Because the corporate news media and their fellow travellers in the Republican Party have a fixation on ISIS we are being bombarded about the need for giving up more of our personal freedom and privacy to advance national security.  Strange isn’t it that in Darfur over 200,000 innocent people died yet we have a few beheadings by ISIS and the right wing is already to start a new war. As bad as both of the above are they are not direct threats to the United States. Yet no one seem to care that China is becoming ever more a military threat to America. Our government just had it’s computers hacked by China while computer grads in America see their jobs off shored.

But that’s ok America’s college grads like blue collar workers need to know how to best serve the interest of our social betters!

The interest of the 1% comes before:

  1. American national security and
  2. the economic security of blue collar manufacturing workers and
  3. white collar tech workers.

Thank God we have Barrack Obama who can now lead us into a “grand compromise” so that our seniors can also join in the wealth transfer to our social betters.

Who needs social security, medicare and pensions in this golden land of opportunity and self sufficiency? Gosh if it is such a land of opportunity then why do the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS invest in China?


Bleeding Hearts For The 1% And Their Never Ending Sense Of Entitlement

We as a nation confuse the welfare of the Cut and Run Capitalists with the welfare and national security of the United States.  This  is a classic example of what I term “trickle down identity“.

China is a growing risk to America. The answer is not an American buildup but to stop the enablement of China and the bleeding of America! To use right wing jargon, we live in an era of licentious permissiveness because the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS believe they have an never ending sense of “entitlement” to off shore our jobs, wealth and technology to further their gain. They do this while they and  their fellow travelers in Beijing sing their new anthem: “THE GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALE”! America is bleeding due to the beheading of our technology by the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS! 

We are being side tracked with ISIS when our focus should be on the Cut and Run Capitalists with their enablement of China! No one seems to care as our trade deficit grows ever staggering and our industrial base is off shored to our potential enemy. A military build up is no good when our nation is bleeding it’s wealth, jobs and technology to China. As a nation our decision making processes are numbed by corporate money to both political parties. This is exactly what a parasite does to it’s host – numb the host to respond to the draining of it’s life energy.

The Parasite Infects The Decision Making Processes Of Our Society

The decision making process of our society, our political institutions have been altered from “one person – one vote” to “one dollar – one vote”.  All this while the 1%, these effete snobs of privilege, ever assert their never ending sense of entitlement for their profits over our national security.

Our citizens are witnessing the erosion of their individual economic freedom and a growing bondage to the corporate collectivists as our jobs are off shored.

The situation is worse then Perl Harbor. We had our industrial base at home.  But our industrial base is being shipped off shore! This is  because as a nation we valued the “freedom” of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS above the “freedom” of the average American and our own national security!

As I pointed out in a prior article, Barrack Obama when recently interviewed by Chris Matthews said the ship of our industrial base has sailed and is not coming back! Obama’s pathetic answer is that our nation should concentrate on what we do best.

What is that you ask?

President Obama wants America to be a service industry nation. Republicans agree with him!

Great more derivatives and casino gambling at Wall Street,  creating more junk bonds and exotic investment vehicles that shaft our economy.

As Obama preaches the bromide of industrial workers leaning computer skills American computer programming jobs are knowingly being off shored because:

  1. We Americans need to learn to serve our social betters and
  2. accept salary cuts,
  3. loss of pensions and
  4. loss of opportunity and social mobility.

Republicans And Corporate Democrats Face A Crisis Of Values: Individual Freedom Vs. Corporate Collectivism


While Republicans look the other way and get distracted with hatred of racial minorities and gays, Democrats look the other way by protecting corporate shrills like Obama and the Clintons who betrayed the base that elected them.

Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Republicans have a distorted sense of values:

They value the mobility of capital and investor opportunity over the social mobility and opportunity of the American middle class. We are creating a nation of necessitous citizens. As President Franklin D Roosevelt and Benjamin Franklin said: “a necessitous person is not a free person!”

Soon we will all be working as permanent temps without pensions or benefits. We will work ever increasing hours with less pay and no retirement in site. All to the service of our social betters with their never ending sense of entitlement.

Pensions are disappearing as we have to work longer to get social security while Obama talks about a grand compromise!

This is the America that both the GOP, Obama and Hillary Clinton envision for America!

Are we to value the “freedom of movement” for the CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS over the economic freedom of America’s young to aspire to a high tech career while blue collar jobs are already gone?

The concept of canceling prior trade agreements and raising tariffs is not a part of the vocabulary for Republicans or their fellow travellers in the Democratic Party like Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

But then dear reader what would you expect of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton?

Both of these so called “democrats” should have been barnstorming the nation appealing for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state! But their campaign coffers are to stuffed with corporate money!

By not vigorously pushing for a constitutional amendment that separates corporation and state they have revealed what they truly value:

An America where politicians need a license from the corporatist class to run and win elections.


National Security And Patriotism Vs The “Globalization Internationale” Singing CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS

There is a bill to pay for this and America is going to pay it! (see video below on China building phony islands)


China is becoming a threat to America! They are creating phony islands that are not recognized by international law to gain control of waterways and natural resources from weak third world nations.

And why not? Why should we be surprised?

We looked the other way for decades as North Korea became a nuclear power and Iran pushed ahead with it’s nuclear program. We looked away because we had more important agenda! Instead we engaged in the vast GOP Social Engineering Experiment in Iraq. You remember folks Iraq? The only nation that stood up to the Ayatollahs of Iran and fought a seven year war with them.

Now we act surprised when Iran is building nukes and we knocked out the only regime that could counter them – Saddam Hussein’s Sunni based Iraq. China and North Korea took note and realize America is becoming a paper tiger.

We are becoming weak because we value as a society the “freedom of capital” over “national security“.

We as a nation are succumbing to the practice what I term “trickle down identity“:

“The freedom of the cut and run capitalists is our freedom!” – Bull and now we as a nation are going to pay the price for believing this corporatist krap and pay it big time!

National Security And Individual Freedom Are Not Market Decisions!

The security of the United States and her citizens is not a decision that should be made at the market place but in the halls of a government! A government that is based on “one citizen – one vote!” Not “one dollar – one vote!” The subjugation of economic  individual freedom to the collective of the corporation must be defended against by the power of society via an uncorrupted political decision making processes! What is that process? It is not the market place is  our “elected government”!

National security is a political decision by a free society. In order for our society to make such decisions it’s “mind” or political institutions must be free from the barons of organized money! Almost all of the Republican Party wish to make this a nation of “one dollar – one vote”. While Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton give lip service to the separation of corporation and state neither have decided to campaign for a constitutional amendment to separate corporation and state.

You will note that as a Progressive I love to use right wing conservative jargon but reframing it to show GOP hyprocisy. I urge Progressives to “up the rhetoric” by using the techniques I use in the website. In my next post we will consider how our tax base has been undermined. Just as our bridges and infrastructure have been undermined by the “bleeding hearts”  in America who continue to support this era of licentious permissiveness for the freedom of the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS over the freedom of middle class Americans.

Till then consider this: