Chris Hayes And Bill O’Reilly: How We Liberals Set Ourselves Up

Warning: Non-politically correct material follows! Free Thinkers should only continue reading. This article may arouse existential anxiety in masochistic purists.

I am sorry but I have to concede, in part that FoxNews’ commentator Bill O’Reilly  does have a point in his recent rant.

To deny this is to lay the progressive agenda open to conservative attacks as was done by Richard Nixon. Americans respect the truth. I offer these observations to advance the progressive agenda. By denying facts we liberals allow the right wingers to usurp the allegiance of the middle class. Furthermore we perpetuate the “jumping over the broom” degradation of marriage that white slave masters imposed on their African American slaves.

The issue today is how African Americans and limousine liberals are unconsciously consenting to and empowering the “jumping over the broom” degradation by 19th century white slave masters.

Thus I applaud Bill O’Reilly in his attack on “limousine liberals”.

“Jumping Over The Broom” – The Slave Master Degradation Of African American Families

Some of my readers may not understand the term “jumping over the broom”. This refers to the 19th century slave master practice of marrying African American slaves without the benefit of a religious ceremony or even a civil magistrate such as a judge.

Slaves were gatthered together in the presence of their master who then took their consents and the male and female slaves then “jumped over a broom” to enter a “slave marriage” that existed as long the master did not sell them.

But today things are worse! In the last 50 years African American births out of marriage have risen to 72%. Such a pattern reinforces economic deprivation for the majority of children born into that situation.

Chris Hayes should look at his own MSNBC Website as it confirms that African Americans have a 72% out of wedlock birthrate.

There can only be one result from such a statistic – poverty!

Let us first consider how the modern middle class arouse after the depression.

How The Middle Class Rose After The Depression

The modern American Middle Class arouse because of two factors:

  1. Government intervention.
  2. Social change.

The American middle class rose from the depths of the great depression because we said “enough” to the growing income inequality. The ‘government” in a democratic society is the political instrument of the people. Through this “instrumentation” our society formed a “new social contract” that said “No” to the sense of “entitlement” by the rich.

We agreed to continue to live with the illusions of the free market mythology but it had to be countered by a strong progressive income tax and progressive policies. I will not elaborate those here but to mention that the middle class did not just come out of no where. It took a new social contract and it’s enforcement by our political institutions.

Social Changes That Helped Produce The Modern Middle Class

The prior push to the cities from the farms continued. With social security there was less need of larger families.

Besides the political changes we had changes in the American family structure.

Family size became smaller. The father went to work in the days of June and Ward Cleaver but then the mother also joined the workforce after the Vietnam era. This resulted in a larger income for a smaller family. The result was upward mobiblty.

What Has Occurred In The African American Family Is The Opposite


Chris Hayes can rant all he wants and bury his head but the fact remains that 72% of Black Children today are born out of wedlock and frequently into larger families. You cannot deny FACTS! Politicfact has verified this.

Are we to be like the Catholic Priests in Galileo’s time who refused to look through his telescope because it aroused their existential anxiety? Well then check the links in this post!

Furthermore when a family has only one parent and is frequently larger there can only be ONE RESULT! – POVERTY! Stop making excuses for this. Furthermore this process has gotten worse AFTER the event of civil rights. Thus any correlation of poverty and race are just that.

A MERE CORRELATION NOT CAUSATION! You cannot project that poverty is all or even mostly the result of racism when you have a 72% rate of birth outside of marriage. You simply cannot have upward mobility in such a situation – PERIOD!

But Chris Hayes says that Blacks have longer sentences for drug usage which is the same for both races.

There are two issues here:

  1. Sometimes right or wrong the system treats some drugs as more dangerous to society.
  2. But the real issue is NOT racism it is POVERTY. It is not white power but GREEN POWER! The almighty dollar changes justice. How can a African American’s family purchase the services of a good lawyer if the family only has a mom? Case in point. Look at the trial of O J Simson. He had the best lawyers money could buy! Some whites will claim reverse discrination. No it was “green power” that got OJ off.

An Experiment

What we need is to compare the statistics of a White family of four with two children and two parents with a Black family of four with two parents. Yes I am sure there is some racism and it will be reflected in such a study. But such a study would have “controlled for extraneous variables”.

I believe the results would show that the differences are becoming less. Do we still have more work to do? – ABSOLUTELY! To accomplish our goals of a just society we must not bury our heads in the sand. We must lay dogmas aside. The future of America is at stake and all of our children whatever their race.

My Conclusions:

  • The facts are the facts. You cannot move up economically when white families reduced their number of children and maintain a higher marriage rate. There IS NO WAY AROUND THIS!
  • Blacks serve longer sentences not because they are black but because they are poor.
  • The issue is poverty and the way out of it is to lower the rate of Black babies born out of wedlock. STOP MAKING EXCUSES.

Every American who takes public transit knows what I am talking about when I say:

  • It might help if some African American youths would pull up their pants instead of having their underwear exposed while riding the bus.
  • They could divert some of their time rehearsing “rap lyrics” and instead create que cards to study. That applies to White kids also. By the way it is very annoying in a crowded bus to listen to to this mindless rant. Instead of being angry make some Que cards!
  • Crime is a function of large bodies of teenage boys (in particular) without a strong male image.  How is opportunity increased by such behavior? Maybe we should use an “Asian approach”. In Singapore they have a way of dealing with that – flogging. I am not saying I support that approach but the time has come for some of these youths to stop their angy gangster singing and take responsibitly for their lives! Sure we can help them. But let’s not close our eyes to what Bill O’Reilly correctly points to as a major source of the problem. That is 72% are born out of wedlock! S

We Liberals have to stop making excuses for this.

Liberals Need To End The Masochism

We need to push for a better life for all our citizens. Both Black, Brown and White. But playing this stupid game of “collective guilt” against being White and (oh my God) middle class is not going to generate sympathy. I am willing to use government resources and tax dollars to help. That includes better schools and after school activities.

However maybe the first step would be to air drop Trojans on our inner cities!

On a mass level you can NEVER achieve financial independence if you are going to have a family out of wedlock. Sure there can be individual exceptions but to place this burden on a child is criminal.

The 19th century white slave masters must be rolling over in their graves with laughter at the voluntary self perpetuation of their imposed degradation of marriage.


Oh my! Did I say things I should not have said?

Excuse me but this is the reason that the NRA stops gun control. People are tired of being prisoners and afraid to walk the street at night because gun control laws will never keep these weapons out of the wrong hands.

Yes you heard me right! This is from a liberal. I salute Bill O’Reilly for having the guts to say what needs to be said.

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