GOP Holding America Hostage: Can Dems Maintain The Message

The GOP is waging psychological warfare against both Democrats and Progressives. The issue is can Democrats rise to the challenge? As you know I have my doubts since Barrack Obama is not only our President but also the titular leader of the Democratic Party. Republican Tactic: Blame The Democrats For The Shutdown Joseph Goebbels, the […]

9-9-9 And The Caining Of The Jobless

It is not just Herman Cain but the entire Republican Party with their elitism! They ship not only blue collar jobs overseas but white collar jobs as well! They value the income from the dividend over the income from a paycheck except when it is a CEO’s paycheck! Yet Obama is to busy collecting his […]

Water Board Rupert Murdoch: It’s Not Torture

Rupert Murdoch and his son have caused a controversy  in the United Kingdom after their testimony to the Select Committee of the British Parliament! Some believe that they may not have told everything! Since the regular means of information gathering seem to have yielded questionable results, perhaps the British should now use “enhanced interrogation techniques” […]

Republicans Want A “Longevity Gains Tax”

In their never ending War on the Middle Class, the Republicans want to steal the golden years of the Silent Majority to comfort the comfortable in the top 1%! Because they correctly perceive that Barrack Obama is a wimp and they don’t want to see an increase in the Progressive Income Tax, Inheritance Tax or […]

Economic Royalists Vs. Social Security

President Obama did get some more testosterone in his recent speech but I still am waiting for him to launch a campaign to repeal corporate personhood!  ST Augustine said man’s decision making processes have been corrupted. In the case of our society it is the vile forces of ORGANIZED MONEY that is destroying the decision […]

GOP Creates Economy Then Blames Unions

Democrats under Obama just don’t seem to want to win the political war against Republicans and their Tea Party fellow travelers! Remember when we were about to see the rebirth of the union movement with a simple “Card Check” Law that would facilitate the massive rebirth of unions when a majority of employees signed up […]

Tuscon And The Rhetoric Of Hate

The rhetoric of hate has now hurt our nation. I have thought about this issue and perhaps it was good that my site was being moved so I could delay my reaction to the tragic events in Tucson. As you know I am a very vocal progressive. While I don’t want to add to the […]

GOP: Bankruptcy Is Good For States But Not Individuals

Republicans want to allow state governments to go bankrupt so they can destroy civil service unions! Strange isn’t it that they fought tooth and nail to make it harder for individuals to declare bankruptcy! Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich is leading the fight. There is a method to their madness. They want to […]

Republican Ads To Be Excorised From This Site

Well just got back from my vacation and what do I find on my liberal blog? The nice folks at google have loaded my blog with Republican and conservative ads. Hey I am just trying to earn a little secondary income but NOT from supporting Republicans. Google Adsense Needs An Exorcist I will be removing […]

Republican’s Definition Of “Freedom” And It’s Danger To the Middle Class

When I hear Republicans talk about “freedom” I need to take a Rolaids because my stomach turns acidic. Tim Palenty used this terminology at a recent meeting of the conservative group CPAC! Actually this is classic Republican rhetoric!  The “Freedom” that they so prize is not freedom for the American Middle Class! In this era […]

Republicans Against America

The Republicans were so happy when our nation lost it’s bid for the 2016 Olympics. (See video below). They even rejoiced saying Barrack Obama had lost his charisma! But their glee was short lived when our President received the Nobel Prize for Peace! You would think they would stand behind our President especially in this […]

Hypocrite Senator Grassley Mocks Doctors

Last week we heard the Republicans and their fellow travelers claim our President insulted doctors when he mentioned that doctors might choose options based on reimbursement rather than what is best for the patient. Senator Grassley today said the very same thing as an excuse for his double talk about President Obama wanting “death panels” […]

More Republican Family Values

Well today we heard that Republican South Carolina Governor Sanford apparently had his own “stimulus package” to deliver to Argentina! Ah yes the party of “family values”, the party that says “No” to Gay marriage because marriage is a sacred institution. Damn dem Gays are breaking up to many marriages right Gov. Sanford? Well now […]

Republicans Whine About Obama's Iran Stance

I remember the Republicans used to say that foreign policy differences ended at our shore line! I guess that does not apply when they want to criticize President Obama and his handling of the Iranian Crises! Yet the Republicans and their fellow travelers in Halliburton had no problem doing business with the terrorist nation of […]

Pelosi Now Learns About Republicans

Nancy Pelosi has been a first rate wimp over the last two years as Speaker of The House. She did not want to pursue the impeachment of Bush or Cheney! Despite all the lies about the facts leading up to the war she did nothing to pursue a rigorous investigation of intelligence gathering. Now over […]

John McCain The Bleeding Heart For Lawlessness

Today I heard John McCain on CBS’s program “Face The Nation.” To use the bloated language of the right wing, John McCain needs to “learn the lessons of history!” According to John McCain the big shots who draw large salaries for their legal expertise did not commit a crime. Instead they merely gave “bad advice!” […]

Rudy Giuliani Drags Out Family Values

If there is one Republican who I really cannot stand it is Rudy Giuliani. John McCain at least did wage war against K – Street in the 2000 election! Now we have former Mayor Giuliani attacking Gay Marriage. The very same guy who has been married three times and when his then wife pushed the […]

Republicans Do Not Defend Our Flag

As i mentioned in a prior post the Conservatives don’t seem to care that CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have no problem in tearing down the flag of our nation from their merchant ships in order to avoid paying their fair share of taxes to the nation that gave them birth, succor, protection and yes PROFITS! […]

Biden And That “S” Word: STANDING Up For America

Biden And That “S” Word:
STANDING Up For America
Oh the bleeding hearts in
the Republican Party want
us to weep for the poor
upper 5% who make out
like bandits while we the
Silent Majority –
America’s great
Middle Class work our butts
off every day to stay
afloat. Their sense of
“entitlement is beyond
imagination! No I
don’t deny the right
of some to become
millionaires! But the word
“socialism” does not send
fear down my spine.
Unemployment and lack of
heath care do! I want to
become an computer
programmer and do
become a self employed
consultant! I need
universal health care to do
this and for my pay scale

Palin: Wimp Who Faces Northern Exposure

Palin: Wimp Who Faces
Northern Exposure Sarah
Palin who seems to have
no problem addressing this
year’s Convention
of The Alaskan
Independence Party, as
they even have the video
of her speech on their
website, cannot face a
single reporter who dares
to “question her”! The Vice
Presidential Debates where
the perfect chance to show
this so called pit bull for the
inexperienced feather
weight that she is! She was
McCain’s last hope!
Well that and their game of
let’s be patriotic
and not talk about the
financial mess as that
would hurt our economy! I
prefer Senator
Biden’s definition of
Patriotism. It is time for
those who benefit from

VP Debate: Folkie Not Enough For Crises

VP Debate: Folkie Not
Enough For Crises I
watched the Vice
Presidential debate and
was very impressed by
Senator Joe Biden. I
wished the news media
would stop it’s
coddling of Gov. Sarah
Palin and asked her
questions concerning her
connections to the Alaskan
Independence Party!
Senator Joe Biden was
handicapped by the news
media from the start since
Sarah Palin just getting by
without stumbling was to
be considered a victory!
While Joe Biden was to
keep his gloves on! I
wonder why so called pit
bull Sarah Palin did not
want to go for the jugular
when confronted with
someone who could
confront her back directly!
Now we hear in the news

Fiscal Crises: It’s The War Stupid

Fiscal Crises: It’s
The War Stupid We hear
the endless whining by the
effete snobs of Corporate
America that they pay too
much in taxes! Yet how
many days does one Middle
Class Taxpayer have to
work to equal the total
compensation of these
effete snobs! Like their
income is based on
working! Sure we need to
give incentives for
creativity and going to
medical school. But doctors
and incentives are not the
issue here. This is beyond
that! Corporate executives
are paid far too much!
Then these WHINERS
complain. Yet in Europe
there are just as many per
capita millionaires but they
learn to adjust to an
economic system that tries

Country First – Nationalize AIG And The Banks

Country First – Nationalize
AIG And The Banks John
McCain’s slogan is
“Country First”! Therefore
why should we rush this
bailout for Wall Street? If
our banks and credit
institutions fail we should
COMPANIES! <ß--- (The Above Video excellently illustrates a point I made in a prior post and has some additional insights) I am sick of our nation being pushed by the Republican politics of fear! Instead of rushing this bailout for AIG, a company that fired many of it programmers after first having them train their H1-b foreign replacements, I suggest we wait out the supposed banking crises when AIG goes belly up! By

Universal Health Care vs. Saving AIG

Universal Health Care vs.
Saving AIG Gosh golly I
thought the costs of
Universal Health Insurance
would be impossible to pay
for according to the same
folks who gave us the Wild
Eyed Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! But
now that AIG is going belly
up Americans are expected
to foot the bill for a
company that American
workers. The
Guild”, which is embryonic
union for Computer
Professionals, has stated
that AIG has undermined
the salaries of American
computer workers by using
foreign H1-b workers and
even forcing their own AIG
American workers to train
their replacements! ß–H1-
b Why is it that Universal
Health Care costs were
said to be out of range

The Iraq War And Deregulation Screwed Our Economy

The Iraq War And
Deregulation Screwed Our
Economy We live in an era
of Licentious
Permissiveness where
Corporations come before
people! On Friday NBC
Nightly News Anchor Brian
Williams said the cost of
this bailout is equal to two
Iraqi Wars! Yet the
Philosophers of Corporate
Permissiveness will rant
against the Middle Class as
McCain advisor Phil Graham
calls us a “Nation of
Whiners”! These very same
people who gave us the
wild eyed Social
Engineering Experiment in
Iraq, that has taken us
longer than our occupation
of Nazi Germany but
cannot produce results, tell
us we cannot afford
Universal Health Care!
Make no mistake about it
this crises was not simply
caused by an