Cut And Run Corporations Vacation From Responsibility

If you believe the bleeding hearts for these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS over at FoxNews, our nation is turning into a land of “moochers” where 47% don’t pay federal income tax. Yet they defend these CUT AND RUN CORPORATIONS who ship American jobs overseas. They even believe these moocher corporations and investors  have an “entitlement” to be compensated for this “innovation” of off shoring American jobs and hiding their money in the Cayman Islands.

Unfortunately we have a Congress and yes even a President who think this is just peechie keen! Below Senator Bernie Sanders stands up for the middle class in Congress on this issue.

In psychology there are “defense mechanisms” called “reaction formation” and “projection” where by a critic is actually condemning traits in others that he or she has within themselves. The classic examples are the homophobic ranters who suffer from being in the closet and projecting their self loathing of their orientation on to others.

With Fox and friends the reaction formation (acting the opposite of what you are) and the use of projection have to do with their ranting about the 47% who pay no federal income tax. Their associated rant is that most Americans have very small, if any savings. Their statistics  are correct but their interpretation is not.

If we had 47% unemployment in this nation we would have a revolution. During the great depression we had an unemployment rate of 24 to 25%.  The 47% are actually working full time and you can meet these “moochers” at the favorite retail outlet of FoxNews viewers. That is to say “Walmart”. Ask a full time Walmart employee how much they make and what they paid in federal income tax!

If you are middle class and have SELF RESPECT then you have to question why Wall Street executives could turn our nation into a casino, crash our economy and yet walk off with golden parachutes. Then these people talk about “moochers“.

Again if you are middle class and have self respect it is healthy to question why someone is making in one day what you have to work for a whole year! Furthermore I would expect the political institutions of a free nation and society to curb the raging river of wealth and divert it back to the real producers in this nation – the middle class!

I fully support  entrepreneurship whereby items and services of value are rewarded by making the creator a rich person! But casino gambling and turning employees against each other is not “innovation”. When America suffers from unemployment it is not just the unemployed who suffer but even those with jobs because opportunity is diminished. We are becoming a nation of neccessitious citizens! That is not freedom!

Republicans are trying to create a nation of neccessitious citizens where the rule is:

Le’t’s have employees fight each other for fewer and smaller paychecks while we enjoy the DIVIDEND of their pain!

No one is against dividend checks. The issue  it is how corporations generates their profits. The issue is do they create items of value or are they turning our nation into a casino while off shoring and outsourcing jobs. Is corporate behavior consistent with the ethics of a democratic society? If yes then they should profit. If not then we need government intervention to protect individual liberty from the corporate bully!

We expect in a free society, which is a social construct of it’s citizens, that our government will rein in the excesses!

Because ultimately the income from a paycheck must be valued more than the income from a dividend check! We “tolerate” the income from a dividend check as a necessary evil. What is even more bizzare is that many small investors simply do not realize how the banksters are taking them for suckers and even bragged about the bad investment products they sold their clients. They get away with it because small investors want to have the illusion that they are rich. They suffer from “trickle down identity“.

The real “moochers” are the ones who mooch off the labor of these full time employees.  When employees make so little you can count on several things to occur:

  1. Their jobs pay so little they are below the level to pay income tax. The fault is not to make them pay but to make their employer pay them more.
  2. These same employees will have no real saving not because of bad character but due to bad employers.
  3. Again these same 47% will not have medical coverage until Obama Care kicks in. Thus FoxNews will wag the finger at them when these full time employees end up in a hospital emergency room.

Corporates Age Of Permissiveness Must Come To An End

Yes I do like to use right wing rhetoric in the service of progressive values. Why should Americans have to balance our national debt when these CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS off shore our jobs, technology and financial independence to America’s enemies while they collect their forty pieces of silver? Yet the bleeding hearts at Fox News continue advocate for this era of licentiousness permissiveness that rewards the “innovation” of hiding money off shore from the nation that gave them birth and profits while they sing their CORPORATE GLOBALIZATION INTERNATIONALIE.

When will the Democratic Party call for an end to this age of permissiveness? Perhaps they are just to addicted to their corporate contributions.

Many Democrats are patting themselves on the back because we had a dip in unemployment.  But the NY Times has stated that many of the new jobs that were created are low wage jobs. This is not “change we can believe in” and I believe we have to stop pretending that Obama is a progressive.

Building A Nation Of Necessitous Citizens

The plutocracy is being maintained because most Democrats in Washington are playing make believe liberal inside the corporate sandbox of their donors! Democrats need to up their rhetoric and use right wing rhetoric in the service of progressive values.

Instead of pointing the finger at the 47% and arguing that they do not exercise personal responsibly we should demand Democrats go after every incidence of corporate collectivism that is subjugating the “individual freedom” of middle class Americans! Creating a nation of necessitous citizens is what the GOP would call a “business friendly environment” not what FDR envisioned when he advocated a “Second Bill Of Rights”. We need a constitutional amendment to obtain separation of corporation and state!

Where is Obama? If Occupy Wall Street Movement has taught us anything it is to stop making believe  that corporate Democrats are on our side. Cut and run corporations must take responsibility. We need our government to end this era of permissiveness that allows the destruction of this land of opportunity and substitutes a corporate plutocracy ruling a nation of necessitous citizens.

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