final stages of the
campaign we hear John
McCain hiding behind Sarah
Palin while she does his
dirty work accusing Barrack
Obama of not loving
America enough to
associating with terrorists!
Bill Maher in the video
below, while a comedy,
does an excellent job
illustrating the issue of
Sarah Palin and the
Alaskan Independence
Party! <<ß------you tube I

Eratic McCain: Cut And Run Against Terrorism

McCain: Cut And Run
Against Terrorism John
McCain seems not to be in
touch with his “foreign
policy expert” Sarah Palin!
She was startled to learn
her views toward the Al
Qaeda Homeland in the
Pakistani – Afghan border
region are more in sync
with Barrack Obama then
her erratic running mate
John McCain! In the video
below Barrack Obama
asserts that we will not
allow Al Qaeda to regroup
only to attack our
Homeland, while John
McCain is interested only in
the wild eyed Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq at the
expense of the War on
Terror <<<<ß-------- uTwUAAmRuNM&hl=en&fs =1 As Senator Joe Biden has pointed out, we spend in three weeks on Iraq what we

VP Debate: Folkie Not Enough For Crises

VP Debate: Folkie Not
Enough For Crises I
watched the Vice
Presidential debate and
was very impressed by
Senator Joe Biden. I
wished the news media
would stop it’s
coddling of Gov. Sarah
Palin and asked her
questions concerning her
connections to the Alaskan
Independence Party!
Senator Joe Biden was
handicapped by the news
media from the start since
Sarah Palin just getting by
without stumbling was to
be considered a victory!
While Joe Biden was to
keep his gloves on! I
wonder why so called pit
bull Sarah Palin did not
want to go for the jugular
when confronted with
someone who could
confront her back directly!
Now we hear in the news

Fiscal Crises: It’s The War Stupid

Fiscal Crises: It’s
The War Stupid We hear
the endless whining by the
effete snobs of Corporate
America that they pay too
much in taxes! Yet how
many days does one Middle
Class Taxpayer have to
work to equal the total
compensation of these
effete snobs! Like their
income is based on
working! Sure we need to
give incentives for
creativity and going to
medical school. But doctors
and incentives are not the
issue here. This is beyond
that! Corporate executives
are paid far too much!
Then these WHINERS
complain. Yet in Europe
there are just as many per
capita millionaires but they
learn to adjust to an
economic system that tries

Debate Review: Talking Points For Obama

Talking Points For Obama I
just finished watching the
Presidential Debate
between John McCain and
Barrack Obama! As an
Obama supporter I wish he
would go more on the
offensive! John McCain
came on as a little nasty
pushy! He seemed to
revert to the old strategy
of “experience”. Obama
was being polite and we
need to see if that comes
across positively with the
public! I feel it will come
across as being a wimp!
<<<< --- Angry man video Let me repeat a maxim that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid simply have not learned and perhaps Barrack Obama has not learned! If you cannot forcefully defend your own political philosophy the American

McCain Says Cut Budget To Save The Rich

McCain Says Cut Budget To
Save The Rich John McCain
is playing the “Patriot
Game” and placing the
welfare of the upper 5%
over the class interests of
the Silent Majority – our
great Middle Class! While
speaking to NBC’s
Brian Williams, John McCain
said the nation’s
elected officials needs and
agenda America’s
Corporate Class above the
money allocated by our
constitutionally elected
officials. Let me make one
thing clear! I don’t
like earmarks in general
though what is an earmark
to one could be a vital
necessity to another! None
the less I would be more
willing to spend millions of
dollars that were allocated
by our constitutionally
elected representatives to

Country First – Nationalize AIG And The Banks

Country First – Nationalize
AIG And The Banks John
McCain’s slogan is
“Country First”! Therefore
why should we rush this
bailout for Wall Street? If
our banks and credit
institutions fail we should
COMPANIES! <ß--- (The Above Video excellently illustrates a point I made in a prior post and has some additional insights) I am sick of our nation being pushed by the Republican politics of fear! Instead of rushing this bailout for AIG, a company that fired many of it programmers after first having them train their H1-b foreign replacements, I suggest we wait out the supposed banking crises when AIG goes belly up! By

Universal Health Care vs. Saving AIG

Universal Health Care vs.
Saving AIG Gosh golly I
thought the costs of
Universal Health Insurance
would be impossible to pay
for according to the same
folks who gave us the Wild
Eyed Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! But
now that AIG is going belly
up Americans are expected
to foot the bill for a
company that American
workers. The
Guild”, which is embryonic
union for Computer
Professionals, has stated
that AIG has undermined
the salaries of American
computer workers by using
foreign H1-b workers and
even forcing their own AIG
American workers to train
their replacements! ß–H1-
b Why is it that Universal
Health Care costs were
said to be out of range

The Iraq War And Deregulation Screwed Our Economy

The Iraq War And
Deregulation Screwed Our
Economy We live in an era
of Licentious
Permissiveness where
Corporations come before
people! On Friday NBC
Nightly News Anchor Brian
Williams said the cost of
this bailout is equal to two
Iraqi Wars! Yet the
Philosophers of Corporate
Permissiveness will rant
against the Middle Class as
McCain advisor Phil Graham
calls us a “Nation of
Whiners”! These very same
people who gave us the
wild eyed Social
Engineering Experiment in
Iraq, that has taken us
longer than our occupation
of Nazi Germany but
cannot produce results, tell
us we cannot afford
Universal Health Care!
Make no mistake about it
this crises was not simply
caused by an

News Media Biases Against Democrats

News Media Biases Against
Democrats Well you might
be surprised to learn that
Senator Joe Biden is alive
and well! The way the
mainstream news media
has been tamed into a
wimpy puppy dog at Sarah
Palin’s feet and if
they so much as dare bring
up her false statements
about the about the
“Bridge To No Where” this
party of whiners then say
the news media is being
unfair to them! The time
has come for Democrats
not to simply forcefully
respond to Republican BS
but to go on the offensive
and list instances of Pro-
Republican news media
biases! Yes Virginia there is
a Joe Biden and he is alive
and well. But the way

Imagine If We Had Privatized Social Security

Imagine If We Had
Privatized Social Security
Well Monday the stock
market fell 504 points!
Thank God this nation did
not allow it’s
citizents to remove funds
from Social Security to
palce in “Private
Investment Accounts” as
John McCain and his fellow
traveler George Bush
wanted! Certainly it is good
to take disposable extra
income and invest it. But
that presumes one will at
least have the “pittance”
that is provided by Social
Security. John McCain and
his fellow traveler George
Bush are waging
“Psychological Warfare”
against the Middle Class.
They want your pittance to
be a means by which you
can then “identity” with the
upper class so that their
licentious tax cuts for


I was a John Edwards supporter then switched when Senator Edwards dropped out of the race. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a fag! Well at least we know that is not true! I would vote for John Edwards again say in eight years as he needs some time to rebuild his image. I feel we […]

Republican Smear Obama As Playing Race Card

Obama Playing Race Card?
Joe Lieberman, who is John
McCain’s side kick,
sided today with McCain
that the Britney Spears ad
was not a smear! What
gives me a laugh is how
Senator Lieberman down
plays this ad, saying “we
should take a step back
and have a laugh”! Yet
Senator Lieberman does
not laugh when Senator
Obama jokes about being
not being like the
Presidents on our dollar
Obama is only joking dude!
Get a gripe on yourself!

What is not a joke is how
Republicans try to smear
Barrack Obama. Calling him
elitist! Yeah right
McCain’s wife is so

Democrats Letting Republicans Get Away With Iraq

Democrats Letting
Republicans Get Away With
Iraq I was one of those
who were for the Iraqi War
with the “Mission” that our
Congress in deliberation
set as the goal. We won
the war and our President,
who never finished his own
National Guard obligation,
then declared “Mission
Accomplished”! Now our
President who
doesn’t want to
follow the goals that
Congress committed our
troops to accomplish under
“a strict constructionalist”
interpretation of our
Constitution wants to
commit, along with his
fellow traveler John
McCain, to a “One Hundred
Year” War! These wild
eyed Republicans want to
commit our nation to a vast
Social Engineering
Experiment while the sales
of Afghan opium
production SURGE

Yet More Pro-Conservative News Media Biases!

Yet More Pro-Conservative
News Media Biases! It
seems that CBS that great
bastion of liberal news
media biases if you were to
believe the ever whining
Republican right, has
edited their coverage of
John McCain so as to not
reveal perhaps one of his
“senior moments”! Senator
McCain seems to have
misplaced the time line of
the “surge” and a political
deal with an Iraqi Sheik!
What is worst is that CBS
seems to have covered it
up. (See Video Below).
What I find even more
troubling is that Democrats
have repeatedly pointed
out that much of the
reduction in violence is due
to political wheeling and
dealing with the various
Sunni Sheiks and even

Pro-Conservative News Media Biases against Obama

Pro-Conservative News
Media Biases against
Obama I am sick and tired
of the whining effete snobs
of the Republican Party
who attack Barrack Obama
for being one of the few
who wants to win the War
on Terror! John McCain
and his fellow travelers in
the Republican Party
attacked Barrack Obama
calling him “inexperienced”
when Obama stated we
cannot allow Al Qaeda to
grow uncontested in their
mountain redoubts on the
border. Barrack Obama
stated that if Pakistan
would not act he would!
Now it seems the Bush
Administration is coming
around to Obama’s
inexperienced ideas! (See
the Video below) Yet the
news media allow McCain
to make stupid charges
against Barrack Obama
that he would

Republicans Do NOT Support Our Troops In Iraq

Republicans Do NOT
Support Our Troops In Iraq
We hear the whine from
these wild eyed advocates
of the Neo-con SOCIAL
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
the Democrats are against
our troops! These bleeding
hearts of appeasement to
Corporate America that
continues to trade with
Iranwhile that nation sends
supplies to kill our brave
troops do not even have
faith in our troops! The US
State Department uses
Backwater to protect
embassy staff rather than
fully using our Marines and
Army. (See Video Below)
When Democrats point out
that this is a civil war and
that much of the recent
reduction in violence was
the result of low level
diplomatic talks with Sunni
Militias to have them switch

Iraqi’s Want Time Table For Withdrawal

Iraqi’s Want Time
Table Why does the news
media not have a field day
with the Iraqi Prime
Minister’s recent
announcement that his
government wants a time
table for American troop
departures! Gosh golly that
is what the Democrats
want also and Barrack
Obama has not yet even
visited Iraq so he could get
one of those staged photo
opportunities that the
Republicans create when
they go! The above video
from MSNBC’s Keith
Oberman Show really hits
the point! John McCain is a
flip flopper! He said we
should leave if the
government of Iraq says it
is time to go! Well they
want us to set a departure
date and schedule!

Kudos For “Maverick” General Wesley Clark

Kudos For “Maverick”
General Wesley Clark I am
sick and tied of the
Democrats being such God
Damn WURSTS! General
Wesley Clark spoke the
truth! General Clark stated
that “Being shot down is
not a prerequisite for being
President”! Senator Obama
seems to be apologizing to
John McCain for the
General’s remarks!
My advice to Senator
Obama is, stop being John
Kerry Wurst! If the
opposite of what General
Wesley Clark is true then
Senator Obama is not
qualified to be President as
he was not shot down in
combat nor even ever
served in the military!
General Clark did not
demean Senator
McCain’s military
record. (See the video

McCain And The Politics Of Terror

McCain And The Politics Of
Terror First it was the rising
use of those flag lapel pins
by the very same people
who want to demolish our
two hundred year old
Constitution! Anyone
remember the “Enabling
Acts” after the Reichstag
fire? John McCain and his
fellow travelers would do
well to learn the “lessons of
history” as Barry Goldwater
used to say! Now we learn
that just as they try to use
flag pin labels as was done
in the Vietnam War, they
relish terrorist attacks so
that they can pin them on
the Democrats! (See the
video below) Charles Black
who is a top McCain
consultant said that not
only was the Republican
cause aided

Republicans Veil Smear

Idiot Republicans: Obama
A Muslim – A Muslim Not
Once again the
Republicans are fearful of
the rising of a “Middle Class
Consciousness” that is now
permeating our society
where the Silent Majority
of Americans no longer
identify and internalize the
values of Corporate
America! Actually it is hard
to use the term “Corporate
America” as these cut and
run corporations are
frequently renouncing their
American identity in favor o
being identified as “Multi-
National Corporations”!
Now these effete snobs of
Corporate Collectivism
have the “audacity of
elitism” to criticize Barrack
Obama for the actions of
his campaign staff when
they removed some Muslim
woman from standing
behind the podium. Like
every campaign they
wanted to present a

Bush’s Iraq War Is Destroying America’s Military Deterrence

Bush’s Iraq War Is
America’s Military
Deterrence Sure you have
heard it said that we must
stay in Iraq to preserve
our defense of our
homeland. Many realize
that our current military is
being stretched to its limit.
But that is not the only
reason that George Bush
and his fellow traveler John
McCain are destroying our
military deterrence! When
your potential enemy
stares you in the face and
there is a line in the sand
our enemies will evaluate
the cost to themselves of
crossing that line! Many PC
Liberals AND Neo-Con
Republicans don’t
seem to understand this
second way George Bush is
undermining military
deterrence that I am going
to list

Support Our Troops – Bring Them Home

Support Our Troops – Bring
Them Home Why is it that
John McCain does not
support Senator Jim
Webb’s GI Bill? The
answer is that he wants to
hold the carrot in front of
our brave troops so they
will serve more tours of
duty in the Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! If the
troops were to get a GI Bill
after serving their initial
three to four year
enlistments many would
not re-enlist and that is
public knowledge even
admitted by George Bush!
QUESTION: What is similar
to Iraqi Weapons of Mass
Destrucition (WMD) and
why? ANSWER: George
Bush’s completed
service record in the
National Guard. Like Iraqi
WMD neither can be