Trump Lies: The Legacy Of Obama’s “Silly Season”

Barrack Obama never stood up to the Republican bullies. Stop making excuses for this guy! President Obama’s lack of testosterone in standing up to right wing birther lies and death panel myths resulted in the normalization of GOP lies and the muting of the progressive message. Obama should have called out the news media for […]

Obama Delivers: A GOP Senate – Is That Change We Can Believe In?

Great work President Obama! How anyone could take a clear mandate for change and pig headedly undermine the Progressive Agenda as has Barrack Obama is beyond belief. Well what do you expect from the role model of the “testosterone free political lifestyle”? Oh but those mean nasty Republicans said such horrible things about him. So […]

Talking Point: How Organized Money Corrupts Democracy Pt 2

In this article let’s examine how organized money is corrupting our democracy on the corporate level. A democracy is defined by the rule of “one person – one vote”. The market place is defined by the rule of “one dollar – one vote”! Both of these meme’s are in analogous positions to the Twin Spirits […]

Barack Obama: The Legacy Of A Wimp

We are hearing calls to rally the Democratic Party vote for this November because the Republicans might take the Senate.  Maybe if Barrack Obama had not turned his back on the Progressive  base of the Democratic Party  we would not be in this situation today! Due to President Obama’s fixation with keeping his face up […]

Progressive Talking Points #2: What Ever Happened To The Term “Liberal”?

The term “liberal” has become a causality of the psychological warfare that Republicans have waged on the left. Recently Bill Moyers did a show concerning the surrender of American liberals. We have to admit there is very little voice for the progressive Agenda in America. Part of the reason is that Democrats are playing make […]

Obama: Fast Track For TPP But Not On Amendment To Separate Corporation And State

Our nation is suffering from the destruction of it’s middle class. Yet Obama wants to follow in Bill Clinton’s free trade footsteps by giving us the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This has been called NAFTA on steroids.   Barrack Obama can talk all he wants about income inequality, unemployment and the loss of opportunity for American […]

Chris Hayes And Bill O’Reilly: How We Liberals Set Ourselves Up

Warning: Non-politically correct material follows! Free Thinkers should only continue reading. This article may arouse existential anxiety in masochistic purists. I am sorry but I have to concede, in part that FoxNews’ commentator Bill O’Reilly  does have a point in his recent rant. To deny this is to lay the progressive agenda open to conservative […]

Democrats Need Testosterone To Break From Corporations

Fox News today ran an article attacking Democrats for backing the civil service unions. They gleefully cite a poll that says most Americans don’t believe civil service workers should be allowed to have unions. Democrats Need To Learn From Republicans Oh dear while we Democrats want to defend the middle class we wouldn’t want to […]

Wisconsin And The PR Problem Of Unions

When will Democrats learn that Republicans will use any strategy to win the class war! When will Democrats learn that it perfectly fine to talk about the “class war” that is being waged against the Middle Class by these effete snobs of privilege! Republicans will use envy, division, fear and attempt to side track the […]

American Exceptionalism: GOP Playing Patriot While Screwing America

Two Years ago President Obama, in a primary debate, put down the other contestants by saying “their ideas were mere replays of late night discussions in the college dormitories of the 1960’s”. Well I was in those late night dorm discussions and it is to bad Obama wasn’t around then because he would recognize the […]

Can Democrats Get In Touch With Their Inner Plebeian

Remember when Democrats were talking about letting the Bush tax cuts for the rich die out instead of repealing them immediately? Now they have morphed into such wimps that they may keep them for the rich for years or permanently! Then again it was in those same early months of the Obama administration that we […]

Republicans Place Party Before Country

Former President George Bush has revealed in his new book that Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnell wanted Bush to withdraw troops in 2006 in order to help the Republicans win the Congressional Elections! Then they have the audacity in public to say such decisions should be made by the military! These fellow travelers of Halliburton […]

Howard Dean For White House Chief Of Staff

President Obama  needs some better advice. How about Howard Dean as the new White House Chief of Staff? President Obama seems to be doing some White House cleaning. His economic team is changing and none to soon. I could not agree more with the woman who addressed President Obama at a recent town hall meeting. […]

President Spock And The Science Of Losing

Let’s see now how can we Democrats go out of our way to loose! Well first we had Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi gaining the leadership of the Senate and House then pig headily letting the Republicans just roll over them! We could have refused to fund the war in Iraq but Nancy Pelosi would […]

Republicans Use "Slick" Strategy

When will Barrack Obama learn that Americans want POTENCY not intellectualism! The Republicans are actually stealing Democratic issues and making them their own. They are even calling the current BP Oil spill “Obama’s Katrina”! This is absurd yet they may get away with it because President Obama “doesn’t want to point the finger of blame”! […]

Republican’s Definition Of “Freedom” And It’s Danger To the Middle Class

When I hear Republicans talk about “freedom” I need to take a Rolaids because my stomach turns acidic. Tim Palenty used this terminology at a recent meeting of the conservative group CPAC! Actually this is classic Republican rhetoric!  The “Freedom” that they so prize is not freedom for the American Middle Class! In this era […]

IDIOT ALERT: This Wednesday A Black Man Wants To Talk To Your Kids

Oh my God pull the kids from school! It’s worse than the swine flu! It’s the “PINK FLU” and it’s coming to your child’s school this Wednesday when President Barrack Hussein Obama will give a pep talk to our nation’s school children! The Obama school speech will turn little Johny into a raving tofu eating, […]

John McCain The Bleeding Heart For Lawlessness

Today I heard John McCain on CBS’s program “Face The Nation.” To use the bloated language of the right wing, John McCain needs to “learn the lessons of history!” According to John McCain the big shots who draw large salaries for their legal expertise did not commit a crime. Instead they merely gave “bad advice!” […]


I am very happy our navy rescued the “American” Ship Captain who was held hostage by the pirates from Somali. Their ship’s owners did not try to evade their lawful and moral tax contribution to America!  Now here is a question for you! What about the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who tear down the flag of America from their […]

On AIG – Do Not Let The Republicans Steal Populist Rage

I worked for these scum bags at AIG! They made the average white collar employee feel their job was on the line every year. Naturally right before Christmas. Just their way of saying “Merry Christmas”. AIG used a term called “Re-Org” which they did constantly. Employees would loose their jobs and get new ones soon […]

Republicans Using Psychological Warfare

Remember when George Bush wanted to divert funds from Social Security for “Private Investment Accounts?” He wanted to play the young against the old and also try to make even those with little income identify with the richer elements of the investor class by owning stock! Well now they are at it again! They have […]

Debate Review: Talking Points For Obama

Talking Points For Obama I
just finished watching the
Presidential Debate
between John McCain and
Barrack Obama! As an
Obama supporter I wish he
would go more on the
offensive! John McCain
came on as a little nasty
pushy! He seemed to
revert to the old strategy
of “experience”. Obama
was being polite and we
need to see if that comes
across positively with the
public! I feel it will come
across as being a wimp!
<<<< --- Angry man video Let me repeat a maxim that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid simply have not learned and perhaps Barrack Obama has not learned! If you cannot forcefully defend your own political philosophy the American