CHINA AND THE INTERNET – "To Catch A Free Thinker"

Well it seems that the government of China is at it again. They are trying to limit the usage of Internet Cafés by Chinese students and also preventing the free flow of ideas.

DEFINITION: In China their idea of an internet café would be a kind of “Mao Bucks”! Ah yes can you see the ads! Mao Bucks where “wholesome proletarian ideas” are exchanged among the youth of China. All this in a wholesome political environment that is free from the fretters of bourgeoisie middle class hang-ups, that alas, the poor author of this blog is victim too.

As a NON PC LIBERAL let me pose some questions here for both republican and democrat ideologues:

    • Why do both republican and democrats jump on the bandwagon that supports the flow of free trade but not the free flow of ideas?
    • Why did Clinton promote the internet for American youth (his VP actually invented the internet:-D) yet Clinton supported the lifting of trade barriers to a nation that violates free speech on the internet.
    • Why do republican$ (and some democrats) place “portfolio $ecurity” above “national security” by not protecting our national boundaries from capital and employment hemorrhages caused by corporations that have chosen a “multinational identify” over their American Identity”?

We are clearly aiding a society that has values at odds with our own. The free flow of capital is aiding their “Military Industrial Complex”. Its time for the great silent majority of America, the Middle Class, to stand up and be counted! The time has come to end this age of rampant permissiveness where corporations renounce their responsibility to the nation and society that gave them birth, succor and sustenance all in the quick pursuit of profit without responsibilty.

The Latté crowd” must also examine it’s uncritical evaluations of communist China. Why should we aid their military industrial complex with the permissive transfer of critical technology. Time to blow the foam off the coffee and wake up to the situation our fellow internet users in China face from a govenment that prohibits free speach. We are engaged in a geo-political-economic struggle between two ways of life. In order for this not to become a military struggle we must not allow China’s military industrial complex to rival our strength. By the way,

  1. Guess who will be “investing” in the American military industrial complex if it should latter become an arms race?
  2. Guess who will no longer be “Multi-National” but “American” if such an arms race where to develop with China?

It’s time for the Silent Majority to stand up. On this Independence Day lets “celebrate” bourgeoisie middle class hang ups by first blowing the foam off the latte into the dictatorship’s face in China! Let us face the inconvenient truth concerning the persecution of our fellow internet caffe user in China. Second lets give a loud “NO” to the free trade philosophy of rampant permissiveness that allows Corporate America to transform itself into a multinational entity free of responsibility to the society and nation that gave it birth and profits! Judas practiced free trade without responsibility! Lets end this age of permissiveness that does not benefit the internet caffe user in China nor the computer programmer in America whose job security is undermined. This age of permissiveness only benefits the portfolios of the rich not the middle class.