San Bernardino: More Questions For Both Right And Left

There is a tendency by some to only look at events through their own ideological framework. Well, I am a maverick even though I am a Bernie Sanders Social Democrat. Let me point out some interesting tidbits concerning the massacre at San Bernadino that are not directly related to the crime but to cultural factors. […]

ISIS Militants Attack Obscure Religions Unknown To Most

There are in Iraq two obscure religions that predate Christianity. One of them the “Mandaens” revere John the Baptist as one of their greatest prophets and say that he did not accept Jesus as his savior. Another larger group called the Yazidis are also monotheists but believe in a God head of Seven Archangels that […]

NSA And Obama’s War On Privacy

Adolf Hitler took over Germany because of a an alleged  terrorist attack against the Reichstag. He pushed for a so-called “enabling act” that set the stage for Nazi take over of Germany. He finished the take over with the “night of the long knives” when he declared himself “to be the judge of the German […]

Drones: Right Wing And Left Wing Hysteria

The Obama Administration has now seemingly gone to the right of even George Bush on the issue of drones. Last summer I took a taxi and was forced to listen to the FoxNews watching, right wing taxi driver! This Sarah Palinite went on and on how Barrack Obama was going to use drones to target […]

Yemen: Does Al Qaeda Want Us To Attack?

I know we cannot stand by while terrorists plot attacks against America! But I hope we use our advanced technology, that is as long as our corporations don’t sell it to the enemies of America! Dick Cheney and his fellow travelers in the Republican Party have stopped us from winning the war on terror due […]

Trial In NYC – Threat To America Or Threat To Dick Cheney?

After hearing all the right wing whining that America is to weak to place the 9-11 terrorists on trial in New York City I have to wonder is it perhaps that they fear Dick Cheney might be called as a witness and if he were not to comply it could jeopardize the conviction of these […]

Nidal Hassan: How Both Conservatives And Liberals Failed Our Troops

This Social Democrat Liberal blogger is willing to follow the truth wherever it may lead. I ask my fellow progressives to divest themselves of knee jerk reactions. I urge this as an American first and as a Social Democrat second. I have watched several Liberal commentators lament that Nidal Hassan was sending e-mails to a […]

Why Cheney Is Wrong

Tonight I had the sickening experience of listening to Sean Hannity argue that water boarding is fine and that the President has the right to order it to protect America. His guest made a statement that Sean Hannity vigorously agreed with. The guest said. “There is nothing in the Constitution that prevents the President from […]

Republican Sophistry On Torture And Ethical Relativism

Remember the days of Nixon when the Republicans whined about “Law and Order”! Oh the Republicans whine about a “strict constructionalist” interpretation of the the Constitution! Today on CBS’s show “Face The Nation”, former Vice President made the mistake in saying his oath was to defend the United States. While that is implied in the […]

Guantanamo, Torture, Terrorism And The Jungian Shadow

Guantanamo, Torture,
Terrorism And The Jungian
Shadow Well finally it
seems that some in our
government are not going
to play word games!
Military Judge Susan
Crawford prevented the
prosecution of one terrorist
because he was tortured,
though not in his case with
water boarding. Also the
new incoming Attorney
General, Eric Holder has
stated before Congress
that “Water boarding is
torture indeed”! Hey does
anyone remember the self
righteous Republicans
ranting on Bill Clinton
because he used word
games to not take
responsibility for his having
sex with Monica Lewinsky?
True Bill Clinton was wrong.
But I have noticed
something about
Presidents who screw up.
They either screw around

Barrack Obama Right Again!

Barrack Obama Right
Again! Well it seems U.S.
officials want our troops to
pursue terrorists across
the border into their safe
haven in Pakistan! I find it
amazing that Fox News
gives provides this
information without
crediting Senator Obama
for saying this long ago!
Instead of this wild eyed
neo-con Republican
EXPERIMENT in Iraq that
was supposed to be self
funded by Iraqi Oil
revenue, our nation has
wasted time and lives while
Al Qaeda formulates new
attacks against our
homeland! This reminds me
of the story of the police
who came to the aid of a
motorist on a deserted
road late at night. The
motorist lost his key.

Democrats Letting Republicans Get Away With Iraq

Democrats Letting
Republicans Get Away With
Iraq I was one of those
who were for the Iraqi War
with the “Mission” that our
Congress in deliberation
set as the goal. We won
the war and our President,
who never finished his own
National Guard obligation,
then declared “Mission
Accomplished”! Now our
President who
doesn’t want to
follow the goals that
Congress committed our
troops to accomplish under
“a strict constructionalist”
interpretation of our
Constitution wants to
commit, along with his
fellow traveler John
McCain, to a “One Hundred
Year” War! These wild
eyed Republicans want to
commit our nation to a vast
Social Engineering
Experiment while the sales
of Afghan opium
production SURGE

Pro-Conservative News Media Biases against Obama

Pro-Conservative News
Media Biases against
Obama I am sick and tired
of the whining effete snobs
of the Republican Party
who attack Barrack Obama
for being one of the few
who wants to win the War
on Terror! John McCain
and his fellow travelers in
the Republican Party
attacked Barrack Obama
calling him “inexperienced”
when Obama stated we
cannot allow Al Qaeda to
grow uncontested in their
mountain redoubts on the
border. Barrack Obama
stated that if Pakistan
would not act he would!
Now it seems the Bush
Administration is coming
around to Obama’s
inexperienced ideas! (See
the Video below) Yet the
news media allow McCain
to make stupid charges
against Barrack Obama
that he would

Bush’s Iraq War Is Destroying America’s Military Deterrence

Bush’s Iraq War Is
America’s Military
Deterrence Sure you have
heard it said that we must
stay in Iraq to preserve
our defense of our
homeland. Many realize
that our current military is
being stretched to its limit.
But that is not the only
reason that George Bush
and his fellow traveler John
McCain are destroying our
military deterrence! When
your potential enemy
stares you in the face and
there is a line in the sand
our enemies will evaluate
the cost to themselves of
crossing that line! Many PC
Liberals AND Neo-Con
Republicans don’t
seem to understand this
second way George Bush is
undermining military
deterrence that I am going
to list

Support Our Troops – Bring Them Home

Support Our Troops – Bring
Them Home Why is it that
John McCain does not
support Senator Jim
Webb’s GI Bill? The
answer is that he wants to
hold the carrot in front of
our brave troops so they
will serve more tours of
duty in the Republican
Social Engineering
Experiment in Iraq! If the
troops were to get a GI Bill
after serving their initial
three to four year
enlistments many would
not re-enlist and that is
public knowledge even
admitted by George Bush!
QUESTION: What is similar
to Iraqi Weapons of Mass
Destrucition (WMD) and
why? ANSWER: George
Bush’s completed
service record in the
National Guard. Like Iraqi
WMD neither can be

Conservatives Need To Learn The Lessons Of History

Conservatives Need To
Learn The Lessons Of
History MSNBC’s
Chris Matthews
interviewed a true believer
recently who apparently
mouthed the slogans of the
neo-con right and did not
even know his history.
Barrack Obama who has
said he would not stand by
while Al Qaeda Central in
Pakistan regroups to attack
our Homeland, was called
an appeaser by National
Guard deserter George
Bush who was addressing
the Israeli Knesset! What
George Bush and his fellow
travelers just don’t
seem to understand is that
talking to one’s
enemies is not the same as
appeasing them. Chris
Matthews really drives
home this point with a Neo-
Con who did not realize
exactly “why” Neville
Chamberlin was an

Senator McCain Soft On Terrorists

McCain Soft On Terrorists
John McCain has been
critical of Barrack Obama
saying that Obama lacks
experience. He faulted
Barrack Obama for saying
that he would bomb
Pakistan and “that you
don’t telegraph
your intentions to the
enemy”. Well aside from
the fact that Senator
McCain wants to continue
the Republican wild eyed
social engineering
experiment in Iraq, he
seems to not understand
that Afghanistan is growing
bumper crops of opium that
finance the Taliban and
their fellow travelers Al
Qaeda. What’s
even more troubling is that
Pakistan’s President
has stated he does not
have the resources to fight
Al Qaeda Central which is
located in his country.
Senator Barrack Obama
has stated

Cut And Run Capitalist Mitt Romney

Cut And Run Mitt Romney I
am sure we are all touched
by the great patriotism of
Mitt Romney, first who
wants to send your sons
and daughters to fight in
Iraq while his sons stay
home to fight the wicked
forces of liberalism by
supporting their dad in his
political campaign. Well
that is till now when CUT
Romney dropped out of
the Presidential race
because he did not want to
loose countless millions
more of his own money!
The comedian in the film
clip below really is fantastic
in his treatment of Mitt
Romney God he made that
stupid speech to the
conservatives. You can
sense at how shallow even

Report Finds Homeland Security A Mess

Report Finds Homeland
Security A Mess Well it
appears that while George
Bush and his fellow
travelers continue to
involve our nation in their
“social engineering”
experiment in Iraq, our
national preparation level
has sunk to an all time low!
Well look at the bright side
at least our nation’s
ports are not being
managed by the United
Arab Emirates. Thank God
George Bush was not able
to advance the cause of
upper class “portfolio
security” ahead of “port
security”! Our Army
Reserve and National
Guard are being bled dry in
Iraq years after “Mission
Accomplished” while opium
production is reaching all
time high levels in
Afghanistan and that
nation falls further into Al
Qaeda control

Bhutto: Martyr For Islam Not Because Of Islam

I am deeply saddened by the death of this brave woman. She joins President Sadat of Egypt in dying for peace. She surpasses Sadat in that she also died for democracy! Oh yes we will now be treated to the hate rant of many of my fellow Christians who just don’t want to remember the […]

Water Boarding And American Values

I believe that all valid POW’s should not be tortured and that water boarding is torture! But what about using this technique on terrorists? I believe this is a more involved issue! In regards to terrorists, Alan Dershowitz the famous liberal attorney, has stated that he believes under some conditions it is alright to employ […]

What Gives With Pakistan?

As an older hippie, I no longer have the knee jerk reaction that if a Third World leader imposes martial law he is automatically a dictator! Remember Iran when Jimmy Carter was President? We pushed the ailing Shah from his throne and what did we get in return? We got the nice mullahs of “Shia […]

George Bush A Failure In The War On Terrorism

I am a Liberal Democrat of the NON-PC persuasion. I believe the continuation of the War in Iraq is wrong! I do believe in a vigorous proactive “strike first” strategy against nuclear proliferation and terrorism. This world is loaded with people who are not nice and don’t care what type of Karma they sow! Yes […]

Democratic Candidates Debate: Joe Biden Over Shadows Hillary

I was impressed by Senator Biden tonight during the Democratic Party debate. I believe the solution he has proposed to divide Iraq into three separate provinces inside a federation is the best hope for their country. Senator Biden got 75 votes in the Senate in support of his nonbinding resolution! I was turned off by […]

Return On Idiocy: Bush’s Side Tracking Of The War On Terrorism

Yet again President Bush tries to make the case that the war in Iraq is the same as the war on terrorism! What drives me crazy is some of the guys I work with have a knee jerk reaction in support of this President! The same President Bush who bragged to his college professor that […]