Corporate Person Fox News Makes Ron Paul A Non-Person

I have decided to REVERSE my position here on Ron Paul. Thus I have rewritten this post!   Originally I wrote a supportive post concerning him that was touched off by the video clip below from the Jon Stewart Show. It seems Ron Paul is being the subject of discrimination by not only the regular […]

Ron Paul: Smoke Pot Then Serve The Rich

Ron Paul does have some good qualities. He is a “consistent conservative” but he just does not understand that his definition of “freedom” is a form of spaced out servitude to the corporate collective! In the clip below Ron Paul goes to pains to distinguish between the “Free Market” as opposed to “Corporatism”. Both he […]

Ron Paul Opposed To Middle Class Individual Freedom

Many are fascinated by the candidacy of Republican Ron Paul who espouses an Anti-Iraqi War policy. I do enjoy listening to him zing his fellow Republicans in the Republican debates. If you watch him in this video he is appealing concerning the war but be careful about his “freedom rhetoric”. There is a real danger […]