Rush Limbaugh: Poor Should Not Vote

President Franklin D Roosevelt said “necessitous men are not free men”! President Roosevelt advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights” to the Constitution that would guarantee citizens the right to gainful employment! Today unemployment rose to 9.8%. That means at least 9.8% of Americans are not free! That does not include those who are working substitute jobs […]

Enough Of Michael Jackson

My God today I saw even FOX NEWS doing full coverage of Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service! Well I am fed up of this constant coverage! Does anyone realize North Korea is making nukes and shooting missiles over the Pacific? ENOUGH OF MICHAEL JACKSON – GOD DAMN IT! As one person said, why don’t we cover […]

Rush Limbaugh Passes On

Rush Limbaugh Passes On
This week we have lost a
second newscaster.
Conservative Republican
talk show host Rush
Limbaugh died tragically
today! Even this Liberal
Democratic blogger has
been so shaken that I am
converting to Republican!
Poor feisty Rush Limbaugh
who failed at “Operation
Chaos” < see the second video below> which was to
make the Democratic
Caucus into a remake of
the 1968 Democratic
Convention, none the less
presented on his show his
final contribution to
America! Surprisingly it was
his downfall! On Monday
June 16, 2008 Rush
Limbaugh told his audience
that Corporate America
had found a solution to the
energy crisis! Silicon Valley
Geeks successfully breed a
new species

Bush Intervention Destroys Operation Chaos

Bush Intervention Destroys
Operation Chaos George
Bush who is so incompetent
that he cannot win a war in
the same time that we won
a World War, now has
undermined Rush
“Operation Chaos”! By
opening his big mouth he
as forced Democrats to join
hands around Senator
Barrack Obama. Even
Hillary Clinton, who was a
fellow traveler with George
Bush on the Road To
Bagdad has been forced to
come to Obama’s
aid! Hillary Clinton has now
to distinguish between a
trait that one union leader
praised her for
humorously, “Testicular
Fortitude”, to downright
“Bunker Naivette”. See the
hilarious video below!
Perhaps Hillary Clinton will
accept Rush

Obama Would Accept Super-delegates Overruling Popular Vote

Obama Would Accept
Super-delegates Overruling
Popular Vote Yesterday I
got involved in a heated
discussion with a friend
concerning the scenario of
Barrack Obama being
denied the nomination by
the super-delegates. As
you most likely know the
scenario runs this way.
Neither Barrack Obama nor
Hillary Clinton receives the
majority vote but Obama
has the majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses
that occurred in states
under the Democratic Party
rules. However Hillary
Clinton is a close second
and convinces the
unelected super-delegates
to vote for her thus
winning the nomination.
While I believe Obama
should win if he has the
majority of elected
delegates from the
primaries and caucuses, he
has stated on

The Blob – Rush Limbaugh Delights In Democratic Party Rift

The Blob – Rush Limbaugh
Delights In Democratic
Party Rift Oh the joys in
right wing land as Barack
Obama and Hillary Clinton
go at each other. Rush
Limbaugh aka “The Blob” is
seen below frolicking at the
prospect of the Democratic
Party having a civil war.
But that is ok as the
Republicans are not doing
so badly at fratricide! While
none of the Republicans
have economic policies that
really help the middle class,
I do hope Senator McCain
wins the nomination! In
2000 Senator McCain
raised the issue of K –
Street and the extreme
influence that big money
has on our government!
Just look at the
pontifications of the news
media concerning

Rush Limbaugh Sunshine Patriot Of The Bush Tradition

Rush Limbaugh opened his big mouth once again! The seismic ratings of his statements were even higher than when he plumps his meatie butt on a chair. As most of you have heard Rush Limbaugh has called those soldiers in Iraq who voice an opinion against the war as “phony soldiers”! But before I go […]

Rush Limbaugh vs. Bird Flu And The Glorious Crusade For Trans-Fatty Acid In A World Dominated By Wicked Liberals

Well I listened to a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show yesterday. He attacked the news media for scaring the public about Bird Flu. He barely attacked Bush for his role in this. Actually I think Bush was right in not taking the chance of an epidemic. Oh my God I actually agree with […]