Clinton Shrill Chris Matthews Does Not Understand Bernie Sanders

Recently Hillary Clinton shrill Chris Matthews tried to nail Bernie Sanders. Chris Matthews asked Senator Sanders how he could bring about change if Obama could not.

First it should be pointed out it is presumed that Obama is for “change we can believe in“. As a Progressive, I find that a fallacious assumption! Why? Consider that President Obama has pushed for  FAST TRACK for TPP yet never went to Wisconsin to back the unions when they needed him and did nothing when he had both Houses of Congress to support “CARD CHECK”.

With the exception of pushing for Elizabeth Warren he has backed Wall Street appointments. No this is not “change we can believe in”. Nor is turning the page on the fiscal 2008 meltdown the reason I voted for him in 2008. (I voted Green in 2012).

Barrack Obama: Playing “Make Believe Liberal” In The Corporate Sandbox Of The Patrician Class

Obama has backed H1-b which allows corporations to import foreign high tech workers to undermine the very college students that helped put him in office. Those high tech jobs that are not off shored are then undermined by out sourcing to slave labor paying companies that destroy the careers of American college students and mistreat foreign workers. – All this while Obama preaches the value of a college degree for the blue collar manufacturing workers who lost their jobs to free trade.

Obama Is Clueless Concerning The Rage Of Both Blue And White Collar Workers

As blue collar jobs disappear to offshore locations, Obama preaches the value of a high-tech education! WTF. AGAIN let me stress it is not just blue collar jobs that are being offshored but white collar high tech jobs are being offshored as well. Let me REPEAT AGAIN those few high tech jobs that remain are being undermined by the H1-B Visa program that Hillary Clinton supports. American programmes are being forced to train their replacements!

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton likes H1-b so she can get big money from Silicon Valley.

Then Hillary Clinton talks about helping college students! What a hypocrite!

America is turning into the “Shinning Casino On A Hill” where comforting the comfortable of the 1% as they play their endless games of speculation with our lives has become the norm.

We live in an era of licsencious permissiveness where CUT AND RUN CAPTIALTISTS ship our jobs, technolgy and wealth to China! Then they park their booty in tax havens in the Caymon Islands while the BLEEDING HEARTS in Congress try to allow them to escape “responsibity” to the nation that gave them birth, incorporation and profits! These bleeding hearts want to allow them to bring back their booty with little or no taxes! All this while Barrack Obama hints at a “Grand Bargain” that would cut Social Security. Oh yes this is “change we can believe in“!

America Needs LAW AND ORDER To End The Era Of CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS Escaping To The Cayman Islands

 We need Democrats to become the Tea Party of the Left and instead all we have is Barrack Obama taling about this being “silly season‘ and whining a testostoerone free  “MEOW“! Is it any wonder why Donald Trump is filling a niche that Democrats have abandoned?

But Hillary Clinton shrill Chris Matthews does not seem to understand that.

Chris Matthews Does Not Understand The Role Of An American President As “Definer In Chief”

An American President is more than “Commander in Chief”. He or she defines the issues or question that face the nation. The President may not always get his “answers” to the questions accepted but he does establish the issues.

Barrack Obama has been a TOTAL FAILURE at this.


  1. How to humanely implement austerity to balance the budget but rather how fast can America rescind the Bush and Reagan Tax Cuts plus the Kennedy Tax Cuts? Should we raise the progressive tax on the rich to 70% or back to the “good ole days” of Dwight Eisenhower when it was 91%?
  2. How to best pacify our social betters with more tax cuts and austerity so they don’t ship more jobs overseas but rather how high should we raise the tariff?  Maybe Obama should listen to Trump on this.
  3. How to best coddle the investors at Goldman Sachs, who invested in Obama and Hillary Clinton but rather how to best to break up the banks and restore the firewall between savings institutions and Wall Street.
  4. How to best lure the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS back from their pirate treasure cove on the Cayman Islands where they buried their money in tax havens, to instead how much we should jail and confiscate their booty. Obama said “let’s turn the page”. What a WIMP!

I can go on and on, but you see my point.

The key issue Hillary Clinton shrill Chris Matthews does not realize is this:

The President of the United States gets to use the BULLY PULPIT to push for an agenda. That is assuming he does not consider this to be SILLY SEASON and has, at least, one gonad of TESTOSTERONE! Obama gave us a GOP Congress as the young stayed home as they became disillusioned with him. The President must use the BULLY PULPIT DAY AND NIGHT to counter the power of the Corporate News Media that lulls Progressives to sleep. Instead Obama pushes for fast tracking TPP! 

In an era of Super-PACs and corporate dark money, the people see the President as the ancient Roman equivalent of a  “Tribune”! The VOICE of the down trodden in a media controled society that wants to comfort the comfortable of the 1%.

In the video above Hillary Clinton backer, Chris Matthews continues to question Bernie Sanders on how he would get a Republican Congress to enact legislation when Obama could not.

I wonder how Hillary Clinton would do it? Appeal to the GOP and say: “Come on guys we both serve the same corporate taskmasters!”

The problem for Bernie Sanders is that he does not want to alienate Obama-Bots who still actually believe Obama is a Progressive.

Obama ran a seven marathon celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle that has resulted in first the loss of the House and then the Senate. Obama thought the rise of the Tea Party and Republican Birtherism was just “SILLY SEASON”. What a pathetic wimp!

Barrack Obama’s Marathon Celebration Of The Testosterone Free Life-Style Gave Us Donald Trump

Make no mistake about it Donald Trump will have no problem using the Presidental Bully Pulpit to advance his agenda. Trump is right when he calls for a Tariff of 35%.

Why doesn’t Hillary Clinton stand up for American workers?

She only got the e-mail on TPP a few weeks ago, while Obama is pushing for TPP. As Republicans obstruct him this pathetic wimp still has his head in the sand thinking this is “Silly Season“!

The very concept of a Tariff is beyond Obama

I swear if Bernie Sanders loses to Hillary Clinton I may vote for Donald Trump!

No I don’t want anyone to get deported but I find that unlikely as both Democrats and Republicans have a stake in making sure that does not happen. But conditional with an amnesty I find no problem with Trump building a real wall.

The time has come for Bernie Sanders to separate himself from Barrack Obama even if it means the lost of many Black voters and Obama-Bots.