I was a John Edwards supporter then switched when Senator Edwards dropped out of the race. Ann Coulter called John Edwards a fag! Well at least we know that is not true! I would vote for John Edwards again say in eight years as he needs some time to rebuild his image. I feel we […]

Ann Coulter For Hillary: Fear of “Middle Class Consciousness”

Fear of “Middle Class
Consciousness” Drives Ann
Coulter To Place Hillary
Clinton Over McCain
Recently Ann Coulter has
stated that she would not
only endorse Hillary Clinton
over John McCain but she
would even campaign for
her if McCain received the
Republican Party
nomination! While Ann
Coulter has some weird
ideas I believe both she
and Rush Limbaugh are
aware that John McCain,
no matter how
conservative he is in some
areas, none the less
constitutes a threat to the
status of the Corporate
Class over the Silent
Majority! Can anyone deny
that without massive
financial contributions from
K Street both the
Democratic and Republican
Parties would be far more
populist in their agendas?
Just listen

Ann Coulter: Short Skirt – Old Hag

While I am against “political correctness”, Ann Coulter, with her ever short skirts, is really using every effort to sell her books! I wonder is it wrong to call someone her age with miniskirts so thin that they qualify as a belt, an old “hag”? Gee that’s only one letter difference from what she called […]