Dick Cheney: Russian Interference Is Act Of War

Former Vice President Dick Cheney said that “Russian interference in our elections could be considered an act of war”. While I do not want to launch our ICBM’s I believe a corresponding cyber-attack by our nation is demanded.

  • I saw no such action performed by Barack Obama before he left office.
  • I see only kisses being thrown at Putin by our new President.

Many in the news media have stated that we can expect the Russians to return in 2020 and maybe even in the 2018 contest.

An Attack On The Structure Of Our Society Is An Act Of War

Are we to actually consider Russian interference in our political processes a “mere annoyance”?

Our society is more than the sum of it’s people. It is the structure of these individual atoms. If we cannot reproduce our government then this no longer America! To “reproduce” our government we require elections.

Atomization As A Strategic Weapon Between Nations

When I served in the military, our Signal Corp used “line of sight” communications. Radio beams between towers that could be built on the fly eliminated the need for wires between armies and occupied cities. Today this is can be done via satellite.

Armies and nuclear-armed submarines need to all be coordinated or they are not a military force. If the neurological system of our military is destroyed then 1 million troops are not a coherent force but simply individuals or “atoms.”

China has ALREADY test fired a laser beam at one of our satellites to momentarily blind it. Thus they sent a message that they could turn our superior weapon equipped army and navy from a coherent structure to a mere box of “atoms.” In military lingo, this is termed  “atomization of the enemy military.”

Atomization Of Our Nation’s Decision-Making Process

If there were a nuclear war our nation’s capital would be hit. But if the Russians want to shut us down then they could destroy our society’s neurological system – our elections.

I pointed out in a prior article that interference in voter tabulation is not the only means to interfere in our nation’s decision-making process. 

It is bad enough that the 1% have influence far beyond their proportion of the population by funding SuperPACs. Yet I have to fund their political backing of candidates opposed to my interest. How is that possible you say? Well I have to buy medical insureance – now I fund the CEO’s contributions to SuperPACS. I have to use fuel for my car, thus I fund out of my own pocket the political agenda of “big oil”.

Where is the marketplace of ideas? 

Ideas and candidates are not competing on the basis of “one person – one vote” but “one dollar – one vote”. Into this darkness are Vladimir Putin and his oligarchs to be allowed to present evidence favorable to one side in our elections?

Here are some questions to consider:

  1. What happens next time if Putin becomes even more emboldened?
  2. What would the Republicans do if the Democratic Party candidate gets a Putin boast? Will Republicans just stand aside?
  3. What would happen if it effected the results? How could we have a re-election? Think about this as we NEVER did a re-vote. Think of the chaos and how Putin could exploit this.
  4. Why didn’t Obama back the Putin’s opposition and help them hack Russian TV by playing pro-democratic ads inside Russia?
  5. What happens if the Russians interfere in our allies elections?

Elections are sacred to our society and we must not allow Putin to undermine our elections.