Class Warfare Against Obama And The Middle Class

The issue is not just Universal Health Care nor the increasing use of racist language against our President. The issue is the CLASS WARFARE being waged against the Middle Class by the effete snobs of privilege who want to keep Americans dependant upon them. Yes they do “use” racists but the issue of the rhetoric against President Obama is far more than racism. The issue is the blatant funding by corporations who want to undermine “Individual Freedom” and instead make us subservient to the Corporate Collectives! Without health care as you grow older your “Individualism” is made subservient to the Corporate Collectivists! Just look at how they are financing not only Republicans but blue dog Democrats! Now they want to undermine campaign financing laws. The video below is funny but the message is true!

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Corporations are now to be viewed as “persons” with citizenship rights. Well I did not see any of these so called “persons” in the 1960’s reporting to my draft board! Though I did see them report for profits in the war then latter CUT AND RUN with blue collar and white collar jobs to the foreign lands. These “corporation persons” have the loyalty to America of a whore! Yet in this era of “licentious permissiveness”, to use the Nixon era right wing lingo they so proudly whined, where is the sense of “responsibility” to the nation that gave them birth, growth and yes profits?

Yet today the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party and their fellow travellers, the blue dog Democrats, seem to believe that Middle Class Americans should pay for the political agendas of our social betters! Where does the money come from when insurance companies finance their K-Street operations and give contributions to disrupt Town Hall meetings and our democratic processes? They get this money from Middle Class Americans in the form of higher insurance premiums and/or reduced benefits!

Supreme Court Justice Sotomoyer challenged that view as one of her first acts in the Supreme Court. Where are the Tea Party advocates when the Corporations impose on us “Taxation Without Representation”! Make no mistake about it. This is CLASS WARFARE being waged by these effete snobs of privilege against the Middle Class. We need to be like Western Europe that not only has Universal Health Care but follow the Germans with eleven week paid vacations every year! Or Sweden with sixteen week paid leaves for parents after the birth of each child. Oh dear me then we may not be as “productive” to the needs of our social betters! Why must Middle Class Americans subvert their “Individualism” to the “Corporate Collectivists”? Why don’t more Democrats get some testosterone!

As I have said countless times before in this website. I am not against millionaires or billionaires! Hell I want to be one also! Nor am I saying that all wealthy people are greedy! The issue is balance! That is why we need election reform, universal health care and a fair progressive income tax. The time has come for the Silent Majority, America’s great Middle Class, to stand up and take our nation back from these effete snobs of privilege!


  1. I totally agree! What this nation needs is balance. The middle class is rapidly disappearing because there is a lack of balance and the burden is on middle America. We should all pay taxes in proportion to our income. But thanks to the Bush tax-cuts that’s not the case. The wealthiest in this country are making out like bandits!

  2. Thanks Chelsea. What I love is the way they refer to themselves as “the producers”. I wish the conservatives said that during the last election. Instead they made Obama to be an “elitist”.


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