Elliot Spitzer Does A Bubba

Elliot Spitzer Does A Bubba
I personally don’t
like Spitzer as Governor
though he did a good job
as Attorney General
investigating Wall Street.
Unless he used state
money I believe he should
not be forced to resign.
Putting this on the nightly
news was appropriate but
he did not do anything that
Bill “Bubba” Clinton did not
do. Well Bill Clinton did
balance the budget and
this frugality even touched
his sex life! He did not let
sex interfere from him
doing his job in the oval
office even if an intern was
doing a “FREE” job on him!
Elliot “John” Spitzer
apparently spent
thousands on his extra-
marital flings! But then
again he

Senator Craig: Toilet Justice For GOP Hot Idaho Potato

Gosh yesterday it was Attorney General Gonzales and now the Republicans have a new hot potato – Idaho’s Senator Craig! Yes we can all laugh that a conservative family values Republican, who is against Gays, is accused of being one and soliciting sex in a bathroom. But wait there is an escape for the Republicans! […]