Democratic Debate January 2016: Time To Take On Wall Street

I believe all three Democratic candidates did well. But Senator Bernie Sanders outshined them all. I love that he raised the issue of organized money in politics. Both Hillary Clinton and Gov. O” Mailey agreed with him that we have to have campaign finance reform. Senator Sanders, however, pointed out that Hillary Clinton made huge amounts of money as a guest speaker at Goldman Sachs. She has received large sums of money from Goldman Sachs PAC.


Hillary Clinton And Barrack Obama Playing “Make Believe Progressive” Inside The Corporate Sandbox Of Her Big Money Donors

I got a laugh when Hillary Clinton did a passionate support of Barrack Obama and attacked Senator Bernie Sanders. Senator Sanders attacked Barrack Obama for taking Wall Street money. The obvious strategy by Hillary Clinton was to get a “license” to take organized money from Wall Street with the rationale that President Obama also took campaign contributions from the Banksters.

Hillary Clinton made hundreds of thousands at each of her several speeches at Goldman Sachs. She has also been a pop star with Wall Street, Citigroup being her biggest donor. This is followed by Goldman Sachs. Hillary Clinton really is following in Barrack Obama’s bankster butt kissing footsteps. . He also was a corporate shrill who got loads of money from the banksters. You can check the links above to where you can find the horrible truth

This is why we need Senator Bernie Sanders and why having a lovefest durning the debate about Barrack Obama makes this Progressive blogger want to vomit.

Just search this site, as a Progressive I attack Obama in half the posts:

I do NOT attack Barrack Obama for being a Euro-Socialist White hating Atheist Muslim who authorized Gay soldiers in the military in order to bring about Gay Sharia Law! The fact that right wingers attack Obama with all these contradictory charges just shows their lack of intelligence.

No, I attack Obama because he is a corporate shill and a closet Republican. But you can read my attacks throughout this site, so let us get back to the Democratic Debate.

If This Were A Republican Debate They Would Cry Crocodile Tears Of News Media Biases!

The interviewers constantly tried to pit Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders into a fight. Sure that is part of their job. But if this were a Republican debate they would be whining like babies:

  1. “With all the problems we have in our nation today why should we talk about trivia such as “X”…”
  2. “You mean nasty LIBERAL Newscasters are just trying to set us against each other into a fist fight so you can get your ratings up!”
  3. “You would not attack us if we were Democrats.”
  4. “Oh MY GOD there you go again asking us a GOTCHA QUESTION”! Whine, whine whine!

Naturally it was hilarious when Donald Trump played this card against conservative channel FOXNEWS because Megan Kelly just did her job doing investigative reporting.

But FOXNEWS and the GOP had a different spin when Sarah Palin was asked:

  • What newspapers does she read?
  • Is it really foreign policy experience that your state is next to Siberia?
  • What is the Bush Doctrine?  After all, our military was being sent to die for this doctrine in Iraq. So if you are conservative you should be “pro” but also KNOW what the doctrine is.

The right wing gets away with this nonsense about  “pro-liberal news media biases” because we on the left allow them to!

Rather it is we on the left who have the legitimate grievances concerning the news media. The news media have a corporate slant.  

Today there really isn’t any Progressive Cable News Channel left. We had the news channel “Current News” that was the refugee station for the progressive who thought they had a home at MSNBC. When in effect MSNBC was an Obama-BOT station, not a Progressive Station. We then lost Current News when it’s owner Al Gore sold it to Al Jazeera.

I would urge all three Democratic candidates to charge that we have “pro-conservative corporate news media biases” in America today.

Democrats  must do this to bring attention to the facts that:

  1. The same charges can be made by Progressives about the news media.
  2. On issues, many questions are never even raised. Because Obama was such a wimp defending the need for a “stimulus” in the prior economic crisis most Americans don’t even realize how we got into the Great Depression of the 1930’s or got out of it thanks to government spending.
  3. The news media never cover the success stories of nations in Northern and Western Europe and that these nations are basically socialist yet members of NATO!

We Need More Democratic Debates

Apparently the DCC has an agenda to get Hillary Clinton elected because they would not allow parity with the Republican Debates in terms of numbers. In an era of corporate-sponsored and patrician sponsored ads do we really want to hold back our message to the American people?

America must be educated that in Europe they have Socialism in one form or another and still have DEMOCRACY! We must undermine what I call the “Trickle Down Identity Meme“.

Even if Progressives loose in 2016 the important thing to do is to use the Democratic Debates to educate the public. Eventually, it will sink in. In an era of corporate and patrician outspending, we need to have more democratic debates to get the message across.