Obama, the debates, the polls and POTENCY

Mitt Romney has smelled blood and attacked President Obama in a speech at the Virginia Military Institute. Mitt Romney tried to be perceived as being the advocate of a strong America while portraying Obama as advocating weakness. The problem is that while Obama is not weak in his foreign policy,  he is weak rhetorically. This rhetorical weakness in […]

Banksters, Golden Parachutes and Unemployment Insurance

Once again the conservatives and the banksters  play the “politics of envy”! They do this while reducing their cognitive dissonance with the defense mechanisms of reaction formation and projection! They cite themselves and their patrician sponsors as the poor victims! Yet they are practicing the very tactic they decry. They next “project” their sins on to their […]

We Need A Progressive Version Of The Tea Party

We need to learn from the Tea Party. Amazing isn’t it that Democrats could win control of both houses of Congress and the Presidency in 2008. Yet the “Troika of Impotence”, Obama, Reid and Pelosi where no match for the Tea Party. Change We Can Believe In: Day #928 Our defeat as Progressives, and we […]

“Rhetoric” And The Psychology Of Fighting The Right Wing

We Progressives need to up the rhetoric to compete with the Tea Party and their corporate patrons! We should not shy away from this terminology! Testosterone is called for to counter act the war on the middle class! This post category is devoted to the Psychology of fighting the right wing! You might call it […]