Corporations Tax Sports Fans

Have you contributed to support the political agenda of your social betters today? Why not just go to a football game? Rachel Maddow quoting has revealed that many football teams are contributing to Republican Politicians. No let’s be clear I have no objection to the CEO’s and executives of the various football teams taking money out of their deep pockets to support their politicians and political philosophy! But I object that they are sticking their hands into my pocket to pay for their agenda when Middle Class Americans go to a football game!

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However it goes beyond what Rachel Maddow mentions here. The teams are being financed not simply by those who go to the stadiums! The teams have other revenue sources that come back to my pocket! What about the paid ads and subscription fees that TV Channel and Radio pay to cover these games? Where does that money come from? This is a giant web of “TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION”! Care for a cup of tea? Where the hell are these self righteous Tea Party advocates! Remember the maxims on “ruggard individualism by conservatives such as Ayn Rand, Barry Goldwater and William F Buckley. Their formula goes like this:

“As the power of the government rises the freedom of the individual decreases”! Not so fast! This isn’t 1790! When the power of the elected government decreases a vacuum occurs and the BULLY takes the field. That bully is the new incarnation of “Collectivism”. Not Soviet style Collectivism but “CORPORATE COLLECTIVISM”!

It is bad enough that CEO’s and corporate executives have deeper pockets than their middle class white collar professional and blue collar employees, but now they want to dip their hands into the meager pockets of Middle Class Employees! Note this is not just a blue collar issue. My dad was a white collar professional accountant and he suffered from age discrimination. Just look at the plight of white collar computer and tech professionals today. Jobs are being off shored and h1-b workers are being pulled in to undercut those who thought they could get ahead by taking difficult computer courses and degrees! Seems that the self righteous free market laizze-faire capitalists have no problem with government intervention to allow off shoring of blue collar and white collar jobs nor to changing laws to effect the job market for computer programmers! Yes this from the “Atlas Shrugged” crowd!

When will the Middle Class say enough to these effete snobs of privilege? Again I am NOT against people becoming millionaires as I hope to be on some day. The issue is balance! Some enlightened rich people are even vanguards in the progressive movement! I do not wish to take their lifestyle away. I only wish to free our political processes and restore the maxims of what it means to leave in a democratic society not an aristocracy!

Republican and blue dog Democrat Maxim: One dollar = one vote!

Democrat Maxim: One person = one vote!

The Progressive Income Tax: Just reality’s way of saying hello!

Which type of society are we going to live in? Must “Individualism” be subjected to the whims of the “Corporate Collectivism”? We need the Public Option now!


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