Corporate Contributions Underlying Health Care Issue

President Obama better learn this is not simply the “silly season” in politics but the “corporate funded season” to undermine him as President! Furthermore this is an act of class warfare against the Silent Majority who came out to vote for Obama and have real change! Why are the idiots who get bused to Anti-Health Care demonstrations and to Town Hall Meetings be funded by corporate elitists dipping their hands into my pocket? When corporations give funding to organize these so called Tea Parties and Town Hall Meeting riots they are taxing Middle Class Americans as these corporate funds have to come from somewhere. They cause either higher prices and or lower services delivered by health insurance companies!

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In the video above Rachel Madow gets into the issue of corporations funding these idiot protests. Every American has the right to protest. I will not deny even a conservative the right to scream. But when they are bused at my expense, I do not want to hear their nonsense about “taxation without representation”! It is bad enough that the super rich have deeper pockets then Middle Class Americans to fund their agendas. But they want instead to reach into my pocket to fund their agenda!

Let me use the analogy of a whore! She will whine, moan and twist with phony paid delight unlike a wife or girl friend. Well that is the conservative’s connection to their ideals. If I make a contribution to a political cause it hurts. If the company they invest in shows even the slightest drop in profits they will call their broker and break their link with that company. Unlike a mom and pop owned small business these super rich will CUT AND RUN! Middle Class Americans cannot switch their connection to a health insurance company with the commitment of a whore! We are stuck. But then again they can cut us off at their leisure! We need a public option! What happens if you loose your job?

As I have outlined before in prior posts, Americans respect “potency” and “action figures”, as these messengers are more important than the “message”. Our President has been verbally assaulted on the floor of Congress by these thugs who want to turn the hallowed halls of Congress into another clown show like they have done with town hall meetings. The time has come for either President Obama to lash out or at least commission Vice President Biden to lash out with class warfare lingo that will appeal to the “rational greed” of Middle Class Americans! Yes you heard me correctly! I am not worried by generating bad karma! Under Bush and Reagan the Republicans have waged class warfare against Middle Class Americans! I am just using the lingo of Ayn Rand, the icon of the right wing, when I speak about “rational greed”. The time has come stop allowing the message and image of liberalism to be emasculated and castrated by the right wing news media pundits.

If you are Middle Class and have “self respect” the time has come when we have to question the licentious compensation paid to Corporate Executives. They are paid more than the President of the United States! Yet what responsibility do they have! These effete snobs of privilege have the heavy chore of “which nation” to off shore America’s blue collar and yes WHITE COLLAR JOBS! This is not just a blue collar issue! It is not a “worker issue” but an “employee issue”. We Democrats need to assist white collar employees to unionize! Ask any computer programer about how technical jobs have been outsourced and off shored! Every college graduate will face the same problem in the next decade! No we don’t want to get involved in setting salaries, nor do we want to stop people from becoming millionaires!

But there needs to be a balance. No one earns millions per year from their contribution to society! Well if someone came up with a cure for a disease that is an exception. A rational progressive income tax and inheritance tax is a must in a free and democratic society!

As a progressive liberal Democrat or better a “Euro-style Social Democrat” I want my party to win and achieve the goals we elected Barrack Obama to achieve. Today I heard a short clip by our President! Basically he said that he still believes in rational debate and that he wants the news media to make rational debate more entertaining then the shout outs of town halls.

President Obama better heed the lessons of history! On the rear of a one dollar bill we see the reverse image of the Great Seal of the United States. In that seal the eagle holds both the olive branch and arrows. The time has come to start using the arrows or be made a laughing stock by the right wing who have no respect for rational debate! This is even a national security issue because if the President does not show some testosterone then the enemies of America could see him as weak!