Ed Schultz: “Please President Obama Stop Being A Wimp”

Congressperson Darrell Issa is mounting a crusade of hearings against Obama Care. Both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz correctly attack Issa for doing this. Fine I agree with both Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz. But my point is that where was Barrack Obama when Progressives wanted to push for an in depth Congressional and even DOJ investigations of the Bush Administration concerning the issues of:

  1. How we were dragged into the Iraq War.
  2. Who made money off this war.
  3. How the banksters destroyed the American economy.
  4. How America lost it’s industrial base and our high tech jobs to China?
  5. The never ended stream of organized money into the decision making processes of the United States Government.

Instead what we got was President Obama pledging to “turn the page”!

Well now President Obama are the Republicans and their fellow travelers in the Tea Party going to turn the page for you on the Obama Care website failure? But then again wouldn’t it be nice Mr. President if you had given the job of building an American government website to American programmers?

The issue is not the failure or eventual success of the website. The issue is Obama not using the presidential bully pulpit to push for investigations of GOP and corporate undermining of our democracy.

So President Obama: How Is Your Talk about “Silly Season In Politics” Working Out For You?

What is amazing is that many liberal commentators just cannot get it in them to set the record straight. The issue is not so much the Republicans. We know they would push the corporate agenda even if they did not get corporate funding. Republicans can be as nasty as they want, we expect that. The issue is why didn’t Obama use the prior five years to drag GOP misbehavior of the economy and the war in front of the public? Why didn’t we get treated to a nightly spectacle of the parasitic behavior of corporate America against Main Street?

The problem in America today is that we have a WIMP for President who will not call out the forces of “organized money” for destroying our democracy. Instead he even took corporate money to fund his inauguration ceremony! That is one reason you constantly hear me refer to Obama as playing “make believe liberal” inside the “corporate sandbox” of his donors. That includes most of the Democratic Party members of Congress. The best congress that money can buy!

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I was going to embed the video clips of Ed Schultz from the MSNBC website. (You can view the clip by clicking the preceding link) However they started with ads. Each time the video showed up it had an ad for either the Keystone Pipeline or Walmart! Sorry no way I am putting one of their ads on this site! Furthermore I don’t even get paid for it.

While Obama did not endorse the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling he did nothing to change it. Our nation was already in the hands of the corporate plutocrats before this ruling. What we needed from Obama was:

  1. A crusade for a constitutional amendment to ban corporate money in politics – PERIOD! Just reversing Citizens United would only bring us back to 2008.
  2. Call for a repeal of both the Bush, Reagan and Kennedy tax cuts and bring America back to the golden days of Republican Dwight Eisenhower when we had a 91% Progressive Income Tax.
  3. A President who was not afraid to use the bully pulpit to call for (now what is the term) oh yes! CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!
  4. A war on usury!
  5. Obama to advocate the break up of the big banks.
  6. Raising tariffs and stopping the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS from shipping our jobs, technology and futures to China and betraying America’s national security.


Yes it is nice that after five years the Senate is going to use the nuclear option. But that presumes that the problem all along was just the Republicans while ignoring the corporate take over of the Democratic Party.


But am I not ignoring all the obstacles that the Republicans placed in Obama’s path?


If Obama did not pass one law I would still support him. The problem is he did not use the power of the presidential bully pulpit but instead chose to celebrate the “testosterone free lifestyle” of a corporate shrill.

We had two years with complete control of Congress and 60 votes in the Senate. The problem was Barrack Obama had his head up Joe Lieberman’s ass!

The Democratic Party did not want to follow President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s strategy of combating “organized money“. They instead preferred to play “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their money filled donors while our blue collar and white collar jobs got shipped overseas. Frequently to China who could be our military rival.


The question now is dear reader are we Progressives going to practice Obama trickle down testosterone deficiency syndrome or call out the Democratic Party to be loyal to it’s values”.

I voted Green in 2012. The only reason I did not also change my party affiliation from Democrat to Green is because I want to vote against Hillary Clinton and instead vote for:

Elizabeth Warren For President in 2016!

Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews just cannot face the facts. All we got from Barrack Obama was a pathetic “MEOW”!

Now the question is dear reader: Are we Progressives going to join Obama in his “meow” while corporate money takes over our democracy and Obama follows the Clinton’s by enabling the cut and run capitalists to ship our jobs overseas?

We need Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in 2016!

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