China Tests Laser Against Our Satellites: Some Inconvenient Truths For Both Democrats and Republicans

I am a NON-PC liberal Democrat. I believe we should search for the truth no matter what side of the spectrum it takes us! I first learned that China was testing lasers against our spy and communication satellites from watching the Lou Dobbs Show on CNN. Below are some websites where you can get more background material.

This poses some “Inconvenient Truths” for both sides of the political spectrum:

  • Why is it that we liberals in the USA call taking pot shots at space objects “Star Wars” and pooh pooh it’s military value while China forges ahead?
  • Why do Republicans act like ostrich’s with their heads in their portfolio’s rather than looking up outside of their own selfish class interest (oh did I say a bad word here) to see how this licentious orgy of investment in China could be hurting our nation?
  • Why do both sides look the other way to the blatant intellectual theft that is making it easier on China to spend more for it’s Military R+D since some military and industrial project costs are eased due to intellectual property theft.
  • Hey gang remember the PC idea of some years back to have giant orbiting solar collectors collecting solar energy in space then beaming it in a concentrated beam back to a receiving station on earth. Gee I guess we don’t have to worry about the beam going off a degree or two and scorching a city! I am not against that technology but I just wonder why they could then argue against the S.D.I.

Returning to China again. Their theft of intellectual property does not necessarily mean that all their laser technology was stolen from us. But if China chooses to pursue projects x, y and z and part of x and y have their costs offset by stolen technology then she is able to devote more resources to “z”.

While the tests so far have not been full scale laser firings to destroy satellites nor destroy incoming missiles, it does prove they are on track to develop such weapons. Furthermore even the ability to destroy our communication and spy satellites would hurt our conventional warfare efforts. Also the ability to destroy our spy satellites would aid them if they wanted to launch a preemptive conventional and/or nuclear strike.

Meanwhile the PC liberal crowd keeps drinking its Latte while extolling how we Americans are the cause of all the world’s problems while the Republican$ chuckle with their heads in their stock portfolios enjoying their “Cut and Run” strategy from investing in the nation that gave them sustenance, substance and profits.

In this era of licentious permissiveness when American Corporations cut and run from their American Identity to become “Multinational Corporations” we see the results that they and their fellow travelers are having on the employment situation with America’s middle class! Not to mention how they destroyed the American dream for computer students by importing low paid h1b guest worker programmers from India.

Oh yes when China rises to be a threat to our nation guess who will be leading the fight for building our military industrial complex? They will drop their chop sticks and their overseas corporate offices to reinvest in a new cold war of their own subsidizing. All the while the PC Liberal crowd will be chanting their mantra of “evil wicked guilty America”!

Its time for the Silent Majority – America’s great Middle Class (and those who aspire to be) to rise up and take our country back from these effete snobs of both the right and the left!