Democrats Need Testosterone To Break From Corporations

Fox News today ran an article attacking Democrats for backing the civil service unions. They gleefully cite a poll that says most Americans don’t believe civil service workers should be allowed to have unions.

Democrats Need To Learn From Republicans

Oh dear while we Democrats want to defend the middle class we wouldn’t want to say anything that smacks of class warfare now would we? That would not be nice and it would generate bad karma! Well this liberal blogger doesn’t give a krap about generating bad karma!

Republicans have no problem with setting one middle class American against another. They are doing this with the Wisconsin budget crises and they have done it in years past with the race card. They also provide gullible middle class Americans a diversionary side show by making them think their world is threatened by gay marriage while the upper 1% make off with the revenue of this society and middle class Americans see their jobs and careers go down the toilet!

Senator Bernie Sanders, the Independent Socialist Senator from Vermont has no problem calling both Republicans and corpocratic Democrats out of the closet! Many Democrats like “Obama the wimpy” want to present themselves as having the “courage” to make  tough political decisions. Obama wants to cut the heating subsidy for elderly Americans! Senator Bernie Sanders shows what REAL political courage is by saying they should be willing to take on the CORPORATE interests that pay their campaign bills instead of throwing old ladies out into the cold! I strongly urge you to watch the video below.

Most Democrats have no interest for this fight because they can only “play” liberal inside the confines of the “Corporate Sandbox”. While their corporate masters watch over them with the carrot of campaign contributions, Democrats play “make believe liberal” being good little boys and girls inside the corporate sandbox.

Republicans have no problem setting American against American if it is to serve the interest of the Corporate Class. Democrats need to get some testosterone and stop being corporate shrills!

The Unspeakable Assumptions

In the book, “Brave New World” the citizens of a new corporate lead plutocracy are brainwashed from childhood to accept social stratification. We in this society have allowed certain assumptions to go unchallenged.

We have “rites of passage” into the servitude of the corporate collective! Just read any book on preparing for a job interview. Especially one written for the recent college graduate. The youngster is to present themselves as having read the annual report of the corporation and being impressed by it.

Exercises In Trickle Down Identity!

Oh yeah like I would give a krap! That their profits are up could be that they are screwing their employees. Certainly a corporation is within it’s right to want a “team player” but having gone through enough of those interviews in my younger years I realized that they were basically tests and  exercises in trickle down identity!

The youth is being tested in his/her ability to identity with the stockholder. Thy interests are my interests oh master! “I live to serve the CORPORATE COLLECTIVE!” That is why Obama is willing to cut heating fuel subsidies for elderly Americans so that he can cut taxes for the super-rich. That takes real courage Obama! We are to learn our values in the Corporate Plutocracy!

“Individual Freedom” = Service to the corporate collective in this Brave New World!

We must confront this set of assumptions or see the destruction of our society and it’s Democratic values.

If you are middle class and have SELF RESPECT then you must question why anyone should be allowed to earn more than triple your annual income. No one deserves to earn that much without a cure for cancer, world hunger, heart disease or aids! We in this society “suffer and permit” this so long as there is a counter balance in the form of a strong progressive income tax and a strong inheritance tax on the super rich! Else we will have “economic royalists” as FDR termed them.

Not Welfare But Social Contract State

We must stop talking about the “Welfare State” and instead use the term “Social Contract State“!

It must always be remembered that if someone receives millions per year it is because we as a society “permit it” not because they deserve it! They are “permitted” because we as a “society” permit it.

The President of the United States has more responsibility than any Corporate CEO yet he earns a mere 400K!

Therefore having universal heath care, college tuition for all, maternity leave, pensions, housing guarantees and the right to a meaningful job is not a “privilege” but a “RIGHT”! FDR even wanted to have these “rights” enshrined in the constitution as a “Second Bill of Rights“! Strange isn’t that our so called liberal news media never talks about FDR’s Second Bill Of Rights!

A Democratic society is not a welfare state but a “Social Contract State”! We “permit” the rich to enjoy the fruits of this society to their unearned income in return for these rights!

We want to give incentives to people. But we in the middle class would like to “share” our incentives with the rich! I have the incentive to work or I will starve! I also have the incentive to get an education even if I don’t get paid millions just so I can escape work that I don’t like for work that I do like.

Perhaps the super rich should learn to fear the loss of  their homes and their health care to get the “right incentive! No I don’t want that to happen. My point is that we in the middle class have “incentives” to work that perhaps they should share if they find their compensation to weak at the extravagant levels they have!

We do NOT want to stop people from becoming millionaires!

The issue is just to have some counter-balance for the rest of us. What really irritates many of us is that they have become rich by off shoring our jobs and technology without care to the society that gave them their wealth. Also they are  trying to profit by destroying the silent majority! They practice class warfare against the middle class  rather than be producers of value!

We need to push Obama the Wimpy aside!

America needs Senator Bernie Sanders for President in 2012!

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  1. like your blog… just happened upon it today…

    if anything you take it to easy on the ultra rich… private sector unions below 10%, public sector unions next on their hit list

    what is going on is complete and utter annihilation of all the institutions that created a middle class in the wake of FDR’s presidency…

    i believe much stronger “civil disobedience” will be necessary and will happen if current trends continue, to turn back this 30+ year roll back of workers right in the US…

    it may be necessary for blood to be shed

    • I hope we don’t see bloodshed as Republicans will use that as ammunition for a new “law and order” campaign. But I understand the way you feel. Imagine if some prominent Democrat said the same thing! The right wing would be on top of him. This after the Tea Party crowd talks about “Watering the Tree of Liberty with blood”.

      When they say it then it is ok! I actually think it may not be a good idea to limit guns as Haliburton and their subsidiaries may one day use their militias like the pinkertons were used against unions.

      But one thing we do need is a party that stands for Progressive values and is not afraid to call out BOTH Republicans and Democrats who are corporate shrills.