Chris Matthews Should Listen To Elizabeth Warren Instead Of Obama

It is beyond amazing how Chris Matthews criticized Elizabeth Warren concerning TPP in his recent show. Chris Matthews interviewed President Obama only a two weeks before and would not confront Obama’s idiotic support of TPP.  He then lined his tuesday night show with a corporatist “cheerleader squad” from both the GOP and corporate wing of the Democratic Party. (See the segment below)


Here are some quick points on why Obama is wrong and Elizabeth Warren is right. These points refer to the interview Chris Matthews did with Obama two weeks ago. Yet by now you would expect the host of “Hardball” to digest what Obama said.  Instead in the video above made two weeks after his Obama interview he attacks Progressives and Senator Warren. (If you wish to see the Obama interview of two weeks ago you can refer to my prior post for more details and the raw video.)

Here Are The Points Chris Matthews Should Have Focused On Concerning TPP Instead Of Attacking Senator Warren

  1. Obama has said that manufacturing jobs have left the United States for good. Saying “that ship has sailed and is not coming back”. You can see the video on my prior post. Gosh why didn’t Obama say that when he ran in 2008? Is that change we can believe in? Just let those jobs go and do nothing about it?
  2. Obama does have an answer to all the manufacturing jobs that were lost. He wants to substitute is areas where the United States does best. What is that you ask? Well according to Obama that area is the service industry! WTF! Turn America into another giant casino for the rich with derivatives and more junk bonds. Obama never fought for real reforms of Wall Street. This is the future that Obama and his GOP pals have for America!
  3. Obama can push for “fast track” on TPP but not even support “card check” that would have increased unionization. But this extends beyond unions. Our high tech jobs are being shipped overseas and Obama does nothing while Hillary Clinton wants to bring in more H1-b indentured servants from India to destroy what remaining high tech jobs exist in America.
  4. Obama along with Chris Matthews and his guest talk about the need to push into new markets that TPP would open. They suffer from “trickle down identity“! This is the idea that what is best for corporate America is best for all of us! They wrongly believe that when corporate America enters new markets overseas the goods those corporations sell will be made in America! WRONG. Stock holders will benefit but most likely the products that will be sold will be produced in China or other third world nations under the auspices of US corporations! US corporations will sell these overseas produced goods into the newly opened TPP markets.
  5. TPP will protect intellectual property rights!  Great now the one thing holding American corporations back, their fear of losing their R & D dollars will now be reduced.  With intellectual property protected then even more jobs can be off shored and high tech ones at that.
  6. Here is an idea: Instead of protecting intellectual property rights what about MEANINGFUL  EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS?


Once Again Vintage Obama: The Marathon Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Lifestyle

Chris Matthews and his cheerleader squad for TPP then go on and on about not confusing TPP with NAFTA. They argue that TPP has safeguards built into the system. They are merely parroting the corporate parrot Barrack Obama.

But middle class Americans already know that both the Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than corporate shrills. We know that NAFTA and the free trade deals that occurred with China are killing American jobs. So where the hell is our champion of “Change We Can Believe In”? Is Obama pushing for a repeal of trade with China as she builds up her military?

We already know once a deal is made then both political parties are to loaded with corporate funding that they will not fight to help employees only stock holders. So why should we trust TPP?

Obama wails that if we don’t get into the TPP markets then China will!

Yo Mr. President then why keep making China stronger? Slap a tariff on Walmart, Apple, Microsoft and every other company that gets it’s goods made in China. Stop being an “enabler” of China!

Instead Obama wants to let American companies sell to the pacific rim with goods that will be made in China while the Corporate shareholders make a killing!


We need Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in 2016!