Dick Cheney Criticizes Obama On Ukraine

Chris Matthews on his MSNBC Show “Hardball” did a report on the right wing nuts who criticized President Obama for his handling of the crisis in Ukraine. One of the featured nut cases was former Vice President Dick Cheney who criticized President Obama yet again.

Chris Matthews did an excellent rebuke of former Vice President Dick Cheney and his fellow traveler Sarah Palin. Former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin who did a CUT AND RUN from her job gave a perl of wisdom. She said:

Barrack Obama should remember the only way to stop a bad person with a nuke is for a good person to have a nuke.

Chris Matthews  cited  how the right wing looked the other way when Bush and Cheny were in office and Putin carved up the Republic of Georgia. I only wish Sarah Palin were on his program live and asked about what happened in Georgia. She would have likely believed it was the “state” of Georgia not the “nation’ of Georgia.

Why Isn’t Barrack Obama Pointing Out How Crazy Dick Cheney And Sarah Palin Are?

Dear Reader the crisis in Ukraine is an excellent example of how the Democratic Party lost the House of Representatives and could be on the way to loosing the Senate.

I am fed up with Democrats making excuses for Barrack Obama. I agree Dick Cheney is a war mongering idiot as is Sarah Palin. Dick Chaney and the Republican Party have cost the lives of many Americans as well as putting the nation into debt.

But the question remains where the hell is this wimp Barrack Obama on this? Let me repeat dear reader:

Americans want ACTION FIGURES. They don’t want nuclear war with Russia nor even a conventional war with Russia. However Americans have been so downtrodden over the last 30 years by so called economic growth that does not include them that they will even vote against their own self interest but not their self concept! Americans have a self concept of being strong and virile, willing to take ACTION even if it is against their own self interest. The key point is to TAKE ACTION – ANY ACTION! Meanwhile Barrack Obama does his meow while Republicans attack him. Is it any wonder we lost the House and now could lose the Senate!

We have seen a loss of opportunity in America. While unemployment is down, those that have jobs are generally poorer jobs than decades ago. The middle class feels impotent and the GOP has a “fix”!

The Republicans and their fellow travelers in the corporate wing of the Democratic Party are waging war to create a nation of “necessitous citizens”. A job market that is skewed to corporate America places the average American into a position of weakness. This results in a loss of freedom. But the Republicans want Americans to feel manly and potent as they suck the life out of the middle class.

Republicans Offer Vinegar On A Spear To The Crucified Middle Class

Republicans and corporate Democrats continue to support the off shoring of American jobs while they befit. But unlike Democrats, Republicans give the middle class the bitter taste of Vinegar on a spear as they crucify us to null us to sleep.

Republicans act against our interest but they let us keep our “self concept” of being potent. “After all our nation’s woes are due to those nasty welfare cheats and Gays”. They successfully have us look away as corporations get bailed out while they screw America.

Republicans  appeal to our “self concept” to undermine our self interest while Democrats loaded with their corporate funding look the other way!

AMERICANS WANT ACTION FIGURES NOT WIMPS! What the hell is the matter with Barrack Obama? Is he to much above the world to get his hands dirty in calling Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin and the Tea Party the nut jobs that they are?

I am fed up with making excuses for this guy. Remember what I said in prior posts.

All of the anguish and frustration we Progressives feel with Obama talking about a “grand compromise” and a GOP government shut downs should NEVER have taken place.

The problem was Barrack Obama, who in the first two years of his presidency,  could not take the time to remove his face from Joe Lieberman’s ass to notice the rise of the Tea Party! They won because they were coveting American rage at the Wall Street bailouts. We should have enjoyed that energy.

But would Barrack Obama speak up during his first years when we had control of the House?

No instead he kept his face burred in Joe Lieberman’s ass.

The GOP demonstrated testosterone while Barrack Obama celebrated his inner wimp in 2010 which cost us the House. Now Obama wants to do the same for the Senate. Stop making excuses for this wimp! When Dick  Cheney criticizes Obama I expect the President to stand up to him and remind the American people how many lives the GOP wasted in Iraq! When Dick Cheney criticizes Obama I don’t think it is to much to demand that Obama counter attack for the wasteful right wing social engineering experiment we did in Iraq. I am fed up with making believe Obama is anything more than a corporate shrill and a wimp!





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