China: Mecca For Cut And Run Capitalists

Liberals and Progressives need to attack not only trickle down economics but Trickle Down Identity that the Republicans foster.

For those old enough to remember Vietnam we were told that the whole of western civilization would collapse if we did not continue to sacrifice our troops and our money in an endless war in Vietnam! This was called the “Domino Theory”! If one domino fell then the whole western world would follow!  Vietnam is now united under the communist regime and China is sucking our jobs and technology! Naturally the same folks who made profits from that war now make profits from so called “Free Trade”!

I wonder if these Cut and Run Capitalists feel any sense of guilt as they walk in Vietnam preparing for “free trade deals” that will result in the shipping of American jobs and technology to Vietnam! Only a generation ago they profited from the war in Vietnam and the shipping, not of jobs, but our soldiers to die in Vietnam. At home their fellow travelers in Congress and the Nixon White House declared this carnage to be a patriotic war! If we did not stay in Vietnam, we were told, the vile forces of Communism would follow us home!

We heard the same claim about Iraq! We did not learn the lessons of history!

No the vile forces of communism did not follow us home but the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have instead followed the communists to Vietnam and China in search of profit$! Even at the expense of our nation, the very nation that gave them “birth”, protection and yes profits! Meanwhile their minions and fellow travelers in the Republican Party have produced a legalized era of “licentious permissiveness” (I love to use right wing speak) where by corporations can turn their back on their birth land while their Tea Party fellow travelers side track America with “Birther Conspiracy Theories”!

While this birther side show goes on these “effete snobs of privilege” don’t allow any “dominoes” to get in their way of potential profit from free trade with Vietnam or China!

One solar energy company that received stimulus funds has now joined the hoard of Cut and Run Capitalists and moved to China! Let me explain this using right wing rhetoric!

These corporate elite’s professions of “love” for America are as creditable as the moaning of a cheap French whore turning a $15.00 trick compared to genuine panting of a wife in “love” with her husband in their bedroom! Where is the right wing news media in all of this?

We liberals need to wage psychological warfare and counter this notion that the media is pro-liberal when it is frequently the opposite or too scared to focus on the issues of our society! The news media frequently Is Anti-Liberal! This is being documented by an organization called “Media Matters“!

Why is it that the news media define a recession in terms of Wall Street profits instead of the unemployment index? Whose identity and class interests are falsely being advanced for us to incorporate as our own?


Trickle Down Identity


The danger to America is even greater than simply the loss of American jobs! The Chinese want American corporations to dump their technology into China not just the factories and investments! But then again these investors and corporations are not loyal to America but to their own class interest! Oh dear did you hear what I just said?

Why are we Middle Class Americans to accept an “identity” that trickles down from serving the class interest of the corporate elites?

We see this every day in our country as the forces of the “Corporate Collectivists” wage war against the middle class and “individual freedom”!The issue is not simply trickle down economics but “trickle down identity“!

  1. When the college graduate goes to his/her job interview: Their intelligence is rated by their ability to subject their class interest to the class interest of the corporation! Example: We are to talk about the corporation’s stock report and how impressed we are when we don’t give a shit! How is that in my interest? Maybe they made great profits at the expense of employee compensation! Don’t get me wrong we should be “team players” but the ritual of the college graduate’s job interview is not a measurement of being a team player but in how much we accept “trickle down identity“!
  2. When middle class members foolishly believe in the DELUSION that they are part of the elite because they own stock! The truth is that the effete snobs of privilege, with their billion dollar hedge funds will wipe out their portfolios in their endless casino gambling and/or when the middle class stock owner losses their job due to off shoring or illness! This is the same tactic that the plantation owner used with the small farmer!
  3. Many middle class Americans foolishly go against their own class interest when they fight regulation of Wall Street! Just look at how many who “thought” they knew the stock market got burned by the rip off artists. A stock portfolio is only good if you don’t have to live off it but roll it over! If one loses their job due to outsourcing, off shoring or illness then all their saving will be in vain!
  4. Some believe this is only a blue collar issue! Wrong! Three years ago the Wall Street Journal listed  job categories that are ripe for off shoring. Among the fields are those college grads who majored in programming (they already are hit), accountants, marketing, graphic designers, medical equipment and genetic engineering. They have already started to off shore jobs for research lawyers!
  5. There is no safety in not having an off shored job! As unemployment grows so does job competition. Don’t kid yourself anyone can learn your job! Programmers have learned that! People need a job and will then go into other fields crowding the market for those jobs that are not off shored!


The Meaning Of Trickle Down Identity


Without “Middle Class Consciousness” we are left to internalize the class interest of the corporate class at the expense of the interest of the Silent Majority! Our security is not is what is important but their security! The issue is not that future generations will have to pay the national debt!

The issue is to ensure that your grand children will serve their grand children!

We can end the national debt by restoring the Progressive Income Tax to 91% and having a robust patriotic inheritance tax on millionaires as it was under President Eisenhower! In this great land of “opportunity” we don’t need economic royalists. Let their grand children share in this land of  “equal opportunity” along with with it’s taxes and military service!  The true “heritage” of individual freedom!

Yes there are many in the super rich who are indeed responsible good human beings! Some have even called for higher taxes on themselves! These are the true patriots!  We must bond with them to create not a welfare state but the new “Social Contract State“. But our nation is in danger if corporations give our technology away and frequently to those who could be our enemy! See the video from MSNBC’s “Dylan Ratigan Show” below.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy The video above outlines the damage that is being done to our nation in the interests of the corporate class. When China becomes a threat to us guess who will re-discover their American identity? These very same cut and run corporations will suddenly renounce their multi-nationalism to become “American” again when there are profits to be made in supporting an American military buildup and/or when China expels them!

I prefer for America to have the military edge! But we don’t have to feed the military industrial complex to met this goal if we can stop the parasites in our midst from transferring the wealth and technology of America to our potential enemies while they make a profit and deny our grand children the opportunities they reserve for themselves.

Maybe Michelle Bachmann should look into the patriotism of those CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS rather than liberals who are the true patriots and defenders of the Middle Class – our great Silent Majority.

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