Democrats Have To Be More Aggressive

Wow Obama actually spoke up! Big deal he wasted an entire year being “Super Wimp”! Republicans know how to go on the offensive and it is about time that Democrats learn to do the same! As I mentioned in my prior post, some conservatives are talking about gaining control of the House so they can use the House of Representatives’ Constitutional power of the “purse strings” to de-fund Health Care Reform! Nancy Pelosi did not want to de-fund the Iraqi War using the same technique. If she did then the war would have ended two years before Obama became President.

Once again we hear the “mantra” of Democrats, “MEOW…. MEOW…..MEOW”. When will liberals go on the offensive? Well I just heard Ed Schultz tackle a favorite issue of mine. That issue is “Conservative News Media Biases”. Yes you read that correctly! For too long liberals have allowed conservatives and Republicans to paint the news media as a liberally biased! (See the video below).

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Can you imagine if Democrats had used the language of Michelle Bachmann in talking about the “Tree of Liberty” needing to be watered with blood! What happened to the rhetoric of “Law and Order”? Worse yet is why liberals don’t have the guts to really go on the offensive with these nut cases!

We could have had this pathetic watered down Health Care Reform Law last summer! Yet Obama turned his back while the endless rants of death panels filled the television screens of middle class American homes! Getting Joe Liebermann’s vote was more important!

When are Democrats going to learn that we must use the language of “Class Warfare”! Oh dear now look what I just said! Yet when our nation was plagued by the waste of lives and money in the vast Right Wing Social Engineering Experiment In Iraq what was Bush’s response? As he piled up the dead bodies of Americans while his friends in Halliburton made millions and Al Qaeda had free rein in Afghanistan what did Bush talk about? Bush made a big issue of Gay’s being a threat to America’s institution of marriage!

Our nation must face a critical prime issue!

Are we a nation of “one person – one vote”? Or are we a nation of “One Dollar – One Vote”? Health Care Reform is merely an instance of this conflict of the PRIME ISSUE I raised above. Democrats had better be willing to talk Class Warfare! We need to return to the days of Eisenhower when we had a 90% Progressive Income Tax. For God’s sake it’s not like these people who make millions per year actually EARNED IT! If you are middle class and have self respect then you must question why anyone should be making more than three times the average income!

Why should middle class Americans be taxed for so called Cadillac health insurance plans? Why should we Democrats take the blame for bailing out AIG and let the Tea Party nut jobs rob us of the populist rage! We should be addressing the vast income disparity in America between the middle class and the top 2%!

The 90% Progressive Income Tax – Just Reality’s way of saying hello to those with bloated egos! For God’s sake it’s not like they created a cure for cancer to have earned that much money and at our expense! But yet like little wimps Democrats will stand by as Republicans change the issue to “Gay Marriage” as if Gays are the threat to 21st century American Middle Class life!

Instead of worrying at what day in the year we finish earning enough money to pay our taxes we should instead consider at what day into a new year do we earn what our social betters make on the first day of the year!

How many days do we have to work into the new year  to achieve  what they make on the first day of that year?

What are they doing that is so important to earn that much? They have to figure which foreign nation to export both blue collar and white collar technical jobs while they sing the Republican Globalization Internationale!

Oh yes that is what is rewarded as “innovation”!

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  1. I hope it’s not too late after all those hammering by the Republicans!

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  4. Progressives have to develop a more effective strategy to shift public opinion in our direction. The proponents of Ayn Rand-Milton Friedman style free market have done a very good job of brainwashing large segment of the American public. We need more liberals who can communicate with the average middle class-working class and refute the myths perpetuated by right-wing idealogues and corporate PR types.