Deflate Gate: Freedom For NE Patriots Vs Collectivist NFL?

The recent controversy concerning the New England Patriots deflating the footballs of their opponents serves to remind us concerning what can happen if the power of the regulators is diminished. That is to say unless we want to argue Libertarian style that the “freedom” of the NE Patriots is being usurped by the NFL COLLECTIVISTS.

Most sports buffs concede that the NE Patriots would have won anyway. But that is not the issue here. If the “innovation” that the NE Patriots introduced to football, that is to say soft balling the opportunity of your opposition, is left unchecked then that behavior will spread! This will change the game of football.

Deflate Gate occurred in Football but in reality it is a great analogy to the “game of the market place in a Democracy”!

The issue is gaining an unfair advantage by indulging in behavior that is illegal to the football community as determined by it’s regulatory agency the NFL. If this behavior is not stopped by the regulatory agency the behavior will grow. The result is a literal “game changer”.


Regulation Of Behavior Vs The Spread Of Deviant Behavior To Become The Norm

If you are playing a game of “soccer” and decide to pick up the ball and run with it then you are no longer playing soccer but rugby or perhaps American football.

This particular “innovative behavior” that is to say “picking up the ball and running with it” can either be punished or reinforced (rewarded). If the latter you have a “game changer“.

Below is a humorous spin by on the deflation.



The platform on which the field of competition is taking place is no longer the same if the deviate behavioral innovation is not stopped by the regulator.

Deflate Gate Is Not Positive Innovation

Some innovations may be fine for an evolution of a new sports game. But not all”innovations” are fine for competitive game of the “marketplace”. Innovations are great but they must be consistent with the goals of society.


Innovation In The Marketplace Of A Democracy

America is no longer a nation based on individual freedom. We are no longer a nation of yeoman farmers. We have become dependant on the corporation, the 21st century “Collective“.

When corporations create an “innovation” such as dumping their waste to save costs and it is not countered by the referee, that is to say the “Government”, then those corporations that do not pollute are penalized and their production costs are higher than the corporation that pollutes.

Again because we are dependent on these 21st century collectives that is to say the corporation, the freedom of the individual is diminished unless there is a strong referee.

Consider the “innovations” of:

  1. Slavery
  2. Eliminating pensions
  3. Splitting full time jobs in half and hiring temps to fill these jobs. This way the cost of giving these employees benefits is reduced and the savings can be passed on to the investor.
  4. Not spending corporate funds to prevent employee deaths and accidents in the workplace. Then passing the savings on to the stock holders.
  5. Off shoring both blue and white collar jobs to escape responsibility to the people who helped build the company and to the nation that incorporated them.
  6. Using corporate funds to finance political ads thus levying a tax without representation on the purchasers of the corporations goods or services. What’s that you say, boycott the corporation’s products? When I go to the market place with my meager funds my decisions should only be based on the quality of the product to meet my needs. Anything else is a subtraction of my individual freedom to the gain of the corporate collectivists! Where are the Libertarians? This is “taxation without representation“!
  7. Allowing the rich to give with greater abandon to candidates thus having more of a voice then the average citizen.
  8. Buying politicians of both parties to change our trade laws thus giving us NAFTA and soon to come TPP!

The “innovations” of the corporate collectivists against the freedom of the individual are legend. Where is the referee in this game of competition?

The Supreme Court has become activist and it’s rulings are helping the collectivism of the corporations over individual freedom!

If money = speech and America is a Democracy where we are to be equal in terms of speech and votes then:

We must make everyone have the same amount of money or regulate how much money is being spent by the rich in elections and issue ads. If we do not then the bully has the biggest voice in the elections! That is not a democracy. The rich can drive to the polls in chauffeured cadillacs and when they leave can go to an expensive dinner but in the political arena they have no more rights to larger speech then any other American!

Just as the NE Patriots deflated the footballs of their opponents and the games’s regulatory commission (NFL) is righting the wrong we must not allow the football of democracy to be deflated by the windbags of organized money! Stand up for America!

We need Elizabeth Warren For President!  





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