Cut And Run Capitalist$ Profit From Hurting Our Troops

Through out this website I use the terms “cut and run capitalists” and “cut and run corporations” to refer to those in the 1% who place loyalty to their profits over loyalty to America.

I love to employ right wing rhetoric in the service of making my left wing points!

None the less make no mistake about it my fellow Americans we live in an era of licentious permissiveness where corporations and the people who make money from them, will ship our jobs, wealth, technology and security to China even if it means the destruction of our homeland. They have even done this in regards to Iran as I will demonstrate in this post. All the while their enablers both Republican and corporate Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama numb us to sleep with the “trickle down identity meme”!

“The freedom of the corporation is my freedom”. This is the slogan that the bleeding hearts for corporate America have led us to believe.


Republicans are going all out in rewriting history. They are trying to say Democrats are responsible for the rise of a nuclear Iran and that we enabled ISIS by leaving Iraq. Republicans are also trying to blame Democrats and Progressives for the deaths and dismemberment of American soldiers. See the video below.

In the video above the wounded warrior states that those who enabled Iran will be held responsible. I agree but I feel he should read this post and learn about the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who made big money helping Iran. Especially with the mines that wounded him.


In order to prove to conservatives that they have been betrayed by the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who have no loyalty to America only their own profits, many of the links that will be provided in this post come from conservative sources. FoxNews and The NYPOST among others are cited.

I hope this article will serve to persuade well meaning Conservatives that they have been duked and will also serve as a resource to my fellow Progressives with links illustrating the betrayal to America by the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS.

I am not an expert on the proposed Iranian deal. But I do know that the Republicans created a vast right wing SOCIAL ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT that over threw the one nation that stood up to Iran. This one nation that stood up to Iran fought a bloody seven year war against Iran.

What was that nation you ask?

It was Iraq under Sunni controlled Saddam Hussein. The first President Bush realized it would be wrong to knock out Saddam when Iraq overstepped into Kuwait. Thus in the first Iraq War we simply restored Kuwait but kept Saddam Hussein in Iraq since he kept the mideast safe from Iran. Saddam Hussein would not allow Iran to go nuclear.

So we had a buffer to keep Iran in check with Saddam Hussein. No he wasn’t a nice guy but then we looked the other way when the genocide took place in Darfur.

President Clinton left office with a budget surplus.

Then came the neo-cons under the President Bush Jr.  North Korea was starving it’s own people to pay for nuclear research and Iran was also looking to build a nuclear bomb. But the second President Bush decided to let the nuke research go on in North Korea and Iran because we had more important things to do.

What was more important than keeping a buffer between us and Iran you ask?

  1. Wasting the budget surplus left by President Clinton by shooting ourselves in the foot. They did this by waging the second Iraq War and  destroying the one buffer between the middle east and the Ayatollahs of Shiite Iran which was  Iraq under Saddam Hussein.
  2. Next they created a vast right wing social engineering experiment and rebuilt Iraq under Shiite control. With an ever costly occupation to protect a Shiite government that loves their fellow Shiites in Iran and hates us. We could have placed a Sunni general in charge, made some platitudes to democracy and left. But no instead we put the Shiites in charge who hate us and love Iran.
  3. Naturally when you run a costly war followed by an even more costly occupation what is the sensible thing to do? Why naturally to cut America’s income stream by giving tax cuts to the rich!
  4. But the reckless Neo-Cons and Republicans gave us something else besides wrecking our economy and preaching “trickle down economics”. They left a power vacuum in Iraq by knocking out Saddam Hussein!  – THIS LEAD TO THE CREATION OF ISIS!

Thank you Republicans and Conservatives for a job well done.

Wiping out a buffer state AND getting us into debt when we had a budget surplus! All this while our soldiers died and we looked the other way as Iran and North Korea built their nuke program!

The Dumbing Down Of America

Meanwhile many in our population are informationally overwhelmed and confused by:

  • Two nations with two similiar names: “Iran and Iraq.” Both start with the letter “I”. But what the hell they are both “Islamic states” that start with an “I”!
  • Two subdivisions of Islam that start with the letter “S”:  Sunni and Shiite.

Americans have a simple answer to the above dilemma!

Don’t confuse me I have no time for this In-tie-lectual stuff!  Got to go!  I have to go now to Walmart for everyday low prices!

By the way:

  • Where have all our jobs gone?
  • Why do we have to work past 65 to get social security?
  • What ever happened to pensions?
  • No matter let’s stand up for corporate freedom and stop regulations! The “freedom” of my social betters to destroy my middle class lifestyle  = my freedom!

Republicans Need To Learn The Lessons Of History

The problem with America today is we have not learned the lessons of history! The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS are undermining America for their profit. I hope you viewed the short video above where the right wingers blame the left as they are trying to rewrite history.

Now for the facts!

If you believe corporations are “people” then these “people” are unpatriotic!

Former Vice President Dick Cheney as CEO of Haliburton opposed sanctions on Iran. Look at the quote below from an interview he gave as published in as it shows the twisted logic and arrogant sense of entitlement these cut and run capitalists have in regard to loyalty to America!

“Q: You opposed unilateral sanctions on Iran when you were CEO of Halliburton.



That’s a whole set of considerations that a CEO doesn’t have to worry about, that a private company doesn’t have to worry about. But the President of the United States does.”

The above proves why corporations will undermine the security of this nation if left to their own devices! The above interview proves why we need to regulate these “corporate persons” for the defense of our nation and way of life.

The above statements were by former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Just think of the damage to our national security these cut and run corporations are doing to use in China? Besides taking our jobs, industrial base and technological base to China, they seem to believe they have an entitlement! These moochers have no sense of loyalty to America! Then they want us to build up our military even more after they create a monster!

Forget about Christian fundamentalists talking about the end of the world or Mayan doomsday predictions. The end will come because of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALIST undermining our nation first with Iran and now with China.

Karl Marx said capitalism will fall from it’s own inner inconsistencies. We are seeing that today with the buildup of China at our expense. When a corporate enabled China becomes a threat to us It will be worse then Perl Harbor! Why? Because in 1941 we had our industrial base. The CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have sold it off with both the Republicans and Democrats blessings! Read on as I will provide you links to their betray of America for their own profit.

Conservatives Are Trying To Rewrite History To Their Liking

These cut and run corporations did business with Iran for money while we were in Iraq. They did it via subsidiaries. Below they are called before Congress to account for  turning their back on the American flag.

Yet despite all of this the bleeding hearts in the Republican Party still talk about “freedom” from regulations! The freedom to betray American’s goals. Consider the links below:


So Where The Hell Are The Democrats?

President Barrack Obama has an answer?

Why it is TPP – NAFTA on steroids! Both Obama and Hillary Clinton continue to play make believe liberal inside the “corporate sandbox” of the donor class. Hillary Clinton recently spoke about helping college students with tuition. Great Hillary then how about when they graduate? Hillary Clinton has been a staunch backer of the H1-B Visa program to assist corporate out sourcing for the few high tech jobs that have not been off shored.

While the right wing continues to suck the blood of the middle class you would expect the Democrats would be pointing out the facts I have presented above in a spirit of HIGH ENERGY! – Hell no! They are owned by their corporate donors.

You would think that in this era when super-pacs are going to overwhelm the political landscape that our dear President, the champion of “change we can believe in” would use his office to capture the news media in a relentless attack on the corporate moochers and their never ending sense of entitlement?

President Obama Leads The Charge Of The Castrati Brigade Against Moocher  Corporations

Our dear champion of “change we can believe in” has risen to the occasion. He has mounted an over six year marathon in the celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle in fighting the 1%.

The right wing is wrong about Obama.

No Barrack Obama is not a Muslim secular humanist commie fascist who hates white people and therefore wants to impose “Euro-Socialism” on America!

Barrack Obama is a pathetic mealy mouthed little corporatist WIMP with no energy to stand up to the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS. In an interview with Chris Matthews he even stated that American manufacturing jobs are not coming back! – WIMP! Is this “change we can believe in”? Maybe for Goldman Sachs but not the silent majority!