Rudy Giuliani Drags Out Family Values

If there is one Republican who I really cannot stand it is Rudy Giuliani. John McCain at least did wage war against K – Street in the 2000 election! Now we have former Mayor Giuliani attacking Gay Marriage. The very same guy who has been married three times and when his then wife pushed the […]

Mayor Blabbermouth Giuliani Vs Hillary Clinton

This blog is from a progressive middle class perspective. I do not like Hillary Clinton after her defense of the H1-b Visa program which has destroyed the dreams of countless middle class of Americans for job security in a world dominated by the neo-collectivists of corporate America. I also do not like calling General Petraeus […]

Giuliani Opens His Big Mouth Yet Again

Giuliani’s statements that he was at ground zero more than the rescue workers are a joke! Hell the Firefighters Union has repudiated him on his so-called record of achievement. Below is a You Tube Video by a former leader of the NYC Fire Dept. Giuliani who single handedly saved NYC from collapse now wants to […]

Nuclear Shield: Putin Disagrees With Star Wars Impossibility

Well some here at home think a Missile Shield is an impossibility, apparently Russian President Putin is concerned about facing one at his border! The Russian President has proposed that we relocate it to Azerbaijan and our government has stated this is an interesting idea! While I have been very critical of Bush in this […]

McCain Vs. Giuliani Vs. The Democrats: A Populist Middle Class Prospective

What ever happened to the McCain I actually liked? He was the only one who really had a crusade against K Street! Now he has changed to the point man for George Bush’s war in Iraq! McCain keeps chiding the democrats that if they believe the war is illegal and wrong then they should not […]

Rudy Giuliani: A Danger To Our Constitution

I would describe myself as a Lou Dobbs Democrat. I just want my readers to understand I am not a conservative nor a PC liberal. I don’t represent Dobbs in this blog but my own opinion. I get a laugh when I hear Rudy Giuliani described as a “liberal”. But what worries me about Giuliani […]