Dear Bernie Sanders It’s Time To Renounce Obama And The DNC

I voted for Barrack Obama in 2008 and for “change we could believe in“. Instead, I got “Change That corporation Could Live With“.

Barack Obama has conducted a marathon celebration of the testosterone free lifestyle that lost us both houses of Congress and the faith of the American people who wanted “Change We Can Believe In”. Stop making excuses for him. To do so makes idealists feel that change is not possible. No it is Barrack Obama and the majority of the Democratic and Republican Parites that have sold out to the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, technology and wealth overseas to China. Guess who is going to make a “land fall profit” when China becomes a military threat to America?


This is why Donald Trump holds such appeal. Because regardless of his other beliefs, he is telling the truth concerning free trade. Where is Obama? He is pushing for TPP and Hillary Clinton only said she is against it due to Bernie Sanders nipping at her from the left.

Below Senator Elizabeth Warren rips into TPP.

Hillary Clinton: Four To Eight More Years Of Obama!

I don’t hear Hillary Clinton or Barrack Obama calling for a TARIFF. They are supporting the divide and conquer strategy and addiction to Walmart.

Republicans set groups against each other.

This is an INTER-PERSONAL conflict strategy. Male vs Female and you know the rest of the story: White vs Black vs Latino ect. Then let’s all hate the Gays! Didn’t work!

But Democrats are different. They set up an INTRA-PERSONAL CONFLICT:

The individual against him/herself in the individual’s role as an job holder vs a consumer! They are already screaming that raising the tariff will be very costly to consumers! Yes dear reader your fate is to be a Walmart shopper with Walmart wages. Change we can believe in right?

All this while the DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is making friendly with PAY DAY LOAN SHARKS! And you call this “Change We Can Believe In?”

Stop making excuses for the DNC, Obama and Hillary Clinton.


I watched as Obama:

  • Walked away from single payer and built his plan inside the confines of the insurance industry.
  • Meowed like a wimp that he is when the Tea Party shouted “death panels” and he refused to stand up to them. This made Progressives look weak. Americans wanted an ACTION FIGURE when they put Obama in office not a wimp. Thus, today middle America looks to Donald Trump and we have Obama to thank for Trump’s rise. Americans are hurting and want their jobs returned. When will the Democratic Party stop going to bed with the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs, wealth, and technology off to China while they make a profit?
  • Obama decided to “turn the page” on the criminal acts at Wall Street and refused to feel the rage. This niche was then taken up by the Tea Party.
  • Supported a passive containment of the casino raid into our banking system while he appointed their people to top posts.
  • Obama gave us a wimpy stimulus and refused to support tariffs that would raise revenue and pull back both American blue collar and white collar jobs. Instead, this pathetic wimp Obama hinted at a “Grand Compromise” to balance the budget instead of slapping tariffs on the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who enable China.
  • Carved into Big Pharma and did not use the market clout of Medicare and Medicaid to lower prescription drug costs. But instead did build a wall of protection for Big Pharma from cheaper safe Canadian drugs. 
  • Helped lower unemployment but added more Walmart type jobs as free trade kills us.
  • Pushed for FAST TRACK of TPP while he put CARD CHECK on the burner to die thus killing unions.
  • Sent an ENTIRE TWEET of support at the last minute to the unions in Wisconsin when he said he would go there to support them and did nothing to recall the Republican Governor when working people need him to act.

Bernie Sanders Can Do More In These Next Few Months Than Obama

How can that be? We need a president who is “communicator – in – chief”. I would not be critical of Obama IF he had used his time in office to corrode the Republican mindset. Doing so would, at least, make “change we can believe in” possible at a later date if not now.

Bernie Sanders may indeed go down to defeat against Hillary Clinton. But he can use this remaining time to capture media attention for the Progressive message in an era of corporate control of our airwaves. He needs to really attack the “Articles of Faith” that sustain what I term the:

Trickle Down Identity Meme!

We must attack the CUT AND RUN CAPITALISTS who ship our jobs offshore then hold their money in offshore tax havens as ransom until we reward them for their “innovation” of setting American blue and white collar workers into competition with third world slave labor.

The time has come to up the rhetoric and use right wing rhetoric against them to break their hold on the American psyche.

We must make this an issue of economic patriotism in an era of licentious permissiveness where corporations can escape their responsibility to the nation that gave them birth, profits, and protection. We need LAW AND ORDER in the marketplace to protect individual freedom from the collectivism of the corporate bully! Yet the bleeding hearts for our social betters continue to demand their never ending sense of entitlement!

Make no mistake about it these effete snobs of privilege have turned America into a Shining Cassino On The Hill! They have employed Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz and the majority of the Democratic and Republicans Parties to turn our lives into pawns of their betting.

Their never ending sense of entitlement goes like this:

I want you and You and YOU to all compete with each other for smaller and fewer paychecks. While I sit back with my entitlement to enjoy the dividend check from your pain – and at a reduced tax rate for this “innovation” of offshoring and outsourcing!

Yes, Senator Sanders, this is their dream for America – A SHINING CASINO ON THE HILL and we have Barrack Obama to thank for not standing up to them and even helping them! `We cannot endure another eight years of a Barrack Obama legacy of testosterone deficient acceptance of the 1% and their attack on individual freedom to the service of corporate collectivism.

Please Senator Sanders break with Obama and the DNC!