Corporate Person Fox News Makes Ron Paul A Non-Person

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I have decided to REVERSE my position here on Ron Paul. Thus I have rewritten this post!   Originally I wrote a supportive post concerning him that was touched off by the video clip below from the Jon Stewart Show. It seems Ron Paul is being the subject of discrimination by not only the regular news media but FOX NEWS as well.

Basically Jon Stewart did a funny video clip showing how Ron Paul is being ignored by not only CNN but Fox News. (See video below)


Ron Paul Gets What He Deserves

As I write this hurricane Irene is raising havoc on the east coast of the United States and Ron Paul feels that the Federal Government should not assist the victims. I say go to HELL Ron Paul. When 400 individuals in this nation have more wealth than the bottom 150 million there is something wrong in this country. We have to stop believing the lie that the rich deserve their wealth.

Middle Class Americans have to have a sense of belief in themselves! Why should someone earn more in one day than you earn in a year? What could they possibly be doing to earn such amounts of wealth! We need to believe in ourselves and stop idolizing the rich! Sure some should earn 3 or four times the average income. But 400 having more income than 150 million combined? Give me a break.

Poor babies are those nasty liberals going to bring down the wealth of the top 400 to match not 150 million but a mere 15 million? Oh how can we liberals do such a thing to our social betters! They work so much harder than you and me!

Ron Paul makes the corporation supreme. Well the news media are corporations and if he is being ignored by them – TOUGH!

Ron Paul even wants to eliminate the minimum wage! see video below.

You see my friends as a liberal I want to be fair handed. So when I saw the Jon Stewart video above I felt that even though I did not support Ron Paul, fairness means we should support him getting a fair shake from the corporate person called “FOX NEWS”. But after reflection I say:



Howard Dean Also A Victim Of The News Media

Remember how the news media killed Howard Dean’s candidacy because he let out a war cry? I heard Rick Santorum do the same but they never criticized him for being enthusiastic. So I suggest Jon Stewart should not worry about Ron Paul and his corporate fellow travelers! Let’s tax them to oblivion!

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