Cut And Run Capitalists And Obama Preach Austerity Of Hope

Our nation is seeing it’s future off shored while the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS enable China. The Republicans are calling for cuts in medicare while their corporate sponsors hold 2.1 trillion dollars off shore. So where is our beloved testosterone powered champion of “change we can believe in” – President Barrack Obama?  Fighting to the last breath of his Presidency to return American jobs from overseas back to America you ask?

Well no! Barrack Obama is holding a WIMP-A-TON and we Progressives are all invited to join him and his fellow traveler GOP Speaker John Boehner to pass TPP and Fast Track! While rumors circulate that there will also be a “Grand Compromise” that lowers Social Security and Medicare!

President Obama We Progressives Are Just Not Worthy Of You!

As I pointed out in a prior post, Barrack Obama has stated that the manufacturing jobs are off shored for good. But no problem, according to Obama as we can turn our nation into an economy based on the service sector!

Yes just what we need more junk bond creation and idle speculation to comfort the comfortable of the 1%. But Obama goes further with the tired bromide of high tech education.

President Obama is in another world.

Actually Obama just believes all this talk about loss of jobs from off shoring is “economic silly season“! Well not for blue collar workers nor for their children who hoped to escape by going to college to learn high tech skills.

High tech education would be a great idea except that we still need a manufacturing base as not every one is going to be a programmer. Furthermore why should young people put themselves into debt when  high tech jobs have been and more are going to be off shored.

Then they wonder why the real Atlas (our American youth) have shrugged!

White collar off shoring does not receive as much press attention as blue collar off shoring because the latter have unions to make their voices heard. Although to no avail.

But not to worry “our beloved Lady of NAFTA”, Hillary Clinton wants to kill any remaining IT jobs by importing more foreign computer workers. In the video below she states that new blood could bring an Einstein. But that is not true as the program imports workers regardless of their GPA’s.

The important factor is the money from Silicon Valley that goes into Hillary Clinton’s campaign coffers. Because of the “infection” of corporate cash into politics the decision making processes of our nation are being corrupted.

Democrats are playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their donor class. They will be progressive but only if it does not hurt the interests of the 1%.

This brings us to the issue I raised in my prior post:

The Erosion Of Our Tax Base And The Austerity Of Hope

While the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS continue to enable China for their profit they also continue to corrupt the decision making processes of our society via their campaign financing.

Witness Barrack Obama and his marathon celebration of the testosterone free political lifestyle!

  • The very concept of raising tariffs on cheap Chinese and Vietnam made goods does not even register on Obama! I said it before and I will say it again. Obama is a wimp! Stop making excuses for him and Hillary Clinton.
  • The “novel idea” that we should NOT have to beg American corporations to stay in America but FORCE them is inconceivable to our beloved champion of hope and change!
  • The “freedom of capital” to move out of our nation is valued over the “social mobility” of American citizens!
  • Obama and his fellow travelers in the GOP support TPP saying “it will open markets to American corporations“? What? TPP  only opens profits to shareholders! The flaw is that the goods that will be sold by these corporations in these new markets will not be “made in America”! So-called American companies will produce goods in country X to sell in country Y.
  • The profits made from the above scheme can then be placed in off shore tax havens.


This Progressive Proposes America Go To War!


Yes I propose America should INVADE the CAYMAN ISLANDS!

We have witnessed the off shoring of our jobs, wealth and technology to China  while the BLEEDING HEARTS for corporate America whine that they have an entitlement of reduced taxes for the “innovation” of destroying the lives of blue and white collar Americans via off shoring! They argue that America can becomes “worthy”  if we lower their taxes without any guarantee the whole cycle will not then restart over again!

Austerity For Our Social Betters

No let us instead confiscate ALL of this hidden wealth to the service of the nation that gave birth to these “corporate persons” who have no loyalty. It is bad enough they off shored the jobs of both American blue collar and white collar employees but they dare to hold our nation ransom! They refuse to return this wealth to avoid partial taxation!

These CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS have eroded the tax base of our nation by:

  1. Shipping both blue and white collar jobs overseas thus Americans earn less with less taxes going to support the upkeep of our nation.
  2. They have enabled China to become a potential threat to America thus we may have to spend more on our military down the line.
  3. They have kept their Iscariot profits off shore avoiding taxation.

They then preach austerity.

  • Cut social security and Medicare.
  • End pensions.
  • Turn America into a nation of temps without health care.
  • Cut back on college tuition assistance.

Obama’s idea to combat this is to give some assistance to college students but what good is it if the high tech jobs are being off shored and Hillary Clinton wants to undermine those that remain with H1-b?

Restore LAW AND ORDER: End This Era Of Licentious Permissiveness For Corporate Persons

While the bleeding hearts in the GOP and Obama join the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS in singing the “Globalization Internationale” real Americans are supporting Senator Bernie Sanders in his bid to restore LAW AND ORDER!

  1. Jail the banksters who destroyed our economy for their own fun and profit.
  2. Confiscate the Iscariot off shoring profits of these cut and run capitalists.
  3. Separate corporation and state and keep corporate money out of politics.
  4. Return to the good ole days of President Dwight Eisenhower when we had a robust progressive income tax of 91% which did not stop folks from becoming millionaires. Instead it taught them “responsibility” to the nation that gave them birth, profits and incorporation.

So lets restore “law and order” and bring back these corporate persons from their endless spring break on the Caymon Islands.