Conservative News Media Biases Update

In this era where Conservatives whine and wail at every possible slight by the national news media no one is asking:

Why is there an almost complete blackout on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination? Oh these crock’s of the right wing who love to play “professional victim”, ranting and moaning that the news media is not covering their pet news items because of some sinister Liberal conspiracy to block the news! Yet the news media is bypassing remembrance of this great Presient.

Back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s when I was a Psychology major, Eric Berne was promoting his pop psychology called “Transactional Analysis”. Some of you might remember the book, “Games People Play”. Two games that comes to mind in regards to the conservatives are:

  • “Injustice Collector” and
  • “Now I Got You, You Son of a Bitch” (NIGYYSOB).

Please understand I don’t really believe the news media is trying to screw Democrats or Liberals. But if we were to use the same criteria that Conservative Republicans use then the news media is slanted against Liberal Democrats! But then again maybe the news media is pro-conservative!

Just look at the last Democratic Presidential Primary and the way they “Pontificated” on Howard Dean. They made such a big thing about Howard Dean because he got emotional and screamed enthusiastically with his supporters. The news media made Howard Dean out to be unstable. Hey it’s not like Howard Dean was a National Guard Air force pilot who was on crack and/or alcohol and then went absent from his required military duty for 18 months! Now that would be scary if such a person went on to be President of the United States!

Ooops wait oh no it’s not a nightmare it’s real! Hey I would have preferred Howard Dean four years ago for President. I prefer his ethusiam as opposed to Fred Thomson who is D.O.A. Check the You Tube Video out for yourself and see if the national news media did not destroy Howard Dean’s creditability. Ask yourself what was so wrong about his perforamance? I don’t just mean Fox but all the news media. Really what was so awful about Howard Dean’s performance? Yet NBC, CBS and ABC ran this like Dean was flying on crack! See for yourself!

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What is insane is that this war has gone on when it should have ended! The time has come for the Middle Class to take our nation back from these effete snobs of the corporate rich!