Democratic Party Labor Day Message: Unions Rest In Peace

This labor day I wore my union tea shirt. But I wonder if anyone cares about the movement including the members of my union. We are witnessing the wholesale destruction of the manufacturing industry but union members do get a pay off! Yes my union members get to enjoy watching FoxNews, their favorite TV channel on their China made plasma telivsion screens!

Meanwhile our beloved President continues his robust celebration of the testosterone free life style. 

Obama’s preaching about education as the solution to America’s problems is worthless! Computer and other high tech jobs are being off shored to India and China while Hillary Clinton pushes for yet more H1-b low wage foreign technical workers to take those few high tech jobs that remain.  Obama said he would stand with the unions and even join their demonstrations.  But when we needed him in Wisconsin all he could do was send a last miniute “tweet” of support!

Oh yes this is “change we can believe in”!

Union Envy: Setting Employees Against Each Other


The problem in America today involves several factors:

  1. Conservatives have won the battle of setting Americans against each other. Then God forbid we should talk about the 1% and the chorus goes up about “class warfare“. Yet conservatives are waging class warfare every day in America while our President is a wimp.
  2. Democrats are playing “make believe liberal” inside the corporate sandbox of their moneyed donors. Members of Congress from both parties have to spend half their time fund raising and this has changed the nature of the Democratic Party.
  3. Unions frequently don’t concern themselves with the larger picture but only their narrow interest. Non-union members see union members  watching FoxNews and advocating conservative rhetoric toward “moochers” while they refer to themselves as the “Working Man“. While I work a blue collar union job that is because my white collar high tech job was undermined by the Clintons. As a college graduate I resent when union members refer to themselves as the “working man”. We all work for a living. Sometimes unions bring on resentment.
  4. Unions supported the Vietnam War and many liberals, like myself, never forgave them for that.
  5. Union members are the “trust fund babies” of the blue collar class. Most did not fight to get their unions as that was done by real liberals decades ago when these unions were formed. Instead they “inherited” their collective bargaining rights and that brings a resentment from the rest of the work force. That is why unions must look beyond their narrow interest. Many in leadership understand this. But go into the homes of most union members and they will be watching FOXNEWS!
  6. Unions must end the rhetoric of the “working man” because non-union members resent this. Besides it is to 19th century and also sexist. The term “employees” should be used and that must include college graduates. Also the coalition should be broadened to include the small businessmen owner!

In conclusion I would like to say “happy labor day” and yes “thank you” to  Barrack Obama for your “tweet” of support in Wisconsin. Wow a whole 140 characters! That shows your character Mr. President.

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