Chinese Sea Challenge: What About The Cut And Run Capitalists

China has challenged us at sea! She has harrassed our naval ship, USNS Impeccable! Last year she shot a laser  beam at one of our satellite and temporarily blinded it. I am a Non-PC Liberal. I expected this. Now we have to wonder if the “CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS” who cared more for free trade and making a profit than for the nation that gave them birth, protection and incorporation will try to slime their way out of this one!

Perhaps instead they will now advocate it is time to switch “profit $trategie$ and build up the American military industrial complex after they financed the Chinese base for so many years at the expense of America and our Middle Class! Just like they financed Haliburton which had a subsidiary in Iran and has now moved it’s corporate HQ to Dubai!

If China does not back away from being belligerent then we should CANCEL all foreign debt that we owe to her! Let those investors who wished to be the consorts of America’s enemy loose their stock holdings in Chinesse companies when the Chinese nationalize those holdings!

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